Galaxy® Style 5223-XT - Shakespeare-CE

Galaxy® Style 5223-XT - Shakespeare-CE
Galaxy® Style 5223-XT
Thank you for purchasing a Shakespeare antenna product.
Customer comments are welcome. Before installing, please study the
diagram and check parts supplied against those listed.
IMPORTANT! Please read all instructions before installing.
The Galaxy® Style 5223-XT is a continuous-load, end-fed
1/2-wave CB Marine antenna with matching cable attached. This
one-section 8’ (2.4 m) antenna is tuneable, and requires only a 3/8”
hole for passage of the included cable, which can be cut to length.
The antenna has a stainless steel ferrule and can be mounted selfsupporting.
Tools required: mini screwdriver, soldering iron (40watt min.,75-watt max.), resin core solder, pocket knife,
wire cutters, drill and 3/8” drill bit.
Supplied Parts
Antenna assembly
1/4” plug for capacitor adjustment hole
PL-259 connector with instructions
Grommet plug (see Tech Tips)
Capacitor Adjustment
Label (remove for
capacitor adjustment)
Installation Instructions
Choose a mounting location that is as high as possible, as free as
possible from obstructions, and as far as possible from other antennas
and strong sources of RF, but within reach of the antenna’s cable.
1. Mount the antenna using a Shakespeare Style 4187 Ratchet Mount
(sold separately) or use a Style 410-R Mounting Kit and a Style
4008 Extension Mast (each sold separately) to form a 16’ (4.8 m)
antenna system. Follow the instructions included with the mount
you choose.
2. Route the cable through the bulkhead–drill a 3/8” diameter
hole. Keep the cable run as far as possible from other electrical
equipment and cables. Any excess cable should be rolled in a coil
of at least 8” diameter and stowed in an out-of-the-way place,
away from other electrical cabling.
The included cable can be shortened as required. However, it
should remain at least 3 feet in length (0.9 m), measured from
the point where the cable exits the antenna. Cable run can
be lengthened using suitable connectors (sold separately) and
50-ohm RG-58 or RG-8 coax (each sold separately) without
detrimental effect to antenna performance.
3. Install the PL-259 connector (supplied) according to the
instructions packed with the connector. Double-check all solder
connections before connecting your transceiver.
4. The Galaxy® Style 5223-XT CB Marine antenna is pre-tuned
at the factory for Citizens Band. However, you may peak the
adjustable trimmer capacitor for optimum performance after
installation is complete, if desired. See illustration.
c. Key the transceiver and use a miniature
screwdriver to adjust the capacitor up
to 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, until a minimum
Cable to transceiver
VSWR or reflected power
is observed. The dip
will be very sharp, so
the capacitor must
Tech Tips
be adjusted very
This antenna will read “short
circuit” when tested with an
ohm meter or continuity tester.
d. Use the plug
For installations where the
supplied in
cable exits through the bottom
the hardware
center of the antenna’s ferrule,
package to cover the hole after replace the grommet at the
exit hole in the ferrule with the
supplied Grommet Plug.
No elaborate grounding systems required. This antenna works
equally well on fiberglass, wood, or metal boats.
Cleaning Instructions
To clean the antenna, use mild dishwashing liquid (one that is not
harsh to the hands and without ammonia) in lukewarm water.
WARNING: Do not let paint solvents, cleaning solvents, or
adhesive caulking come in contact with the antenna. Chemicals
in these materials might destroy the finish.
Procedure for trimmer capacitor adjustment:
a. Connect a VSWR bridge or watt meter between the transceiver
and the antenna, as close to the transceiver as possible.
b. Remove the Shakespeare label to uncover the 1/4” diameter
hole located near the base of the antenna.
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