Mitel Model 8520 Endpoint User Guide
Call Features
Using Ring Intercom Always
If another extension has Handsfree Mode enabled for incoming internal calls (see the previous
section), you can use Ring Intercom Always to override Handsfree Mode on the extension,
requiring the called party to pick up the handset to answer your call.
To override Handsfree Mode for the current call:
1. Before you enter the extension number, press #. RING EXTENSION NUMBER appears.
2. Dial the extension number.
To use Ring Intercom Always to always send non-handsfree calls:
With the handset on-hook, dial 377. RING IC ALWAYS ON appears. Dial 377 to turn the
Ring Intercom Always off.
Using Mute
You can use Mute to temporarily turn off your microphone, preventing the other party on the call
from hearing you.
To mute or unmute the microphone:
While on a call, press the MUTE button. MICROPHONE MUTE ON appears. When the
microphone is muted, the Mute button lamp is lit. Press the MUTE button again to turn the
microphone back on.
Placing Calls On Hold
You can place calls on either Individual Hold or System Hold.
• Individual Hold: Places an internal or external call on hold at your endpoint.
• System Hold: Places an external call on hold in the system. You can then pick up the call
from any endpoint that indicates a flashing Call button for the call, including the endpoint
that placed it on hold.
To place a call on Individual Hold:
1. Press
2. Hang up or place another call.
To place an outside call on System Hold:
1. Press
(Special), and then dial 335. ENTER EXTENSION NUMBER appears.
2. Hang up or place another call.
To return to a call that is on hold:
(Hold), and then lift the handset or press
HOLDING appears.
(Speaker). <Caller> WAS
Entering a Hookflash
Some telephone companies require you to enter a hookflash (a quick hang up and release) for
feature access.
To enter a hookflash:
While off-hook, press
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(Special), and then dial 330.
Mitel® Model 8520 User Guide – Issue 12, October 2008
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