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Both the ERF (Energy Rejection Filter) and HAU (H-Alpha Unit) MUST be properly
attached to telescope before pointing telescope at the sun. You cannot safely look at the
sun with the ERF or HAU separately. Looking at the sun without proper filters can
damage your eye in a fraction of a second. The ERF also protects the HAU and telescope
optics from excessive solar radiation.
FINDER: Looking at the sun without a proper solar filter can damage your eye in a
fraction of a second. If you do not have a solar filter for the finder, keep it covered.
MOUNTING THE ERF AND HAU: The aluminum cell with the ERF simply fits over
and around the front of the telescope tube. The off-axis version should be mounted with
the filter at or near the 12 O’clock position.
The HAU slides into telescope back or star diagonal. Any 1 4” eyepiece can be used,
however, we recommend starting each observing session with low magnification, then
increasing magnification as desired and as “seeing” conditions allow.
OBSERVING: For optimum performance, the system should be used at f/15 and above.
The ERF is sized and mounted in a mask designed for each brand and aperture of
telescope to increase the focal length. A Barlow lens can be used if necessary to increase
the focal ratio further. A Barlow lens may be necessary to reach focus on telescopes with
limited focuser travel since the HAU extends focus approximately three inches.
With eyepiece removed, watch the H-Alpha filter while turning the thumbscrew in both
directions. Turning the thumbscrew clockwise tilts the filter to the left. Turning the
thumbscrew counterclockwise tilts the filter to the right. If the thumbscrew is completely
unscrewed from the body, simply screw back in using care not to “double thread.” Start
observation with filter straight (center of travel). Tilting the filter holder “tunes” the filter
to the correct bandpass.
Start with low power and center sun in eyepiece. If no prominence is seen after focusing,
slowly turn thumbscrew in either direction. With higher magnification, this procedure
should be done on portions of the limb. Activity varies greatly from day to day and even
hour to hour. With careful observation, changes can be seen within minutes. An
observing cloth is very helpful for blocking ambient light at the eyepiece,
Our system is designed for maximum transmission to allow observation of faint
prominence detail not seen with other brands. This also helps with image brightness when
using higher magnifications. If the image seems too bright when using low magnification,
color or ND filters can be used at the eyepiece if desired. An ND 0.4 is included with
each system. The ND filter may also help bring out surface detail.
CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Clean and care for as you would any telescope optic.
ERF is coated on one side facing telescope. HAU has no exposed coatings.
Check filters for possible damage before each use.
Allow telescope and filters to equalize to outside temperature. (At least 15 minutes)
Direct sunlight may warm the tube assembly enough to cause internal heat currents that
can degrade image quality. Cover tube assembly with a light colored cloth.
Point telescope away from sun before attaching and removing filters.
Do not leave telescope unattended where children or inexperienced adults could point it
at the sun without the filters properly attached.
If possible, do not view over pavement or buildings. Viewing over vegetated areas or
water will help avoid surface heat currents. In most cases, “seeing” will be better during
morning hours.
The complete H-Alpha system is warranted for two years against defects in material and
workmanship. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, abuse or damage to the
H-Alpha filter if telescope is pointed at the sun without the ERF attached. Do not remove
the H-Alpha filter from the HAU assembly. The filter is specially sealed to keep out air
and moisture. Removing the filter from the holder will break the seal and void warranty.
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