Engaging educational games for more effective

Engaging educational games for more effective
Pioneering the gamification of cloud-based learning and engagement
Engaging educational games for more effective
virtual meetings
EduGame Cloud is an innovative suite of customizable educational games, training tools and student management
resources, designed to optimize cloud-based learning and engagement through Adobe Connect. Leveraging stateof-the-art technology, the platform offers organizations, companies and educational institutions a more effective
and more stimulating way to interact. Integrating seamlessly into the Adobe Connect environment, EduGame Cloud
extends the virtual meeting experience, incorporating unique capabilities and valuable features for a solution that is
even better than in-person meetings.
With options and features to accommodate every need, EduGame Cloud allows you to create
and administer:
Create custom puzzles
Organize games by category or subject
Manage settings including time limit and solution reveal
Display a live scoreboard of progress
Employ bulk word import capability
Use in multi- and single player mode
›› Choose from two classic trivia game formats
›› Customize “life line” options including 50-50, ask all users, one
user or ask host
›› Organize participants into teams
›› Use unique “Express Mode” for quick generation of Quizzes
›› View real-time progress and live top scorers
›› Add multiple question types including single choice, multiple
choice, true or false, text input and rating
›› Choose from large library of predefined ratings for Rating
question types
›› Save time with an easy-to-use wizard-driven interface
›› Set instructions for each survey and individual question
›› Incorporate multiple question types including single choice,
multiple choice, true or false, drag and drop, click match,
sequence question, hotspot question, image choice question,
fill-in-the-blank and speedometer rating
›› Customize test settings including passing score, response to
incorrect answer, question shuffle, question score weighing, and
instructions for test and individual question
›› Integrate other social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, SlideShare
›› Show online participants and map their locations worldwide
›› Browse profiles and learn more about users
›› Determine privacy settings for user info and location
›› Benefit from intuitive and cloud-based reporting
›› Enjoy powerful use of charting showing all data
associated to any game
›› Export data to PDF and Excel
›› Utilize integrated search capability
Pioneering the gamification of cloud-based learning and engagement
A better way to manage participant engagement
EduGame Cloud makes it easy to run collaborative meeting sessions and get feedback on participant progress. With
a built-in reporting system, administrators receive automated results for all assessments and surveys, including
downloadable data and charts for overall scores, fastest completion time and total progress. The admin panel also
allows you to manage account information, add/delete users and admins and even customize the theme with your
organization’s colors and logo.
Ideal for e-learning and training, the EduGame Cloud platform is also a highly advantageous tool for meetings, webinars
and conferences of all kinds. The gaming components help to make concepts more accessible and engaging, fostering
increased participant attention and comprehension. By incorporating games and assessments into a discussion, you
can reinforce your message and quickly determine what you need to re-emphasize, for more effective and memorable
communication with participants.
To find out more about EduGame Cloud, call
1.888.773.7962 or email info@edugamecloud.com
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