EyeRIS 3.0 Manual
Interaktiv Whiteboards Touchscreen Systeme
Opera ng System Support: -Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ul mate, Windows 8
Pro and Enterprise, Windows 8.1 PRO and Enterprise. Mac OSX and Linux also supported and are available on
Note: Windows XP, Vista, Window 7 Starter, Home Basic, Window 8 and 8.1 (Single Language edi on) may not
support Mul -Touch (Microso limita on).
So ware Installa on
Step 1: Browse EyeRIS IntelliSpace CD provided inside the box and select "SETUP_EyeRIS_IntelliSpace".
Step 2: Once the installa on begins, the following screen will appear. Click "Next" to begin installing
Prerequisites. Click on "Finish" to skip the prerequisites wizard and start installing EyeRIS IntelliSpace Setup
Step 3: Click "Next" to begin installing prerequisites, prerequisites will install in sequence men oned in the
Once all the Prerequisites are installed the EyeRIS IntelliSpace installa on will begin. Click "Next" to con nue.
Restart the system before using EyeRIS IntelliSpace So ware for the first me.
Using EyeRIS
Step 1: Once the Setup is complete, please restart the computer. Connect the USB cable of the EyeRIS Device
with the computer and run "EyeRIS 3.0" icon on the screen.
Step 2: Following screen will appear, if the USB cable from EyeRIS device is not connected to the computer.
Step 3: Once the cable is connected and EyeRIS 3.0 is started, driver installa on will start, Press "OK" and
follow the instruc ons.
Step 4: Once the driver installa on is complete, the following no fica on will appear in the taskbar and EyeRIS
splash will appear as below.
Step 5: In order to align EyeRIS more precisely with visual aid, click on Power bu on to exit EyeRIS UI and Open
"Sensor Viewer"applica on to physically align EyeRIS module with Projec on area. Open "Sensor Viewer"
applica on from START » All Programs » EyeRIS IntelliSpace » Sensor Viewer.
Step 6: A live-feed of EyeRIS image sensor can be seen as below. Align your EyeRIS module mounted on the
wall mount in such a way that you can see the en re projec on in this viewer. (To know more about the EyeRIS
installa on process refer to the Hardware Installa on Manual).
Troubleshoo ng Tips: If the Projec on area is not visible due to high ambient light, try reducing the exposure
from 200000 to 150000 and vice versa for low or dark ambient light and click "Confirm" to adjust to the
reduced or increased exposure se ngs. Please note that this adjustment is just to confirm that projec on
area is fully covered by EyeRIS sensor and has no correla on with the working of EyeRIS.
Step 7: Once the EyeRIS module is well installed, close the "Sensor Viewer" Applica on and open "EyeRIS 3.0"
from the Desktop.
Step 8: Now click on "Start Automa c". It will ini ate the Auto calibra on process of EyeRIS with respect to the
Projec on area. Make sure that there is no obstruc on between the EyeRIS and the Projec on surface during
the calibra on process. Also make sure that no other program window is open which is overlapping the autocalibra on UI.
Step 9: Once completed, the Setup is now ready to be used with your computer with the Super Capaci ve
Stylus provided along with the EyeRIS. Make sure the Stylus is charged with the mini USB cable provided in the
box for 3min before use.
Step 10: A er Auto Calibra on, no ce the following no fica on in the taskbar, clicking on the no fica on
bubble or clicking on the EyeRIS icon in the taskbar will open EyeRIS UI.
Step 11: No ce that OPTIBAR is not yet calibrated. In case OPTIBAR func onality is required, click on
OPTIBAR calibra on bu on and then click on Start OPTIBAR Calibra on.
Step 12: Following Screen will be shown, use Stylus to click on the Red "numbered" dots marked on the
Note: Please see below image on how to fix OPTIBAR on the Whiteboard.
Step 13 (MANUAL CALIBRATION): If further precision is required or Auto calibra on could not be completed
successfully, Manual Calibra on process can be used to calibrate EyeRIS with respect to the projec on area.
(A) Click on the EyeRIS icon in the taskbar,
(B) EyeRIS UI will appear now click on calibra on icon as shown below and select "Start Manual"
(C) Once the following screen is visible, use stylus to touch the Red dot very briefly and do this for all the 25
points. In case a point is missed or any point is pressed twice, the point will miss its immediate next posi on. In
this scenario press "B"from keyboard as men on on the screen, the point will move back to the loca on which
was skipped and calibra on processcan be con nued.
Step 14: The setup is now complete.
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