Reduce phantom loads in your home.

Reduce phantom loads in your home.
Phantom Loads
Reduce phantom loads in
your home.
TrickleStar Tricklestrip™
7005.602 — $24.95
is powerstrip not only safeguards your equipment
from damaging power surges, it helps lower your
electric bill. is 6 outlet model offers 2 always-on
outlets, 1 master outlet, and 3 controlled outlets. e
master outlet has 2 selectable switches to sense when the
control device (typically a television or computer) is on or off,
and it then switches the controlled outlets on or off accordingly to
prevent unnecessary power use, eliminating phantom loads.
APC® 8-Outlet Power-Saving
7005.115 — $25.30
e Power-Saving SurgeArrest not only
safeguards your equipment from damaging
power surges or spikes, it also helps lower
your electric bill. "Master/ Controlled"
outlets are designed to detect when your
computer is asleep, then automatically
powers "off" connected peripherals to
prevent wasteful power consumption.
These helpful tips can reduce
phantom loads throughout
your home:
● Plug home electronics such as TVs and DVD
players into power strips, turn the power strips
off when the equipment is not in use. (TVs and
video equipment in standby mode still use
several watts of power.)
● Use a power saving power strip that detects
Smart Strip Power Strip
10 outlet:
7 outlet:
7005.148 — $39.95
7005.149 — $29.95
e Smart Strip Power Strip works to
switch your devices on and off automatically, helping you to save money on
your electric bills.
when your computer is asleep (or when there
has been no motion near the computer), then
automatically powers off connected
● Unplug appliances such as toasters, microwaves,
coffee makers, etc. when not in use.
When you shut down your computer, or
the computer goes into sleep mode, all
of the peripherals (printer, monitor,
etc.) will also turn off. When you turn on
your computer, the peripherals will all
turn back on automatically.
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Isole IDP-305
Plug Control
7005.143 — $90.00
Are there phantoms lurking in your home?
Home electronics are responsible for approximately 9% of household
electricity use. Many of these products continue to draw a small
amount of power even when they are in standby/off power mode.
These “phantom” loads occur in products such as DVD/VCRs,
televisions, stereos, computers and kitchen appliances.
e outlets in this power strip work together,
automatically turning all controlled devices on
when motion is detected in front of the remote,
and off when the workspace has not been
occupied for a period of time. It contains six
outlets controlled by motion and two outlets
that are uncontrolled, which remain on regardless of occupancy.
Check out the Energy Thieves calculator at to
help you figure out the “phantom” power use in your home.
Appliance in
is power strip also provides surge suppression, protecting connected equipment against
threats like power surges, lightning strikes and
voltage spikes.
Electricity Cost
5020.402 — $20.00
Kill A Watt
Electricity Monitor
Find out which
appliances are the
energy abusers in
your house. Plug this
device into a wall
outlet, plug your
appliance, computer,
or other electrical
product into the Kill
A Watt Electricity
Monitor, and you will
be able to monitor
the kilowatt consumption of an item to learn
how much it costs to run by day, week, or month.
5010.152 — $43.00
DVD Player
Mechanical Timer
is heavy duty 24 hour mechanical time
switch has a lockable tamper-proof all-metal
electrostatically painted
enclosure and
heavy duty
gear mechanism for reliable operation.
It is suitable
for use with
electric water
heaters, outdoor lighting, and to control pools, spas, and
fountain pumps.
Game Console
Microwave Oven
Assumes 13¢ kWh
Source: U.S. Dept of Energy
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