UBH45X - UniqBall

UBH45X - UniqBall
Dear Customer,
you have used. For long lenses this will not be a problem as the mounting plates point forwards, but for mounting UniqBall to the camera
you will need to use our adaptors.
Thank you for purchasing our product. You made a great decision! UniqBall is one of the great inventions of the 21st century, the most
functional and versatile tripod head on the market today. By using UniqBall according to our recommendations in this user guide, we
know you’ll be satisfied with its performance, and it will allow you to shoot freely without compromise. That’s because it’s designed by
photographers for photographers.
To hold your camera steady, while shooting stills or recording video, you need a strong yet flexible tripod head. The problem, until now, was
that you need a different tripod head for different situations. For macro photography, you need to be able to rotate and tilt your camera
around all three axis then secure it in any desired position. On the other hand, if you are using a telephoto lens, taking landscapes or
recording video, you need a stable yet flexible pan and tilt head with the ability to level the horizon. Until now you need two tripod heads
for this, now UniqBall is your only solution.
UniqBall gives you all these tripod heads, in one strong, cool looking package:
1. A classic ballhead with all of its functions
2. A pan and tilt head with harmonic, well adjustable panning forces
3. A leveling base for perfectly straight horizons everytime
Never before you were able to get all this in one unit. Now you can with UniqBall.
Using Your UniqBall
The UniqBall is constructed of several parts:
1. Rotating base
2. Outer Housing
3. Outer leveling ball
4. Inner panning ball
5. Quick release clamp (Arca Swiss style)
6. Outer leveling metal knob
– located on the Outer Housing (2), this secures the outer ball and the rotating base
You can reposition the lever by pulling and rotating (see the red arrows)
7. Pan-tilt adjustment knob
– located on the neck of the inner panning ball (4) just under the quick release clamp (5).
It’s function is to secure the inner ball
Mounting your camera
Unlike conventional heads, UniqBall has a main axis, which must be parallel to the optical axis of the camera. So it is very important to
mount your camera according to the drawing, for proper leveling function. In other words always keep the red pan-tilt adjustment knob (7)
always pointing forwards. Yes this this different from how you have mounted the camera before, but UniqBall is like no other tripod head
Before mounting your camera, always secure both knobs!
Using Uniqball
1. Setting the horizon
Before mounting your camera,
loosen (A) the outer leveling knob (6),
set the horizon on the circular spirit level (8)
by moving the outer ball, then secure (B)
the outer leveling knob (6).
2. Using the head as a pan-tilt head
Mount your camera as explained above. Because the movement of the inner panning ball (4) is restricted to two axis, now you have a pan
and tilt head. By releasing the pan-tilt adjustment knob, you can move your camera as with any pan-tilt head, and you’ll always have a
level horizon. With the pan-tilt adjustment knob you can adjust the panning friction, or you can secure the camera tightly in any position.
3. Setting the horizon with the camera/lens attached
Of course you can level the horizon after you have attached the camera.
First, secure the pan-tilt adjustment knob (7).
Hold your camera in one hand. With your other hand, slowly release the outer leveling knob (6),
set the horizon on the circular spirit level by moving the outer ball,
then secure the Outer Leveling Knob (6).
4. Using UniqBall as a conventional ballhead
Sometimes you may just want to use UniqBall as a ballhead, perhaps to get into a difficult position where leveling is not important. To
do this keep the pan-tilt adjustment knob (7) secured. Loosen the outer leveling knob (6), set your camera to any desired position, then
secure it by tightening the outer leveling knob (6).
Important: The leveling ball should be only moved with fully loosened outer leveling knob.
Friction control can be achieved with the pan-tilt adjustment knob in any position, by moving the inner panning ball.
Clamp configuration from default to perpendicular position.
Hints and Tips
If used correctly the UniqBall will really help you move your photography to the next level, here are a few hints and tips to help you get
the most from it:
1. Getting the horizon level – if you find that your horizon is not level despite the fact that you have leveled it with the outer
leveling knob (6), there are two reasons for this – a) your camera is not aligned with the quick release plate. For a straight
horizon, your camera’s optical axis must be accurately aligned with the edge of the quick release clamp or b) You are using
a lens with a tripod collar, and it’s foot is not aligned correctly with the camera. Your tripod collar must be rotated in the proper
2. Using a Long Lens – when you are using a long focal length lens (200–400, 500, 600 please make sure that you mount it
with the centre of balance over the middle of the tripod before loosening the pan-tilt adjustment knob. When you are using a lens
of this type always keep some tension on the Pan-tilt adjustment knob as this will stop it falling forward and trapping your fingers!
3. Carrying your equipment – we don’t recommend you to carry your camera mounted on a tripod, but if you still do that, first
check that the quick release clamp is secured, and tightly secure both knobs on the UniqBall. We have seen so many accidents happen
that we always take the lens off, especially if its an expensive one.
4. Be sensible – Never loosen both knobs at the same time and before mounting the head on a tripod, secure both knobs.
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