Visual Presenter

Visual Presenter
Visual Presenter
Transparencies and textbook material can be
transferred to the projected image using the
visual presenter
To activate the camera:
• Turn on the grey power switch located near the back of the unit.
• Set the control system video input to “Document Camera”. (see
attached control system instructions)
• If you do not see an image immediately, ensure that the left-most
input button on the front of the presenter is depressed.
• The camera can be manually focused or automatically by holding
down the AF button.
• To magnify the image, press the zoom buttons on the front panel
(Tele = Zoom IN, Wide = Zoom OUT)
• If you are using material that requires backlighting, press the lamp
button on the front panel to toggle between the top and bottom
• When you are finished using the presenter, please turn off the
camera switch to conserve electricity.
Do not write directly on the presenter’s white backdrop surface,
even with dry-erase markers. This can permanently stain the
surface and render it unusable for other instructors.
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