Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - D-Link

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - D-Link
180 CAM HD
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I reset my DSH-C310 camera back to the factory default settings?
Note: All settings will be deleted including association with the Omna and HomeKit apps. You will need to reconfigure the camera.
If you need to reinstall your camera, you can reset it back to the factory default settings.
To reset, press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera with a paper clip until the LED turns red, then release. Allow 1 minute to
reboot. Once the camera has rebooted, follow the Quick Start Guide to reconfigure your camera.
What should I do if the LED on my DSH-C310 camera remains solid red after powerup?
If the LED on the camera remains solid red after powering up, this means the camera cannot connect to the wireless router it was configured to. If
you moved the camera, try moving it closer to the router and reboot. If the problem persists, you will need to reset the camera and reconfigure it.
To reset the camera, use a paper clip and press & hold the reset button (on the bottom of the camera) for 10 seconds and then release. Once the
camera reboots, follow the Quick Start Guide to set up the camera.
The LED on the front of the device is flashing green, what does this indicate?
A flashing green LED indicates that the camera has been removed/unpaired from your HomeKit controller (the iOS device you used to install the
camera). You should reset the camera to factory default using the reset button on the base of the unit, and re-install the camera using the Omna or
Home apps.
How do I view my DSH-C310 camera from the Internet (remote access)?
To access the camera remotely (away from home), an Apple TV (4th generation) with tvOS 10.1 or higher or iPad with iOS 10.1 or higher is required to
act as a Home Hub. Apple provides a detailed guide on how to set up a Home Hub for remotely controlling HomeKit accessories.
Please refer to:
180 CAM HD
How do I enable and set up motion detection on my DSH-C310 camera?
The 180 Cam HD’s motion detection feature can trigger alerts when it detects movement within its field of view. This detection can produce a
notification on your mobile device, trigger local recording to a microSD card, or initiate an automation policy. Motion detection is turned on by
default in both the Omna and Home apps. You can adjust motion detection settings as follows:
Omna app
Go to the Camera's page and tap the
Settings icon.
Tap the Motion Detection menu item from
the list.
Tap the Motion Setting slider to toggle
motion detection on or off.
If motion detection is turned on, the following configuration options will be available:
Detection Area - Tap the areas of the grid
to turn motion detection on or off for that
area. Orange shading indicates that an area
is being monitored for motion detection.
Sensitivity - You can adjust the motion
detection sensitivity by sliding the marker
along the scale.
Motion Retrigger Delay - Select the length
of time the 180 Cam HD will wait before
sending subsequent notifications. This is
useful in areas where continuous motion
may be occurring.
180 CAM HD
Home app (to toggle motion detection alerts)
Tap and hold the Motion Detection item in
your Home screen.
Tap Details.
Tap the Allow Notifications slider to turn
motion detection notifications on or off.
Motion detected
Tap Status and Notifications.
180 CAM HD
What is the difference between the Omna app and the Home app? Which one should I use?
Put simply, the Home app provides basic functionality for the camera as well as motion detection notifications, and also allows the 180 Cam HD to interact
with other HomeKit enabled devices. The Omna app provides additional functionality including local recording and playback, adjustment of motion
detection settings, and firmware upgrades. We would recommend that you use both the Omna and Home apps concurrently in order to get the greatest
benefit from all of the great features offered by the 180 Cam HD. A comparison of the features supported by each app can be found in the below table:
What type of microSD card is recommended?
The 180 Cam HD is accepts most types of microSD card. We recommend that you use a microSD card which meets the following specifications:
•microSD, microSDHC (High Capacity), or microSDXC (eXtended Capacity) of up to 128GB
•Speed class - Class 10 or higher
Specifications are subject to change without notice. D-Link is a registered trademark of D-Link
Corporation and its overseas subsidiaries. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.
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