Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful

Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials
we suggest you to return the product to the dealer or directly to the
producer after usage.
Telephone Dialer TD-110 / TD-110W
Pod Skalkou 33
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 483 559 999
fax: +420 483 559 993
The TD-110 is an automatic dialing device that transmits a prerecorded voice message to 4 telephone
numbers to an ordinary or mobile telephone system. It can also send a numeric message to your Pager.
The dialer can be triggered manually or by another device connected to the TD-110 input. The optional
model TD-110W can also be triggered with a wireless remote control.
The dialer can automatically call for help or to report different events. Its installation and programming
is extremely easy relative to traditional dialers.
Telephone Dialer TD-110 / TD-110W
• testing: enter Mem Fce and the dialer will call all programmed numbers once (you will hear the tel.
line signals from the built in mini speaker during the test)
Fix the dialer with two screws (spacing 100mm). Partly screw in the top screw and slide its head
through the hole located in upper part of the dialer’s rear housing. After opening the terminal cover, screw
in the second screw. Do not try to open the upper part of TD-110 housing during installation.
• listening to the message: enter Mem 6 to check the recorded voice message
24hr. loop input
(when used with alarm system)
GND +12V IN1
to outside
• Learning of remote controls (TD-110W only) – after entering Mem 9 the dialer is in the remote control
learning mode. Activate remote controls (max. 3) one by one (pressing any button of the remote control).
Close the learning mode by pressing the End key. Both remote control buttons will have identical trigger
Note: when the first remote control is taught in the learning mode, all previous remote controls are forgotten.
• remote controls erasing (TD-110W only) - enter Mem 9 — to erase all remote controls.
phone, fax,
other devices
How the dialer works
( N.C. or N.O. contact )
power supply
GND +12V
• keypad locking: enter Mem — and your own customized four digit code (PIN). Repeat the code a
second time for confirmation. The yellow LED will turn on and the keypad is blocked against unauthorized use.
• keypad unlocking: enter your code (PIN), the green LED will light. If you use the dialer with an alarm
system, lock the keypad after each programming.
- telephone line connection (to outside line)
- other devices (phone, fax...), in standby the phone line is running through the dialer
- external power supply (12VDC, max. 100mA)
- trigger input - connecting or disconnecting with the GND will start dialing.
Can be operated by Normally Closed or Normally Opened contact.
- switch - normally closed contact (24hr. loop, when used with an alarm system)
After switching the power supply ON the dialer will run a self testing program and will then enter standby mode (a green LED will light). Enter Mem 6 to listen to the initial voice message from the factory.
The TD-110 will activate under three conditions: when its input IN1 is triggered, when the Fce key is
pressed or when the remote control of a TD-110W is pressed.
When activated, the TD-110 will immediately disengage all other devices hooked up to the phone line
(telephone, fax..). It will then, one by one, call and play the user recorded message, for all programmed
numbers. If the dialer makes a successful connection to a programmed number, it will not call that number again. If the number is busy, the TD-110 will make 3 more attempts to call it.
Empty tel. number memories are skipped. The red LED indicates transmitting.
If the keypad is unlocked, the calling sequence can be stopped by pressing the End key.
If it does not work as you expected?
• check that you selected the correct dialing method (Pulse or Tone)
• check that there is a signal on the tel. line and that the dialer is powered
• enter your tel. numbers once again and confirm your voice message
Forgot your access code?
Store tel. numbers and your own message into the dialer. Setting is possible when the green LED is lit
(stand by mode). Data being entering from the keypad is indicated by a red flashing LED. Started
programming can be terminated with the End key at any time.
If you forgot the code you used to lock the keypad, disconnect power supply for 20 sec. After you reconnect the power enter code 1234 immediately (when the red LED lights). The green LED will light indicating that the keypad is unlocked.
• tel. numbers: enter the number and store it with Mem key followed by the memory number from 1 to
4. A tel. number can have max. of 16 digits, the area code can be separated with the — key (Pause). A
Pause can not be used as a first digit. We recomend to store a pause after the last digit when you
store a GSM phone number, this will make dialing faster for some providers.
If # is stored after the last digit, the dialer will call this number 4 times whenever triggered.
• message recording: press shortly the Mem button then press the 0 key and hold it pressed while
talking into the mic. (max. 20sec.), recording is indicated by a lit yellow LED. After releasing the 0 key,
the message will play back (playback can be terminated with the End key).
• Pager message: enter exactly the same sequence of numbers as if you were to dial a pager from an
ordinary phone. Then store this sequence with the Mem 5 (max. 26 digits).
• After the Provider Prefix, press the Fce key and then enter the numeric message you want sent to the
pager Some Paging systems request other specific codes or pauses inside the dialed number (language selectors etc.), consult your Paging provider for details if you have trouble sending a message
to the Pager.
• deleting numbers: enter — Mem x (x = corresponding memory number from 1 to 5)
operating voltage
remote controls
telephone line
dialing method
number of cycles
10 -14 VDC (adapter DE-01-12)
stand by max. 15 mA, dialing max. 100 mA
connecting or disconnecting of IN1 with GND, or pressing Fce key
max. 3 of RC-11 (for model TD-110W only)
electrically separated, built in over voltage protection
pulse or tone (factory default = tone)
the dialer recognizes signals in the line and it calls the same number more times
(max. 3x)only if ringing tone is not detected
tel. num. memories
4× 16 digits (Mem1 to Mem4) for voice message sending
1× 26 digits (Mem5) for Pager numeric message sending
voice mess. duration
max. 20sec., record is repeated for 40sec. during sending
for indoor use only, working temperature from -10 to +40°C
can be connected to analogue interfaces TBR 21/1998, EG 201 121 V1.13/2000, AS/ACIF S002/2001 (Australia)
Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this TD-110(W) is in compliance with the essential requirements and other
relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Original of the conformity assessment can be found at the web page, section Technical support.
• dialing methods: enter Mem * for pulse dialing, Mem # for tone dialing = factory default
Telephone Dialer TD-110 / TD-110W
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Telephone Dialer TD-110 / TD-110W
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