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Mark III Dynapatch®
RJ45 Patch Panel
Supports Ethernet
Supports T1/E1 Data
Connection (can be
optionally omitted)
Port Activity LED
LED Patch Cord Path
48 Ports, 2 U High, 6
Mark III Dynapatch® Modular RJ45
Patch Panel
The Dynetcom, Dynapatch® Modular RJ45 Patch Panel with optional EZ-Trace®
capability from NSGDatacom brings a new standard of reliability and flexibility to
Ethernet 10/100/1000 and T1/E1 data twisted-pair networks. From the front of the
patch panel simple plug-and-play redirection of Ethernet segments and data
circuits is possible using a standard RJ-45 patch cord. Inserting a patch cord
between two of the RJ-45 sockets on the Dynetcom patch panel breaks the
normal-through connection and creates a new cross-connection through the cord.
Individual Ethernet segments or equipment ports can thus be easily isolated or
redirected for fault isolation, segment testing, reconfiguration, temporary changes,
security reasons, etc.
Each 2U high, 19” wide rack-mountable panel supports 24 circuits towards the
premises wiring (DTE) side and 24 circuits towards the equipment (DCE) side. The
panel is divided into six, 4 circuit (8 port) field replaceable modules. The premises
wiring is attached to the rear of each module using RJ45 connectors and is rated
for CAT 5 or CAT 6 networks. Wiring to the local LAN switching equipment is also
from the rear of the panel using RJ-45 connectors. An optional two level cable tiedown bar allows wiring to be neatly dressed at the rear to provide a clean
installation with significantly less visible wiring than traditional patching. Savings
are realized in hardware costs, installation and maintenance time, allowing the
inside of your wiring closet to
be organized, yet remain
From the front, each module
contains the two rows of 4
patching sockets with bidirectional activity LEDs,
adhesive designation strips
and a unique optional patch
trace capability. Each front
panel RJ45 socket (RJ69’s for Gigabit Ethernet) has an associated push button
which when pressed, lights additional EZ-Trace® LEDs at the initiating and
terminating ends of an inserted patch cord. If the EZ-Trace® option is not
selected, the push buttons are eliminated and the two standard 3/8 inch wide label
strips are replaced with two 3/4 inch wide label strips (as shown below).
The Dynetcom RJ45 Patch modules support standard Ethernet pairs 1 & 2 on pins
1-2 and 3-6 and are also available for T1/E1 circuits supporting data on pins 1-2
and 4-5. The Gigabit Ethernet modules support twisted pairs 1,2,3, and 4 on pins
1-2, 3-6, 4-5, and 7-8.
Each Module can be ordered with or without the normal-through relay connections,
with color coded panels, and with a dual-redundant power supply option. The relay
module is field removable/upgradeable on T1/E1 and 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
modules. Blanking plates are supplied in panels with less than six modules
Communication solutions from
Rear View of Ethernet/
T1/E1 Module
extend. evolve. innovate.
Mark III Dynapatch®
RJ45 Patching
The Dynetcom RJ45 modules are designed to meet and exceed the standards in accordance with TIA/EIA 568-B using pairs 1
and 2 on pins 1-2 and 3-6 respectively for Ethernet 10/100, and pairs 1,2,3 and 4 on pins 1-2,3-6,4-5 and 7-8 for Gig Ethernet.
Termination towards the equipment side or switch is by 48 RJ-45 sockets to the rear of the unit. Patch panels are 19"
horizontal rack mountable and are designed for high-density installations. They are available in modular increments of 4
circuits (8 ports) to a maximum of 24 circuits (48 ports) per 2U panel with four built-in rack-mount anchoring points. Each port
has a LED to indicate Ethernet segment activity. In addition there are optional switches and LEDs for patch tracing. Path
switching during patching is via latching relays that retain their position in the event of a power failure. Modules are field
replaceable and hot-swappable. Tie-down bars are multi-position.
The Gigabit Ethernet patch module requires the use of the Mark III Gig E patch cord. The use of other manufacters patch
cords could damage the module and void the warranty.
Technical Specifications
Unit Height : 2U high, 3 1/2” (9.11 cm)
Unit Width: 19” (48.25 cm)
6” (15.56 cm)
Single or dual redundant PSU modules: 100250VAC 50~60HZ 2.5W
Panel Color:
Black or Red (standard)
Other colors available upon request
Patch Panel Module—
With trace
Patch Panel Module—
Without trace
Temperature :
0 to +40 degrees C
+32 to +104 degrees F
-20 to +70 degrees C
-4 to +108 degrees F
0 to 95% non-condensing
Patch Panel Side View
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