Modem Mate

Modem Mate
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Modem Mate
Install two MN1604 or equivalent 9 volt alkaline batteries and test using the
battery test button, which will illuminate the red light if the batteries are
functioning correctly. Modem Mate can only be used with telephones which
have modular connection between the handset and the base.
Unplug the (normally coiled) cable between your handset and the base at the
'base' end. Connect the handset cord to the socket marked 'handset' and connect
the short coiled cable from Modem Mate into the phone base. Test the
connection by switching to 'voice' and listen for dial tone.
Figure 1
Plug your modem into the socket marked Modem, set the level button to 3.
Switch on your computer and Modem and load your software. When you are all
set to communicate, switch the Modem Mate to 'Modem' position and replace
the handset.
Commerce your communication procedure watching your computer screen
carefully. As soon as you see the message 'Initialising Modem' on the screen,
lift the handset. The next message will be 'Dialling…' You must lift the handset
between these two messages for correct connection.
When you have finished your modem communication, switch back to 'voice'
mode for normal telephone operation.
Installation Guide
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Incoming Calls
If the phone rings whilst Modem Mate is switched to 'Modem' position, switch
back to 'voice' to answer it. Modem Mate can be used with any type of
telephone line including ISDN and Hybrid Key Systems.
Record Operation
Telephone conversations may be recorded using the Modem Mate to connect to
a cassette tape recorder (not supplied), connected to via the HANDSET jack. A
cassette tape recorder with an 1/8" diameter external microphone input jack is
required for record operation. * Batteries are not required for record operation
* Plug one end of the mono-audio cord (supplied) into the MODEM MATE
RECORD jack. see figures 3 and 4.
* Plug remaining end of the audio cord into the cassette tape recorder
* When you are ready to start recording, set the cassette tape recorder to
RECORD mode. When finished, you must press the cassette recorder STOP
* If you are using a voice operated (VOX) cassette tape recorder, you need only
set it to record mode. When you pick up the telephone handset, the MODEM
MATE will allow you to automatically record the conversation.
NOTE: You can only record the telephone conversation from the telephone that
you are using.
Playback Operation
Tape recordings can be played back into the telephone line from any cassette
tape recorder with a 1/8"" earphone jack."
* Batteries are not required for playback operation.
* Plug one end of the mono-audio cord (supplied) into the Modem Mate
Playback jack. See figures 3 and 4.
* Plug remaining end of the audio cord into the cassette tape recorder
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* When you are ready to playback during your telephone conversation, set the
cassette tape recorder to playback mode.
* Adjust the volume level of the tape recorder to the desired audio level into the
telephone line during your conversation.
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