FLIR ME323 Quick Start Guide

FLIR ME323 Quick Start Guide
Package Contents
• 1x 1 MP Fixed Dome Camera
• 4x Mounting Screws
• 4x Drywall Anchors
• 1x Allen Key
• 1x Mounting Template
NOTE: 12V DC adapter not included.
1MP Fixed Dome Camera
Safety Precautions
English Version 2.0
• Use an appropriate low voltage power cable to
prevent fire or electrical shock.
• Make sure to install the camera in an area that can
support the camera weight.
• There are no user serviceable parts inside the
camera. Please do not disassemble the camera.
• Do not clean the lens cover with an abrasive cleaning
material. Please use a soft cloth to clean the lens
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Installing the Camera
Test the camera prior to selecting a permanent
mounting location by temporarily connecting the
camera(s) and cables to the DVR.
To install the camera:
1. Use the included Allen key
to loosen the security screw
on the dome cover.
Setting up the Camera
1. Connect the BNC connector on the camera. See “Camera
Wiring” for details.
2. DC Power—Power Adapter: Connect a 12V DC power adapter
(not included) to the camera and a local power outlet.
A REGULATED 12V DC power supply is REQUIRED for use with
this camera. Use of a non-regulated, non-conforming power
supply can damage this product and voids the warranty.
2. Rotate the camera base counter-clockwise to separate
it from the ball camera and dome cover.
3. Use the included mounting template to mark and drill
holes for the included mounting screws.
Connect to a 12V DC
power adapter
(not included).*
8. Move the ball camera to the desired position. While
holding the ball camera in place, twist the dome cover the
rest of the way to secure it to the camera base. Holding
the camera prevents it from moving while tightening the
dome cover.
9. Use the included
Allen key to tighten
the security screw on
the dome cover.
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Connect to an MPX DVR for 1080p viewing and
* Camera focus may be affected if the power connection is too
long. It is recommended not to extend the power connection
past 200ft (61m).
7. Position the dome cover over the ball camera and twist
clockwise onto the camera base. Do not tighten completely.
4. Feed the camera cable through the camera base.
6. Attach the camera base to the mounting surface using
the included screws.
Camera Wiring
NOTE: Insert the included drywall anchors if installing into
5. Connect the video and power cable as detailed in the
section ‘Setting up the Camera’.
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Extension Cable Options
Camera Dimensions
The entire length of the cable run must be made using a
single extension cable between the camera and the DVR.
Maximum Length
RG59 20AWG Conductor 95% Braid
CSA/UL or C(UL) Approved
Up to 1500ft (455m)†
RG6 20AWG Conductor 95% Braid
CSA/UL or C(UL) Approved
Up to 2300ft (700m)†
Analog CCTV Balun
Up to 300ft (91m)
† Long cable runs over 1000ft (300m) may be affected by
electro-mechanical interference (EMI), which can increase the
amount of noise in the picture in some installations.
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