3200 Series Impinger® Ovens

3200 Series Impinger® Ovens
3200 Series Impinger® Ovens
See how the
3200 Series
Impinger® Ovens
stack up
Simplicity at its finest
Efficiency saves money
imple, digital control panel allows easy access to cook time and
temperature. Diagnostic messages appear for quick troubleshooting.
• Simple, consistent cooking
• Simple, easy cleaning with removable oven front, granting total access to the
oven interior
• Simple conveyor removal in tight spaces with optional folding version
• Simple design means no “electric eyes”, vfds, or other complex components
that can fail, allowing for better reliability and lower repair costs
• Unsurpassed energy efficiency using
FastBake Advance technology
• Simple design means lower price
The FastBake Advance Story
Why Slower Airspeed Means
Faster Baking
FastBake Advance bakes up to 35 percent faster without
adding any extra cost or electrical complexity to the oven!
32" Wide belt
40" Long cooking chamber
Available in Natural Gas, Propane, and Electric
32" Wide belt
55" Long cooking chamber
Available in natural gas or propane
32" Wide belt
70" Long cooking chamber
Available in natural gas or propane
Standard, narrow high velocity airflow (left) provides the
airflow mass and heat, but not efficient heat transfer, as
much of the airflow “bounces” off the food. FastBake
Advance airflow (right) provides slower moving airflow,
but wider jets that provide the same airflow mass and heat,
but much more efficient heat transfer, as the airflow “sticks”
to the food. Efficient heat transfer means an efficient oven.
That’s efficiency where it counts: when you are cooking
your food.
The proof is in the batter
FastBake Advance removed almost 10X the moisture in the
same amount of time, at the same temperature.
618 g
675 g
post cook
post cook
High capacity flexibility
• Three different sized high capacity ovens from 40” to 70”
• Double and triple stackable – add ovens as your needs grow
• High stand available for the single/double stack applications
• Low stand available for the triple stack applications
• Half-Pass front door gives additional cooking flexibility
with a single belt speed
• Optional split belt allows for two standard
cooking times with a single oven
Industry Standard
High Velocity Airflow
–Two pans of cake batter, each 682 grams pre-cook weight
–Five-minute bake time on a stationary conveyor
888-417-L IN C | W W W. L IN COLNFP.COM
Lincoln 3200 Series ovens are built for the long haul
Lincoln has been building durable ovens for over 30 years, and many of the original ovens
are still being used today!
— Stainless steel interior
— Engineered for durability and designed for easy maintenance
— Key components have decades of proven experience in other Lincoln ovens
— A track record of reliability is at the heart of every Lincoln oven
You’ve purchased the best oven available,
KitchenCare helps keep it that way.
— 2-Year standard warranty (USA) On all 3200 series ovens
—Peace of mind, knowing Manitowoc stands behind their ovens
—Helps protect and maintain your Lincoln ovens, ensuring they perform as they
should throughout their lifecycles
— Research and applications support helps get the best culinary results possible
Manitowoc Foodservice is a global leader in foodservice operations that speaks the language of our partners from sales
to aftercare. Purchasing equipment is easy with Manitowoc Finance, which offers direct, low-rate financing options for the
equipment you need today. Manitowoc KitchenCare® helps service, maintain, and protect your foodservice equipment and
facility throughout the lifecycle of your business. Being fluent is more than understanding equipment; it is an understanding
of your foodservice business. If you’re ready to talk foodservice, Manitowoc speaks your language.
Our best in class brands include: Cleveland, Convotherm,® Dean,® Delfield,® Frymaster,® Garland,® Kolpak,® Koolaire,® Kysor Panel Systems,® Lincoln,
Manitowoc® Beverage Systems, Manitowoc® Ice, Merco,® Merrychef,® Multiplex,® RDI Systems, Servend,® U.S. Range & Welbilt®
Fluent in Foodservice | mtwfs.com
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