Q Station (BellQPro)

Q Station (BellQPro)
Q Station (BellQPro)
Quick Installation Guide
For iOS
(Q Strip)
(Support iOS Version: 6.1 and above)
1. Installation
Figure 1: Power up Q Station
Installation Steps:
1) Plug in Power Adapter to Q Station.
2) Connect the Q Station to the LAN of your Home Router with LAN cable (optional).
(If you want to connect internet wirelessly, please refer to Q Station User Guide.)
3) Connect the Audio Cable from your Q Station to the AUX of your stereo or
4) Make sure the indicator light of Q Station is blinking with red (left) and blue (right).
5) Connect the Q Strip to 2.4g Control Box. And connect the power adapter.
2. Connect your smart device to Wi-Fi
By changing your Wi-Fi connection to “bellnetXXXXXX”, you will connect to the Q
By default, Q Station SSID is “bellnetXXXXXX”. No Encryption. (XXXXXX is the
last 6 digit of your MAC)
Once it is successfully connected to the Q Station, the right indicator light should
be a steady blue color. Otherwise it will be blinking.
Figure 2: Connect Q Station SSID
3. Play music & Light show (use your smart phone)
1) Click the built-in APP “Music”
to play music.
2) Select a song, then play the song.
3) Swipe the screen to select speaker in AirPlay, choose “bellmusicXXXXXX” as your
speaker. (Figure 4)
By default, Q Station Speaker Name is “bellmusicXXXXXX”. (XXXXXX is the last
6 digit of your MAC)
AirPlay protocol allows you to stream music to the stereo or speaker which is
connected to the Q Station. And the Q Strip will blink synchronously with your
Figure 3: Use “Music” to play music
Figure 4: In AirPlay, choose speaker
name “bellmusicXXXXXX”
Install BellQ
1) Search the APP “BellQ Pro” in APPs Store. Download and install it in your
iPhone or iPAD.
2) Run it.
On BellQ main page, click
to enter Network page:
Set password for your Q Station SSID
Click Basic Settings to modify the Q Station SSID & Password.
Change your speaker name
Click Music Service to modify the Speaker Name.
Connect to internet wirelessly
Click Internet Connection to connect to other Wi-Fis.
(For more details, you can refer to Q Station User Guide from belleds.com.)
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