QT-600 Ethernet Probe - Viavi Solutions Inc.

QT-600 Ethernet Probe - Viavi Solutions Inc.
QT-600 Ethernet
NetComplete® EtherASSURE™ Service
Assurance Portfolio
The Viavi Solutions QT-600 is a carrier-grade, scalable,
Ethernet probe that delivers the test and troubleshooting
capabilities required to confidently deploy Ethernet. An
integral component of the Viavi NetComplete Service
Assurance Solution, the QT-600 reduces operations costs
by streamlining the service turn-up process and rapidly
segmenting the network to quickly identify problem sources.
The detailed test results it generates let service providers confidently guarantee service-level
performance. Converting this information into proactive measures has a positive impact—
retaining customers and building loyalty while lowering operational costs by deploying fewer
technicians to remote locations.
The QT-600 works with the NetComplete EtherASSURE for automated and on-demand
test and results management. The QT-600 can characterize customer service performance
before handoff to the end customer. The QT-600 supports VLAN testing, multipoint and
point-to-point Ethernet services. Adding the 802.1q VLAN tag lets the QT-600 emulate
the end customer’s traffic and operate in a Q-in-Q or preserved VLAN environment.
Key Benefits
yy Carrier-class Ethernet probe
yy Simplifies error proof testing
yy Combines active and passive testing
and monitoring
yy Centralizes testing with automated
test access
yy Validate Ethernet services are turned up
according to service level agreements
(SLAs) optimizing long-term burn-in
testing from a centralized location
yy Troubleshoot and sectionalize issues with
Ethernet services using ping, traceroute,
802.1ag/Y.1731 loopback and linktrace, RFC
2544 and Y.1564 SAMComplete
yy Monitor network traffic, perform top N
analysis, capture traffic, and apply filters/
triggers to drill down into data and
pinpoint problems
Additionally, the QT-600 can control VLAN priority or IP priority settings using differentiated
services (Diffserv) and type of service (ToS) bits. This allows the generated traffic to take
on characteristics of the customer’s traffic patterns, eliminating the need for coordinated
dispatches to multiple remote sites to turn up service. This, in turn, reduces operational costs
and ultimately speeds up the service fulfillment process.
Data Sheet
With the capability to run multiple tests such as ping, traceroute,
Combines Active and Passive Testing in a Single Probe
802.1ag/Y.1731 loopback and linktrace, multistream, RFC 2544, and
The QT-600 can emulate end-user equipment and actively generate
Y.1564 (throughput, latency, and frame loss as well as back-to-back
tests), service providers can rapidly turn up services and troubleshoot
and isolate faults remotely from a single location. Input parameters
for each QT-600 test are highly configurable for maximum flexibility
when troubleshooting.
The QT-600 can be placed into Loopback mode and can also
automatically loopback various edge and customer premises
equipment (CPE) devices. Running both Layer 2 and Layer 3 loopback
tests between two QT-600s and out to the customer premises quickly
segments the network and clearly identifies problems to be within or
traffic that simulates actual customer traffic patterns. Test and
validate connectivity using ping, traceroute, and 802.1ag/Y.1731
loopback and linktrace messages while verifying service turn-up with
RFC 2544 or Y.1564 throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back
tests mimic real service mix by testing up to 16 streams and multiple
services simultaneoulsy. Once the tests are completed, the QT-600
automatically reports the quality of service (QoS) results pertinent to
the active transaction. Users can run up to 16 active tests concurrently.
For monitoring, the QT-600, working with NetComplete, provides a
flexible interface that intelligently reduces the traffic captured on
outside of the service provider’s domain.
a per port and/or VLAN basis. Monitor continuously or schedule to
The QT-600 also combines active testing with passive monitoring.
in both pcap or cap formats at full line rates and provides 120 MB
While passively monitoring customer traffic, service providers can
apply filters to highlight certain data and perform total data reporting
versus filtered. The data includes utilization trend graphs; frame
utilization statistics and distribution; and topN classifiers such as
talkers, protocols, conversations, applications, and IP/MAC listeners
and pairs.
monitor for specific time intervals. The QT-600 also captures data
of nonvolatile cache. View captured data either using Viavi Examine
software or Wireshark®. For more in-depth troubleshooting, analysis,
and monitoring, the QT-600 displays data utilization trends that
include frame distribution statistics as well as broadcast, unicast,
and multicast frame counts over a 15-minute period. Tracking and
reporting topN statistics and displaying the worst offenders along
with setting filters lets users spontaneously and easily drill down
Product Features
further into the data to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.
Carrier-Class Ethernet Network Probe
Built for carrier-class networks worldwide, the QT-600 has both NEBS
level 3 and CE Mark certifications. Its scaleable architecture includes
10/100 RJ45, 1000BaseT, and 1000 optical gigabit interface connector
(GBIC) testing interfaces to simultaneously run up to 16 active tests.
A centralized Element Management System (EMS) takes care of all
configuration requirements and an automated software upgrade
function allows the system administrator to specify all or a subset of
the QT-600 to upgrade in a single command.
Active testing results
Passive testing results
2 QT-600 Ethernet Probe
Simplified, Error-Proof Testing
The QT-600, via its open eXtensibe Markup Language (XML)
application programming interface (API), seamlessly integrates with
the EtherASSURE Test OSS, providing centralized test creation and
management that ensures standardized, consistent test procedures
are followed, thereby reducing user error. Additionally, through
its scheduling capability, EtherASSURE can run repeatable test
campaigns at specific times and intervals to assess network and
service-level quality. Test results can be automatically e-mailed and
also can serve as a baseline for future comparison over time. Its
customer-to-QT-600 mapping function enables tests to be created
and run against customer services rather than against specific
Ethernet Services Testing
Ping/centralized ping reply
802.1ag /Y.1731
Loopback and linktrace
RFC 2544 tests
Throughput, frame loss, latency, backto-back LBM/LBR support
QT-600 loopback
Layer 2, 3
Loopback discovery
Multistream Service test
Up to 16 streams, Layer 2, 3, 4
Throughput, frame loss, frame delay,
frame delay variation
Point-to-point service
HTTP, ping
QT-600 probes, making the testing process more intuitive, simpler,
and less prone to error.
Centralized Testing and Automated Test Access
The QT-600 optimizes resources by automatically scheduling
In-band loopback interoperability with JMEP and J-NID
and queuing tests to run when resources become available. The
Out-of-band loopback interoperability with Canoga Perkins and
QT-600 achieves automated test access and management con­trol
Data analysis troubleshooting with capture and filters
by configuring the service provider’s switch, thus expediting and
Rolling 15 minute data utilization trending graph
simplifying the workflow process. In addition, the QT-600 manages
Frame statistics and distribution
service turn-up end-to-end by automatically looping edge and CPE
TopN analysis
devices and test equipment that may include the Viavi T-BERD®/MTS
platform, other QT-600s in the network, and third-party network
interface units (NIUs).
Top conversations, top applications, top
VLANs, top VLAN priorities, top pairs
(MAC and IP), top listeners (MAC and
IP), top talkers (MAC and IP)
IPv4 and IPv6 support
Automated test access
QinQ, point-to-point, and multipoint services testing
Multiuser support for 16 simultaneous active tests
Single passive monitoring test
Centralized administration via EMS
Carrier grade
Automated test access management (TAM) control
Multifilter support
Sliding window
Fixed offset
VLAN, MPLS, VLAN priority, Dest/Src IP,
application, ToS/DSCP, IP flags
Fixed offset
Various stop conditions
On-trigger, time, network utilization
Buffer optimization and status reporting
Jumbo frames
Cap and pcap formats with post capture viewing and analysis using
JDSU Examine or Wireshark
3 QT-600 Ethernet Probe
Specifications (continued)
Ordering Information
Ethernet ports
Part Number
Hardware Options
10/100 Mbps RJ45 connector
QT600-2 1G Ethernet probe
QT600-2 19-inch rack-mount kit
QT600-2 21-inch ETSI rack-mount kit
Flow control (Ethernet) supported
QT600-2 23-inch rack-mount kit
Mechanical Dimensions
1000 Mbps GBIC optical
Duplex modes
QT600-2 AC power supply unit; Europe
4.5 x 43.9 x 23.5 cm (1.75 x 17.3 x 9.25 in)
QT600-2 AC power supply unit; UK
4 kg (8.8 lb)
QT600-2 AC power supply unit; North America
Compatible with ANSI (19 in or 23 in) and ETSI (21 in) racks (515 mm
between fixing screws)
Power Supply
Meets the following electrical specifications: ETSI ETS 300 132-2
Equipment Engineering (EE)
AC power option using an AC power adaptor
DC power option using one or two –48 V DC supply input ports
that operate from a nominal supply voltage of –48 V DC
35 to 60 V DC
Power consumption
<50 W
Optical Interfaces
QT600-2 Single-mode 1310 nm GBIC
QT600-2 Multimode 850 nm GBIC
Optical Interfaces
QT600-2 Metro Ethernet base
QT600-2 NETMON and Packet Capture
QT600-2 16 tests/streams
NEBS3 GR-1089-CORE Issue 3, GR-63-CORE Issue 3, and GR-78CORE Issue 3
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