Revotec Instructions Template

Revotec Instructions Template
070045 ISSUE 1
This Revotec Cooling Kit has been engineered to provide perfect cooling for your
Discovery/Defender. However it is essential the other components of the cooling system are
operating correctly. The following must be checked:
1. The Radiator has a normal life expectancy of approx 8-9 Years after this time It should be
thoroughly assessed and any signs of deterioration such as furring up internally or out of shape it is
recommended it is replaced.
2. The Radiator fins Must be clear of all debris such as mud and leaves.
3. The system Must be filled with Correct Coolant.
4. The Water Pump and thermostat must be operating correctly.
1. In Order to Correctly install this kit it will be necessary to remove the radiator from the vehicle, follow the
instructions for the specific year vehicle as explained in a workshop manual such as those produced by
Fig 1
2. Remove the Viscous Fan and Fan shroud from the radiator.
3. Assemble the Fan to the Shroud, using the 4 x M6 Buttons
screws as shown (Fig 1). ensuring the hex head will be facing
the radiator core when mounted and the washers are between
the Nyloc Nut and the Fan (Fig 2).
3a. (For Defender Only)
Fit the 2 Cable Tie Mounts With the 2 x M4 Button Head Screws
to re mount the Thermostat with the 2 large cable ties. ensuring
the hex head will be facing the radiator core when mounted
4. Mount the relay from the Fan Controller using the M4 Button
Head screw again ensuring the hex head will be facing the radiator
core and the washer is below the nut in the 6mm hole for mounting
the relay as shown (Fig 2).
Fig 2
5. Carefully fit the shroud to the radiator the fan should be on the
engine side. (Fig 3). Insert the 3 x tension bars and secure using the
6 x M6 Nyloc nuts and Washer. (Fig 4).
6. Re fit the radiator with the complete fan assembly.
Fig 4
(Defender only) remount the Thermostat. Re-attach the expansion Fig 3
bottle pipe to the top of the shroud using the 4 x 4.8 mm cable ties supplied and follow the separate fitting
and set up instructions for the Revotec Fan Controller. The Controller has an extended
positive feed wire with sufficient cable to be fed around the bulkhead and into the fuse box for connection
to a live feed. Both the fan controller and Fan Earth connections must be made to a good chassis/body
point. Not the radiator or fan shroud.
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