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Wesley H. Bateman
The loss of Flight 19 on December 5, 1945, is a classic
disappearance that took place in the Bermuda Triangle. It began
as a routine training flight by five Grumman Avenger torpedo
bombers, also known as TBMs. The flight's mission entailed
dropping depth bombs on a sunken vessel.
It is reported that four of the TBMs carried crews of three
men each, while the fifth carried a crew of two. Thus, flight 19
consisted of fourteen men.
While returning to their base at Fort Lauderdale Naval Air
Station, the flight leader, Lt. Charles Taylor, radioed the base
that the flight was in some kind of trouble.
During several hours of confusion it is reported that the
following radio conversation took place between Lt. Taylor and
the Fort Lauderdale tower:
Taylor: "Calling control tower . . . emergency. We have gone
off course...we can't see the ground any more. I repeat . . . we
can't see the ground."
Another reporting source states the transmission included the
statement: "We can,t see the ground or the sun."
Tower: "What is your position?"
Taylor: "We are not certain of our position. We don't know
exactly where we are, we seem to be lost."
Tower: "In that case, you must fly west."
Taylor: "We can't tell which is west. Nothing is working
properly. It's nuts . . . we can't be sure of any direction. Even the
sea looks funny."
It then became more difficult to pick up messages from Flight
19. The aircraft progressively lost contact with the tower, but,
every now and then, snatches of conversation between the pilots
were heard. They were discussing the possibility of running out
of fuel, of 75-knot winds, and also discussing the fact that the
magnetic and gyro compasses on all 5 planes were
According to some reports, the last words heard from Flight 19
were: "We are entering white water. We are completely lost."
Reporter Art Ford stated that another radio conversation took
place between flight leader Taylor and a fellow Navy pilot Lt. F.
Cox, who was in the air but not part Flight 19. The conversation
went as follows:
Cox: "What is your altitude? I'll fly south to meet you."
Taylor: "Don't come after me. They look like they're from
outer space. Don't come after me."(The text of these and all
other radio transmissions from Flight 19 are on public record in
the National Archives in Washington D.C.)
One report states that Taylor was overheard to either turn
over the command of the flight to another pilot in the formation,
or, turn over the flying duties of his plane. This is not clear.
It is also reported that one of the Avenger pilots broke
formation and took off on his own to fine safer and more familiar
The fact that the ten compasses and five radios aboard the
planes malfunctioned at the same time, and, that Lt. Taylor did
not comply with a constant request that he switch his radio to the
emergency frequency, adds to the mystery.
Martin Mariner
Later, Fort Lauderdale sent a Martin Mariner (a large
amphibious craft) to try to rescue the men of Flight 19. There
were thirteen men aboard the Mariner. Less than an hour after
take off, the Martin Mariner also disappeared without a trace.
Nothing was found of the five TBMs or the Mariner in spite of
the intensive search by two-hundred-forty land-based aircraft,
seventy aircraft from the aircraft carrier, Solomons, four
destroyers, eighteen Coast Guard patrol boats, hundreds of
private aircraft, yachts and boats of all sorts. Nothing was
found: no inflatable rafts, no trace of oil, no sign of wreckage.
Avenger aircraft are known to float from minutes to hours. Why
were no bodies, oil slicks or wreckage found? Why didn't any of
the pilots use their parachutes and life rafts?
During the search of December 6, 1945, a Navy Privateer that
was a one-tail version of the Army Air Corps two-tail B-24 also
disappeared without a trace.
A report published by the Navy after several months of
inquiry offered no explanation for the disappearances.
During the evening of August 16, 1985, while assembling
several segments of video tape that pertained to pictures of
UFOs taken by astronauts during various missions in space, I
took notice of one such picture in particular. The picture was one
(of several) that was taken one day out (at about a 6,500 mile
altitude) by the crew of Apollo 11 on their way to the first
manned moon landing.
The Apollo photograph of which I speak is shown below. Its
NASA photo I.D. number is: AS-11-36-5319.
After some study, it came to my mind that the white object in
the Apollo 11 photograph had the shape of an airplane. More
specifically, the shape of a TBM Avenger such as the type of
aircraft that once composed Flight 19 which, had been missing
since December, 1945.
Notice that the nose of the UFO/Avenger in the photo above is
oriented in the direction of the Earth. The mass of the plane's
large radial engine would naturally become situated in this
manner (relative to the planet's gravitational attraction).
The picture below is of the Apollo 11 UFO, enlarged and
rotated to the horizontal. In this enlargement, the outline of a
TBM Avenger becomes quite obvious when viewed as being
possibly shrouded in ice (most likely frozen seawater).
Later, a scale model of a TBM Avenger was obtained. A
silhouette of the model was superimposed over a slide projection
of the picture above. With very little effort, the TBM model was
moved in the projection to conform exactly with each and every
feature of the object's outline.
The highly trained Apollo astronauts estimated the length of
the object to be about forty-feet, which is the approximate length
of a TBM Avenger. It was first thought that it was Apollo's
second stage rocket booster. But later, NASA claimed that it
was a "Ten-inch piece of material that came from the Apollo 11
space craft itself." This is presently their official position on this
I am certain that neither NASA, or any other government
agency will ever admit that the Apollo 11 UFO is, in fact, a
World War II fighter bomber which was, as of, more than 60 years ago, is orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 6,500 miles.
NASA, in keeping with the government's program of debunking
UFO sightings, and, discrediting any witnesses of such an event,
will even publicly insult the intelligence of their own astronauts,
by stating that these expensively trained observers could not tell
the difference between something that was forty-feet long and
something that was only ten-inches in length.
1) Blunt nose with propeller missing. 2) Angle of cockpit
canopy is correct. 3) Rear of canopy may be open. 4) Gun turret
(bubble). 5) Height of tail is correct. 6) Possibly the inner section
of the folding wing. 7) Torpedo bay doors. May be missing or
Note: Feature 3 might be gun turret bubble and feature 4
might be a disfiguring bend in the rear of the fuselage.
In September 1986 I submitted the information above to both
the Spotlight newspaper and Omni magazine. The Spotlight
article, which was written by Tom Valentine, was published in
October of that year. The article was accurate and contained
every piece of information that I had provided the author.
On the other hand, the Omni article, published November
1986, was written by Sheri Baker. Ms. Baker consulted with
Philip Klass (editor of Aviation Week Magazine). None of the
data I provided Omni was reported accurately and Mr. Klass
was given full reign to criticize. Klass said: "a person could say
that the shape of the Apollo 11 UFO could also be a
representation of the face of God." Within the Omni article was
a photograph of several World War II B-24 bombers. This type
of aircraft bears no similarity to a TBM Avenger anymore than
a chicken does to an elephant. I believe that this photograph was
published along with the story in order to deliberately mislead
uninformed readers into believing that the B-24s in the
photograph were TBMs which did not match the shape of the
Apollo 11 UFO. A person could draw the conclusion that because
the planes in the picture did not look like the Apollo 11 UFO,
that I had to be crazy to see any similarity.
Can you imagine that the editor of Aviation Week doesn't
know the difference between a B-24 and a TBM Avenger? Of
course he does.
Recently I watched a television program that pertained to the
subject of UFOs. During the program a gentleman, (I did not get
his name), stated that he believed: "Philip Klass is a paid
government stooge." He added that if this was not true, then the
government was certainly getting a bargain. I wish that I had
been the first person to say that publicly.
There is no doubt in my mind that the Apollo 11 UFO is a
TBM aircraft that was one of five that once composed Flight 19.
The question of how the plane got into orbit is probably more
important than the fact that it's there (or was there).
When considered as a whole, the radio transmissions between
Flight 19, the Fort Lauderdale control tower and the radio
conversation that occurred between flight leaders, Lt. Taylor
and Lt. Cox, and the later disappearances of the Martin
Mariner and Privateer, it seems quite clear that in 1945 we were
being visited by extraterrestrials who were considerably ruthless
and hostel.
Allow me to offer the following scenario as a possible
description of what happened to Flight 19, the Martin Mariner
and the Navy Privateer:
The planes of Flight 19 were practicing dropping depth
charges on a sunken hulk (or thought they were bombing the
hulk), when they accidentally bombed and damaged, or
destroyed a submerged extraterrestrial space craft and also
killed some or all of its crew. There might have been more than
one of these spacecraft present at the time. It is possible that no
extraterrestrial craft was damaged, but its occupants thought
they were under attack.
If an extraterrestrial craft was damaged or destroyed by depth
charges, the extraterrestrials might have first responded
defensively before surfacing and physically confronting the crew
members of Flight 19. Damage to, or, the activation of the field
drive propulsion system of any functional extraterrestrial craft is
most likely the reason why the compasses and radios of the
Avengers began to malfunction. During the physical
confrontation stage of the event, Lt. Taylor was contacted by Lt.
Cox (not part of Flight 19). Remember that during this radio
contact Taylor told Cox: "Don't come after me. They look like
they're from outer space. Don't come after me."
Damaged or not, or just out of pure viciousness, the
extraterrestrial spacecraft accelerated into space after
accidentally or deliberately drawing one or all of the TBMs into
its propulsion field along with a considerable amount of churning
and foaming, white seawater. Thus, the reason for the last
message that was received from Flight 19: "We are entering
white water. We are completely lost."
The crew members of Flight 19 were obviously killed as the
ET spacecraft gained altitude. Unless they were somehow
removed from their planes prior the time that the planes were
ejected from the spacecraft's propulsion field and thereafter
assumed Earth orbit (s). The fact that the TBM shown in the
Apollo 11 photograph is apparently covered with ice (frozen
seawater), strongly suggests that the crew of that particular
TBM were killed during the ascent into space.
There could be any number of reasons why some kind of
extraterrestrial activity continued later at the spot where the 5
Avengers met with disaster. They might have returned to assist
any of their people, make repairs on their damaged craft, or,
assist any aboard such a craft that was wounded. Then again,
the extraterrestrial survivors of the ill-fated event might have
needed time to make their own repairs. Maybe the completion
of their under water mission at the spot was of great importance
to them.
The later disappearance of the Mariner and Privateer can
only be attributed to maliciousness on the part of the
extraterrestrials. As mentioned above, it is possible that one or
more extraterrestrial spacecraft were damaged or destroyed by
Avenger depth charges and that some of the ET crew might
have been seriously injured or killed. Therefore, the
extraterrestrials in some manner, simply took revenge on the
crews of these two search planes.
Several years ago (1980 ies), the front page of a tabloid
declared: “World War II Bomber Found on the Moon.” A
picture that accompanied the headline was of a Navy Privateer
(very rare, few were constructed), such as the one that
disappeared while searching for Flight 19. The article that
pertained to the headline stated that the picture of the bomber
resting in a lunar crater was taken by a moon-orbiting Russian
space craft.
How did the Privateer get there?
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