IN1124 - Inline, Inc.
Twisted Pair Transmitter / 1x4 Distribution Amplifier
for High Resolution Video & Audio
Twisted Pair Receiver / 1x2 Distribution Amplifier
for High Resolution Video & Audio
TEL: 714. 921. 4100
FAX: 714. 921. 4160
• Send High Resolution Computer
Video Signals Up to 500 Feet Over
CAT5 UTP Cable
• Send Audio Signals over
CAT5 UTP Cable (IN1124-2 /
IN1130-2 Only)
• Split and Amplify One VGA Signal to
The IN1124 Twisted Pair Transmitter / Distribution Amplifier and IN1130 Twisted Pair
Receiver / Distribution Amplifier combine to create a transmission and distribution system
for sending high resolution RGBHV video signals and audio signals up to 500 feet using
Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. The IN1124 / IN1130 twisted pair video /
audio transmission system lets A/V system designers and installers take advantage of the
compact size, flexibility, and extremely low cost of CAT5 UTP cable. By using one IN1124
transmitter and four IN1130 receivers, the VGA and audio signal from one source computer
can be split and amplified to drive a local monitor plus up to 8 additional displays.
IN1124-1 Twisted Pair Transmitter / Distribution Amplifier for High Resolution
Video - VGA input signals are connected to the IN1124-1 transmitter which features a
15-Pin HD connector for VGA video input and a 15-Pin HD connector for a local monitor
loop output. Since the IN1124 also acts as a 4 output distribution amplifier, four RJ45
female output connectors are provided for direct connection to four CAT5 cables.
IN1124-2 Twisted Pair Transmitter / Distribution Amplifier for High Resolution
Video & Audio - The IN1124-2 transmitter features the same VGA input, local monitor
output and CAT5 output connectors as the
IN1124-1. It also provides (1) 3.5mm stereo mini
connector for stereo audio input and (1) 3.5mm
stereo mini connector for audio output to drive a
IN1124-1 / IN1124-2:
local audio device. The IN1124-2 converts stereo
Video Input Connector:
audio input signals to mono audio.
Local Monitor Output:
IN1130-1 Twisted Pair Receiver /
Distribution Amplifier for High Resolution Video The CAT5 link cable is connected to the IN1130-1
receiver which features an RJ45 female connector
for CAT5 video input. Two 15-Pin HD output
connectors are provided to drive two data displays
IN1130-2 Twisted Pair Receiver / Distribution
Amplifier for High Resolution Video & Audio - The
IN1130-2 receiver features the same CAT5 input
and VGA outputs as the IN1130-2. This model also
provides (2) 3.5mm mini connectors for audio
High Quality Video - The IN1124 / IN1130
system employs sophisticated video circuitry to
maintain excellent video quality with VGA video
signals at resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200. A
Video Peaking control on the IN1130 receiver lets
users fine tune the video compensation to optimize
the video image for various cable lengths.
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Stereo Audio Input:
Local Audio Output:
Output Connectors:
Video Input Signals:
Compatible Signal Formats:
Audio Input Signals:
IN1130-1 / IN1130-2:
Input Connector:
Data Display Outputs:
Audio Outputs:
Power Supply - IN1124:
Power Supply - IN1130:
Accessories Included:
Optional Accessories:
Shipping Weight - IN1124:
Shipping Weight - IN1130:
Dimensions - IN1124:
Dimensions - IN1130:
Regulatory Approvals:
a Local Monitor Plus 8 Displays using
(1) IN1124 CAT5 Transmitter / DA &
(4) IN1130 CAT5 Receiver / DAs
• Compatible with High Resolution
Analog Video Signals in the RGBHV,
RGBS, RGsB Formats
• Video Peaking Control - Provides
Adjustable Cable Compensation to
Optimize Video Image for Different
Cable Lengths
(1) 15-Pin HD female
(1) 15-Pin HD female
(1) 3.5mm Stereo Mini female (IN1124-2 only)
(1) 3.5mm Stereo Mini female (IN1124-2 only)
(4) RJ45 female
Analog video, 1.5 Vp-p max. Sync Signals: TTL
Line Level Stereo Audio
(1) RJ45 female
(2) 15-Pin HD female
(2) 3.5mm female (IN1130-2 Only) - Mono Audio
9VDC, 2.0A External Adapter Included
9VDC, 500mA External Adapter Included
IN9031 VGA Termination Plug (with IN1124)
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3 lbs. / 1.5 Kg
Product Weight: 1 lb. / 0.45 Kg
2 lbs. / 1 Kg
Product Weight: 0.7 lb. / 0.3 Kg
1.65" x 8.5" x 6" / 4.2cm x 21.6cm x 15.2cm
1.65" x 5.6" x 3.75" / 4.2cm x 14.2cm x 9.5cm
UL1950, CAN/CSA-22.2 No.950, Third Edition
CE: EN55022 (1987), EN50081-1 (1991),
EN50082-1 (1992 and 1994), EN60950-92
Flexible Input Signal Compatibility - In addition to VGA signal compatibility at all resolutions up to 1600x1200, the IN1124 /
IN1130 CAT5 high resolution video transmission system is also compatible with high resolution analog video RGBHV, RGBS or RGsB signals
at a variety of resolutions and refresh rates. By using the appropriate adapter cables or a computer video interface on the input, the
IN1124 / IN1130 system can be used to transmit high resolution video and stereo audio signals from MAC, SUN, SGI and other high
resolution workstations.
Twisted Pair Cable Compatibility - The IN1124 / IN1130 have been optimized for Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
cable. However, the system will work with other twisted pair cables that conform to the appropriate pin outs and performance
characteristics. The system may be used with CAT3 cable but video performance will be compromised and maximum cable lengths
and maximum input signal resolution must be decreased. As new, higher performance types of twisted pair cables are developed i n
the future that exceed the capabilities of CAT5, the IN1124 / IN1130 will be able to offer enhanced video bandwidth over longer
cable runs.
Advantages of CAT 5 Cable - Leveraging the many benefits of CAT 5 cable, the IN1124 / IN1130 CAT5 high resolution video and
stereo audio transmission system provides A/V system designers with an economical, space efficient solution for high resolution video and
stereo audio signal transmission in a variety of applications.
Low Cost - CAT 5 cable is extremely affordable, costing only a fraction of high resolution multi-conductor coaxial cables.
Quick and Easy Termination - Utilizing RJ45 connectors, CAT5 cables offer fast, easy, and extremely economical cable terminations.
Easy Handling and Compact Size - CAT5 cable is much thinner than high resolution and super high resolution coaxial cables,
providing easy cable pulls and preserving conduit space. The IN1124 / IN1130 twisted pair system uses just one CAT5 cable to transmit an
entire high resolution RGBHV and audio signal. Using multiple IN1124 transmitters and IN1130 receivers it is now possible to send a
dozen or more RGBHV signals in the same conduit space required for a single super high resolution 5-conductor coaxial cable.
Inline CAT5 Cables - Inline offers the IN9500 series of CAT5 cables, available in lengths from 50 feet to 300 feet. These high
quality CAT5 cables are pre-terminated with molded RJ45 connectors for enhanced durability.
Rack Mountable - Two IN1124 transmitters can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space using the optional IN9080
rack shelf. A single IN1124 transmitter can be rack mounted with the IN9080 rack shelf and the IN9088B blank panel. The IN1130
receiver can be mounted to virtually any flat surface using the optional IN9089 "L" brackets that attach to the sides of the unit.
1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600
640 x 480
Maximum Length
250 feet
300 feet
350 feet
400 feet
500 feet
CAT 5 Link Cable
50' Long
100' Long
150' Long
200' Long
250' Long
300' Long
Mounting Accessories
IN9089 Mounting Brackets
IN9080 Rack Shelf
IN9088 Blank Panel
One Pair of "L" Brackets, Mounts IN1130 Receiver to Any Flat Surface
1U Rack Shelf Holds 1 or 2 IN1124 Transmitters
1U Half Rack Wide Blank Panel - Fills Emply Space When Mounting Only One IN1124
TEL: 714. 921. 4100
FAX: 714. 921. 4160
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