technical bulletin - American Dynamics

technical bulletin - American Dynamics
Subject: Intellex v3.0 Mis -Configuring Video Standards
Technical Bulletin TB_030403
Purpose: This bulletin identifies symptoms associated when cameras connected to an Intellex have mixed
video standards or the Intellex is incorrectly configured for either NTSC or PAL.
Issue: Intellex can support either NTSC or PAL video but not both simultaneously. If even one camera is
wrongly configured for video, numerous symptoms may occur including
Rebooting every 2 minutes
No video from the camera(s) set different than the Intellex
Intermittent video freeze from the camera(s) set different than the Intellex
Increased data storage rates
Black and white video from a color camera that is set different than the Intellex
Solution: Verify the correct video standard is selected.
Note: A quick check to verify if the Intellex is configured for either NTSC or PAL without logging out of
the GUI is to check IPS rate in Schedule.
??NTSC: If 60IPS is a selectable setting from the menu then the Intellex is set for NTSC.
??PAL: If 50IPS is a selectable setting from the menu then the Intellex is set for PAL.
To change video standard selection in Intellex:
Log out of Intellex GUI. You will need to know Intellex password, 98374252.
Two icons appear in the Windows desktop, NTSC and PAL. Select the appropriate icon and the
video standard is automatically configured for all cameras. The batch file takes less then one
second to execute; there is no completion message.
Note: To reduce inadvertent clicking of these batch files, the shortcut from desktop is being removed.
The appropriate batch file can be found using My Comp uter or Search.
??For NTSC use: C:\Windows\Intellex\ntsc.bat
??For PAL use: C:\Windows\Intellex\pal.bat
Alternate Solution: Remove incorrectly configured cameras from Intellex. Remove one camera at a time
until no symptoms are exhibited then verify problem cameras video standard. If the video standard is
selectable on the camera, then change it to the correct standard. If it is not selectable, then replace the
camera with one supporting the correct standard.
Alternate Solution: If the two suggestions above do not solve the problem, verify that all video signals
into the Intellex are within specification. A degraded video signal can cause the same symptoms as having
mixed the video standard between NTSC and PAL.
??Note: Faulty cameras, incorrect labels and incorrect settings are just some of the potential causes
for incorrect or degraded video signal.
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