ciras-3 sc - PP Systems

ciras-3 sc - PP Systems
CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer
Product Features
precision instrument featuring 2 independent,
• High
non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer for both CO
and H2O (Absolute Analyzer)
• CO measurement range: Up to 10000 umol mol
• H O measurement range: 0-75 mb
response and long term stability with built-in
• Fast
Auto Zero
compensated for changes in temperature, pressure
• Fully
and foreign gas broadening
full color 7” transflective LCD with optimized
• Large,
viewing angle (30°)
• Large numeric and graphical presentation of data
• Unlimited data storage (internal memory and USB flash drive)
• Analog and digital (USB) output
• Built-in sampling pump with mass flow controller
• Powerful, intuitive user interface and software
• On-line Help
• Remote display capability
• Internal 7.2V Li-Ion rechargeable battery (optional) for portability
• Plant physiology
• Soil CO efflux
• Whole canopy assimilation
cabinets and environmental
• Growth
control rooms
Numeric Display
Graphical Display
• Global change studies
• CO sequestration
• Forest & agricultural meteorology
• Air-sea surface exchange (pCO )
• Animal/insect respiration
• Environmental toxicology
• Volcanology
• Bioremediation
Technical Specifications
Powerful Software
Simple, intuitive and menu-driven software is designed into
the system for system setup, operation, recording and data
management. On-line help is available throughout the
software to guide you every step of the way.
Convenient, pluggable terminal block for analog signals.
Analysis Method
Non-dispersive infrared, configured as an absolute
absorptiometer with micro-processor control of
linearization. Two independent gas analyzers
simultaneously measure absolute CO2 and H2O from
a single gas stream. All measurements corrected for
temperature and pressure.
CO2 Measurement Range
0-10000 µmol mol-1
CO2 Precision
H2O Measurement Range
0-75 mb
H2O Precision
Bandwidth (CO2 and H2O)
10 Hz (sampling rate). Sample data is averaged and
output every 1.6 seconds.
Pressure Range
65-115 kPa
Air Sampling
User adjustable from 50-100 cc min-1 using integral DC
pump with mass flow controller.
Auxiliary Port
For connection to external sensors.
Terminal Block
Two 8 pin terminal blocks for simple connection to
external devices.
Digital Output
Analog Output Channels
4 Analog output channels available. Users can
configure system to output CO2 reference, CO2
analysis, CO2 differential, H2O reference, H2O analysis
and H2O differential.
Analog Output Range
0-2.5V or 0-5V
Analog Input Channels
2 Analog input channels available for use with
external sensors
Analog Input Ranges
0-1V or 0-5V
Data Storage
512 MB flash memory for programming and data
storage. Unlimited data storage using USB thumb
drives (memory sticks).
Microprocessor Speed
800 MHz
7.0” WSVGA transflective, color LCD
User Input
27 key tactile keypad
Power Supply (Optional)
Internal, rechargeable 7.2V Li-ion battery providing
up to 10 hours continuous use. Power supply/
charger included.
Operating Temperature
0-50 °C, non-condensing. In dirty environments,
external air filtration may be required.
Rugged, ergonomic, lightweight aluminum with
polyurethane base.
28 cm (W) x 14.5 cm (D) x 24 cm (H)
3.8 kg (without battery).
4.3 kg (with optional battery).
Gas connections for direct connection to gas analyzers
For further information, please contact us at:
110 Haverhill Road • Suite 301
Amesbury, MA 01913 U.S.A.
+1 978-834-0505
+1 978-834-0545
Printed: December 2014
Copyright © PP Systems 2014
All rights reserved.
0.2 µmol mol-1 at 300 µmol mol-1
0.5 µmol mol-1 at 1750 µmol mol-1
3.0 µmol mol-1 at 10000 µmol mol-1
0.015 mb at 0 mb
0.020 mb at 10 mb
0.030 mb at 50 mb
USB-Mini b (Host)
2 Ea. USB for use with external devices
(Memory stick, USB Mouse, etc.).
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