Create Recording

Create Recording
General Information
You can create your Panopto Lecture Capture either Online (connected to Internet) or
Offline (no Internet connection). Creating an Offline capture will “save” your recording
until you upload to Blackboard
What does Panopto capture?
Panopto captures PowerPoint; video; and audio
Record and upload lectures into Blackboard
Recordings can be “shared” for reuse
How to create a Panopto recording
Need to download and install (once per computer) the Panopto Recorder; log in and
configure status
Set up the record options and record your lecture.
Make the recorded session available (share)
Add the recorded lecture in your Blackboard course.
Log into Blackboard course
Upload recording
How to add the recording to future semester or other courses
When you “share” the recording, you have an URL that can be copied and added to
Blackboard course from Build Content; Create URL menu
Create Recording
Starting the Recorder
Start, All Programs, Panopto, and Panopto Recorder (can also place on Desktop for easy
access). The Recorder will open up to the last known good configuration of recording devices
and recording status will be offline. (If you have recorded content before, the same devices will
automatically be chosen. If this is the first time accessing, need to verify options)
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The Panopto Recorder screen:
Create New Recording tab. This is the default screen you see when Panopto is started.
This screen displays what sources will be captured.
Make sure that you have logged into the Bb9 System. You do not need to log out of
Panopto Recorder (use the “Save Login” option – especially if you plan to use “Offline”
recording session
Folder Name/ Record a new session called:
“Offline Recording”: you can use the Offline recording option and upload the
finished lecture(s) to Blackboard at a later time
Primary source (options) lists what Panopto will capture – video (webcam) audio; and
Quality (can leave default). Other Capture Sources (additional video camera e.g.)
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Depending on Source options selected you will see a tab for each source that will be
captured (Panopto will indicate if PowerPoint is not opened and in Slide Show view)
Record/Pause/Stop: when you are ready to begin recording (PowerPoint opened and in
Slide Show view) click the “Record” icon to start the recorder. You can move through
the screens (Panopto, PowerPoint, etc.) by using the Alt+Tab (PC) or Cmd+Tab (MAC).
New! You can now use Hot Keys to control recording and allow you to record/pause/stop
without toggling back and forth to the recorder:
F8 key
F9 key
F10 key
Upload Finished Lecture
When you have finished recording, stop the recorder and click OK to confirm (Figure1), this will
open the Recording Status screen. If you have recorded session “online” the lecture will
upload and display progress screen. If you have recorded “offline”, a list of your sessions will
display (Figure 2), select the session by “hover” the cursor to the right of the session name and
select “Add New Session” (Figure 3). Rename your session and select “Upload ..” (Figure 4).
Figure 1
Figure 3
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Figure 2
Figure 4
When the lecture has been uploaded you will see a
“recap” of the Uploaded Recordings.
***IMPORTANT: Before closing the Recording Status
screen make sure that you select SHARE option.
On the Manage folders screen, click to select “Make
Public”, this will set the open the lecture for your course
lecture and allow the students to open the lecture without the “Login to Panopto” screen.
It also provides a URL that can be copied/pasted and reused in other courses or sent in an
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