Product name - Eco Utility Systems

Product name - Eco Utility Systems
Prepayment Electricity Meters
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC
Version 10.1 Meter Firmware
Technical Specification
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC is a single-phase keypad-based, split prepayment
meter in a DIN rail-mount housing, using PLC communications between the meter
and the customer interface unit. Fitted with the shroud, the Power-Rail PLC meter
offers features that further enhances the utility‟s revenue protection capability.
Version: 0.0
Date: 15 June 2012
Issued by Product Management: Dave Tarr
C as h p o w e r P o w e r - R a i l P L C
The Cashpower Power-Rail PLC is a single-phase
keypad-based, split prepayment meter in a DIN railmount housing, using PLC communications
between the meter and the customer interface unit.
The meter uses the standard PLC customer
interface unit which is common to the Cashpower
Gemini PLC and Three Phase PLC products.
The meter is typically installed in a pole-top
enclosure or secure street kiosk and the small size
of the product means a smaller street kiosk can be
used. As with the Cashpower Gemini PLC and
Three Phase PLC, the meter can be accessed
remotely using the Landis+Gyr PLC Remote
Access Terminal.
Compact meter design, with DIN rail-mount
Optional shroud can be fitted for additional
cable and terminal protection and tamper
detection feature
Optically senses presence of shroud – if the
shroud is removed, meter will enter tamper
mode (if the meter is configured for tamper)
Power Line Carrier communication between
meter and the customer interface unit
Quick and easy to install using existing
household wiring. Ideal when additional
communication wire is inconvenient.
Programmable operating mode - Prepayment
or Credit metering modes
Programmable software power limit
Commissioning and de-commissioning feature
Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) detection
Language independent user interface
SANS 1524-1 compliant
STS Certified
Split Metering Functionality
The split prepayment meter consists of two parts,
the meter and the customer interface unit.
Communication between the meter and the
customer interface unit is by means of Power Line
Carrier (PLC) communication using existing
household wiring; no additional communication
wires are required.
The customer interface unit is compact with a userfriendly keypad and display. It may be installed in
any convenient location in the consumer‟s home
where there is an electrical socket outlet.
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The prepayment meter contains all critical metering,
number decryption and load control functionality. It
operates independently and is immune to any form
of tampering on the customer interface unit.
The meter is usually installed in a secure, locked
enclosure, typically a pole-top enclosure. It is
outside the consumer‟s home to facilitate easy
inspection by the utility at any time and to reduce
the opportunity of fraud by tampering.
A key feature of the Cashpower Power-Rail PLC
split prepayment meter is the ability to use standard
household wiring for communication between the
customer interface unit and the prepayment meter.
This capability enhances retrofitting or replacement
of conventional meters with prepayment meters.
The benefits include lower cost of installation as no
new cabling needs to be laid, and speed of
The keypad or customer interface unit is simply
plugged into any existing mains outlet and after a
simple commissioning procedure, the unit
communicates with the remote meter up to a
distance of typically 200 metres.
The maximum communication distance is
dependent upon network attenuation and
Customer Interface
The customer interface is connected by a power
cord to an existing mains outlet in the household.
Under normal conditions when there is sufficient
credit in the meter, the customer interface unit
operates directly from mains voltage. However in
the event that the meter credit expires and the
meter disconnects power to the house, the
customer interface unit is fitted with an alkaline
battery to allow the customer to re-enter a new
credit token.
The customer or field technician can access meter
parameters by entering specific register information
using the keypad.
In addition, the customer interface unit has audible
low credit warning tones that can be silenced with a
key press.
Meter Status and Diagnostic Indicator
The meter includes a LED status indicator. This
allows a technician to view the operational status of
the meter without the need for specialised
interrogation tools or having to gain access to the
consumer‟s premises. Information such as power
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
limiting, commissioned status and credit status are
power failure is detected, as would be the case
when neutral is removed.
Optical Interface
Remote Access
As a standard feature, the Power-Rail PLC meter
offers an IEC 62056-21 compliant optical
communications port. This allows the utility to
access a variety of information stored inside the
The meter is capable of “upstream” communication
to a concentrator at a kiosk, low-voltage distribution
transformer or mini sub-station.
Anti-tamper Features
The split configuration of the Power-Rail PLC meter
significantly reduces the risk of tampering,
especially considering the meter is installed in a
remote, secure location. The meter is mechanically
sealed against tampering through the use of
mechanical clips and inaccessible assembly
A shroud can also be fitted to the meter, which not
only protects and limits access to the meter
terminals and cables, but also offers an innovative
tamper detection facility. Using the optical interface
of the meter, the removal of the anti-tamper shroud
can be detected by the meter, resulting in the meter
entering a tamper condition and opening the load
switch. The tamper condition can only be reset by
an authorised, meter specific STS token.
Utility-sealed wire seals can be field-fitted to secure
the shroud to the meter. The use of these
mechanical seals ensures that there will be visible
signs of tampering if unauthorised entry to the
meter is attempted.
This feature enables the Power-Rail PLC meter to
be remotely accessed by the utility to check the
remaining kilowatt-hours, total kilowatt-hours used
to date, maximum power limit and other useful
parameters stored by the prepayment meter.
Communications capability can be implemented by
using the Landis+Gyr PLC Remote Access
Terminal which can be fitted into a secure
enclosure or substation to provide connectivity via
wireless technology to a power utility‟s back office.
By means of the concentrator, bi-directional
communication is possible. A message can be sent
to an individual meter to request information, and
prepayment tokens (generated for maintenance
purposes) can be sent to the meter.
Prepayment and Credit Mode
Using supplier-specific 20-digit STS prepayment
tokens which are unique to each meter, the
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC prepayment meter can
be converted into a standard credit meter while
retaining some of the useful features of a
prepayment meter.
The meter also has a feature allowing detection of
Significant Reverse Energy. If the line and load
wires are swapped during installation, the meter will
continue to operate and decrement credit but can
be factory programmed to tamper and disconnect
the load should Significant Reverse Energy be
These include the maximum power limit and remote
customer interface unit for customer convenience.
Disconnect on Power Fail
Surge Protection
The Power-Rail PLC has a unique feature to cater
for the condition where the neutral wire to the meter
is removed. The meter will disconnect the load if a
The Power-Rail PLC meter may be supplied with a
surge arrestor that is capable of sustaining up to
30kA during transients.
© Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd
The meter can be switched between credit mode
and prepayment mode when necessary, using a
20-digit STS prepayment token generated by
Landis+Gyr‟s Suprima prepayment system.
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC Technical specifications
General information
Metrological Performance
Meter Format
Single phase, 2-wire, direct connected prepayment
Measurement direction
Forward and reverse power detection and metering2
(credit is decremented in both directions)
Compatible network(s)
Single phase, 2-wire, earthed neutral
Meter constant (LED flash rate)
1000 impulses / kWh
Basic reference current (Ib)
Credit store with decrement-on-usage
Credit entry mechanism
Keypad; encrypted numbers
Encryption algorithms
STS Compliant1
Applicable STS specifications
IEC62055-41 and IEC62055-51
Electrical Ratings
Nominal Voltage (Un) - Rated Voltage
230 Volts AC rms (other variants available)
Accurate metering range
0.05 Ib to Imax 3
Starting current
≤ 0.004 Ib for Class 1
Power threshold
6.5W for base 10A (approx 28mA @ 230V and
cos(Φ) = 1)4
Accuracy class index
Class 1
Maximum error – Class 1
< ± 1% over range 0.1 Ib to Imax; (with 0.5 ≤ cos(Φ) ≤
1.0 lagging and 0.8 ≤ cos(Φ) ≤ 1.0 leading)5
Nominal frequency
Disconnection Device
Operating voltage range
80% to 120% of Un (184V – 276V)
Maximum continuous current (Imax)
80 Amps (factory and field programmable to lower
power limits)
Voltage circuit
Current circuit
Insulation, Overvoltage and Surge Protection
Insulation System Classification
Protective Class ll (according to IEC 62052-11)
<2.5 VA @ Base Reference
Current (Ib)
STS = Standard Transfer Specification (Industry Standard for
© Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd
<1.4W / <9VA @ 230V, 50Hz
Protective class (according to IEC 62052-11)
Class ll (double insulated)
Single Pole latching contactor
Accurately meters energy if line and load connections are
reversed. Meter can also be configured to tamper on reverse
energy detection (SRE).
The metering is accurate within the limits specified by
IEC62053-21. Should a meter momentarily be operated
outside its specified maximum current rating, it will meter
accurately up to 2 x I max (80A meters).
The power threshold represents the minimum load power that
the meter will register. This value is programmable, with the
recommended level for a base 10A meter shown.
IEC 62053-21: 0.8 ≤ cos(Φ) ≤ 1.0 Leading, 0.5 ≤ cos(Φ) ≤ 1.0
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
Insulation Level
4kV rms for 1 minute
Specification Compliance
IEC61334-4-41, ISO/IEC13239 and EN 50065
Overvoltage withstand
Communication Range
Typically > 200 m (network dependant)
440VAC for 48 hours6
600VDC for 1 minute7
Main Enclosure
Surge Immunity – Voltage impulse withstand
Meets the requirements of IEC 62052-11
Surge Immunity – Current impulse withstand
Service rating
5 kA 8/20µs (with surge arrestor fitted)8
Withstand rating
30 kA, 4/10µs (with surge arrestor fitted)
Specification compliance
SANS 1524-1, IEC 62052-11
SANS 61643-1 (Class III Surge Arrestor)
Rail mount, with locking clip compatible with 35mm
DIN standard rail
Product is designed to be installed in a pole-top or
street kiosk housing rated at IP51 or better
Polycarbonate, flame-retardant, glass-filled grade
Resistance to heat and fire
Complies with 960°C glow-wire (IEC 60695-2-1)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Electrostatic discharge
15 kV air discharge
Resistance to spread of fire
UL94-V0 rated @1.5mm. No toxic gases emitted:
„Green Material‟
Immunity to RF fields
80 MHz to 2 GHz @ 10V/m with load, 80 MHz to 2
GHz @ 30V/m no load
127mm(H) x 47.7mm(W) x 87.5mm(D) 9
Immunity to fast transient bursts
Approximately 310 g
4 kV
Radio interference
Complies with requirements for CISPR 22
Specification compliance
IEC 61000-4-2; IEC 61000-4-3;
IEC 61000-4-4; IEC 61000-4-6, CISPR 22
Live-in, Neutral-in cage terminals
Live-out cage terminal
Communication Circuitry
Power line carrier
Live Terminals
Single screw (M8), moving-cage terminal
Carrier Frequency
66kHz (FSK)
Device Language Message Specification (DLMS).
High-level data link control (HDLC)
Mild steel, yellow passivated
Maximum Cable Size
Neutral Terminal
Single screw (M6), moving-cage terminal
Mild steel, yellow passivated
Maximum Cable Size
This higher specification (440V as opposed to 400V) has not
yet formed part of the official specification
This higher end test is not a requirement of IEC 62052
Surge arrestor externally fitted between Live In and Neutral
© Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd
(Excludes shroud), please see diagram
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
External Interfaces
Meter enclosure
Factory sealed with additional
utility sealing point for electronic enclosure
Utility sealing wires (2 points)
Operating Environment
Area of application
Indoor meter (according to IEC62052-11)
Operating temperature range
-10°C (+14°F) to +55°C (+131°F)
Storage temperature range
-25°C (-13°F) to +70°C (+158°F)
Relative humidity
Maximum ≤ 95%; Annual mean 75%
Man-Machine Interface
Standard Interrogation Port
8-pin interface according to ESKOM DISSCAAA9
Eskom Interrogation Port
According to Eskom DSP34-1635 specification
Optical Communications Port
According to IEC 62056-21
Proprietary Interrogation Port
Data interface for Landis+Gyr equipment
Specifications Compliance & Approvals
SANS 1524-1
Eskom DSP34-1635
IEC62055-41 and IEC62055-51
Rate of consumption indicator
Visible Red LED, 1000 pulses/kWh
Status Indication
Visible Yellow LED
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC Customer Interface Unit
Electrical Ratings
Supply Voltage
220-240 VAC
Supply Frequency
<0.82 W / < 17 VA @ 230VAC, 50Hz
Supply Connection
Integrated power cord. Variants are available with
an International 2 pin plug or a 15A, 3 pin South
African plug10
1 x 9 Volt (6LR61 type) battery (typical battery life is
2 years)
Communications Circuitry
Maximum Rated Current
0.09A @ 230VAC, 50Hz
Power Line Carrier (PLC)
Protective Class
Double insulated – Protective Class 2
Carrier Frequency
66kHz FSK – CENELEC A Band for utilities
© Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd
Other variants may be available – consult Landis+Gyr
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC– Technical Specification Sheet
Device Language Message Specification (DLMS).
High-level data link control (HDLC)
Specification compliance
IEC 61334-4-41, IEC 61334-5-2, and EN 50065-1
Electronics Compartment
Factory sealed with screw sealing plug- no user
serviceable parts
Man-Machine Interface
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range
-10C to +55C (+14F to +131F)
Pictographic/Numeric LCD display, keypad, LED
rate of consumption indicator, audio feedback
Storage Temperature Range
-25C to +70C (+12F to+158F)
Wall mounted with integrated AC power cord and
sliding battery compartment
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
9cm2 (45mm (W) x 20mm (H)),
8 digits + 11 icons
Digit height: 9.3mm
Icon information
Happy face, Sad face, Alert, Load switch status,
Info, kWh, 4-segment credit wedge
Numeric information
Display of various meter information such as credit
levels, number entry, etc.
Degree of Protection (IP Rating)
IP 51
Compliance / Certification
SANS / IEC60950
UV Stable Polycarbonate/ABS blend with flameretardant
12-key, international standard layout including
“Information” and “Backspace” keys
Resistance to heat and fire
Audio feedback on key press, encrypted number
accept and reject melodies and low-credit alarm
Relative Humidity (IEC 62052-11)
Maximum ≤ 95%; Annual mean <75%
Enclosure Design
Complies with 960°C glowwire (IEC 60695-2-1)
Resistance to spread of fire
UL94-V0 rated @1.5mm.
No toxic gases emitted: „Green Material‟12
144mm(H) x 120mm(W) x 40.8mm(D)
Approximately 350 g (including battery, power cord
and power plug)
Sealing & Access Control
Rate of Consumption Indicator (Rate LED)
Rate of consumption indicator (Pulse rate
proportional to current rate of consumption). Note
that this is not a reference output for accuracy
Alarm Indicator
Visible warning of critically low credit status
Diagnostic Information
Additional meter parameters accessible via the
“Information” key
Battery Compartment
Sliding battery compartment for battery
Only 650°C called for by standard industry specification
No V-rating or „Green‟ material called for by industry
© Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
Cashpower Power-Rail PLC Dimensions
Meter Dimensions
Figure 1:(Above) Dimensions of the Power-Rail meter without the shroud
Figure 2 (Above) Dimensions of the Power-Rail meter with the shroud
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Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
Customer Interface Unit Dimensions
Copyright © Landis+Gyr. All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice.
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Gauteng, South Africa
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Cashpower Power-Rail PLC – Technical Specification Sheet
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