Using networked computers for data entry

Using networked computers for data entry
Using networked computers for SportsTrak data entry
Can be as simple as 2 laptops with cross-over cable, or a hub connecting multiple
machines in a peer to peer arrangement.
1. Have SportsTrak installed on each machine.
2. One machine has the actual data folder for your carnival. This folder must be
In this example I am sharing the entire
SportsTrak folder, which will include sub
folders where data is located.
Right-Click the folder to be shared.
Click “Sharing and security”
The folder properties will appear (below)
Give the folder a meaningful share name,
which is what other machines will see.
Permissions by default should allow
everyone full access. This is OK.
Click the OK button to exit.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
Sharing is indicated
by the hand under the
3. Check that each machine has an IP address within the same range.
Do this by:
Clicking Start – Run – then type in “cmd” to run the command prompt.
At the prompt, type “ipconfig” to see your ip settings
(Type “exit” to close the command
window when finished)
Note the address on the master machine, and the subnet mask (Your IP address will likely be different to the one shown here. )
All other linking computers must belong to the same address range, with the same
subnet mask.
Check the IP range of each machine by typing “ipconfig” on each.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
To change the IP range of the other machines, go to Control Panel, Network
Connections, right click Local Area Connection,.
On the General tab, highlight Internet
Protocol (TCP/IP)
Click on the Properties button
The setting is most likely to be as
Obtain an IP address automatically.
This must be
changed to a
static IP address
by specifying the
address and
subnet in the
boxes shown.
The host machine’s
IP address was
The other machines
must have the
192.168.0 part
identical , but a
different value in
the last section.
Thus 3, 4 or
anything will do,
not above 254.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
Note well, after the sharing is no longer required, any machine that normally
connects to a net work must have the IP details reset to their original value.
Therefore be careful to write down any specific settings before changing them.
4. Connect the machines with a hub (2 or more pc’s) or crossover cable (2
5. If you don’t already know the main machine’s name, right click on My
Computer, click Properties, and go to the Computer Name tab.
This machine’s
name is:
After the full
stop doesn’t
You need to
know this name
so you can
identify it from
the other PC’s.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
6. Fire up each linked computer in turn.
From My Computer or Windows Explorer, you should see the main PC.
(If not, click Start, Search, Computers or people, Computers on the network, and type
in the main machine’s name. Then click the Search button.)
When found, double click on the machine, and it may prompt for a login.
Enter details to log on to the main
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
Run SportsTrak
From the File menu, choose Set
Data Location
Use the ellipses button to drill
down through to the data folder on
the master machine.
Shown here via My Network Places, Microsoft Windows Network, down to
When you finally select the correct data folder, it will look like this.
The is no drive letter; just: \\Computer Name\Sharename\Subfolder
This copy of SportsTrak is now reading the same data as the main machine.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
As long as two machines don’t enter data for the same event at once, all machines can
enter results concurrently, significantly spreading workload.
Afterwards, remember to set any changed IP settings back to what they were.
Connecting several computers for SportsTrak data entry
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