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TracVision A9 - KVH Industries
TracVision A9 Quick Start Guide
This guide provides basic operation and troubleshooting
information for the TracVision A9 satellite TV antenna system.
For complete operation, setup, and diagnostics information,
refer to the system’s comprehensive Help Center, available
on the TV-Hub’s web interface. If you need any assistance,
please contact KVH Technical Support.
Technical Support
Phone: +1 401 847-3327
How to Turn On the System
At the rear panel of the TV-Hub, set the power switch to the On
position. The TV-Hub supplies power to the antenna. Wait a
few minutes for system startup.
The antenna requires a clear view of the sky. Objects such as
trees, buildings, and bridges can block satellite signals.
Power Switch
How to Access the Web Interface
IP address (wireless):
TracVision TV-series/RV1 app:
Download the free app
to an Apple® iOS
or Android™tablet
or smartphone
You can access the web interface using any Wi-Fi-enabled
mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop).
1. Select the TVHub-<TV-Hub serial number> network from
your device’s Wi-Fi settings to connect to the TV-Hub.
2. Either start your web browser and enter http://tvhub.kvh,
or open the TracVision TV-series/RV1 app.
IP address (wired direct):
If the TV-Hub is connected to an onboard network, you may also
access the web interface over the network by entering the
TV-Hub’s IP address either in your browser or in the TracVision
TV-series/RV1 app. (You can find the IP address on the Settings
page of the web interface or app.)
How to Select the Master Receiver
If your system is set up for automatic satellite switching with
multiple receivers, you can select the master receiver on the
Home page of the web interface. The master receiver controls
satellite selection.
If the receiver is equipped with an IP AutoSwitch, you may also
press the button on the IP AutoSwitch to make it the master.
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TracVision A9 Quick Start Guide
If you are experiencing a problem with your TracVision
system, first check the following:
Does the web interface indicate a problem?
Check the status indicators on the Home page and look
for an error message.
Can the antenna see the satellite?
The antenna needs an unobstructed view of the sky.
Common causes of blockage include trees, buildings,
bridges, mountains, and other rooftop equipment.
Severe weather can also affect reception.
Are you located within the satellite’s coverage area?
You must be located within the selected satellite’s
coverage area, and the satellite must be within the
antenna’s elevation range, to receive satellite TV
signals. Visit for details.
Is everything turned on and connected properly?
Make sure the TV-Hub and your TVs and receivers are
turned on and set up for the satellite input. Also check
the cable connections of all system components.
Is the antenna dome excessively dirty?
Wash the exterior of the dome periodically with a mild
detergent. Dirt buildup can degrade performance.
Is the software or satellite library out of date?
Check for updates at the Updates page of the web
interface and Support page of the KVH website
(, or use the Apple iOS or Android
mobile app (Internet access required to download).
TV-Hub Status Lights
Antenna Light
TV-Hub Antenna Power
No power to the antenna
Tracking the satellite
Green, Flashing
Initializing, or searching for satellite
Halted by technician
Orange, Flashing
Minor error
Major error
Power Light
TV-Hub Light
Powered off, or no power input
Operating normally
Green, Flashing
Orange, Flashing
Minor error
Major error
All lights alternating orange = software update in progress
Powered off, or no power input
Good input power
Major error
Error Messages
Click the Status indicator on the web interface to view
the error message, then read its description in the Help.
You may be able to fix a minor error on your own. Call
KVH Technical Support for help with a major error.
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