Accessing DistrictViewer Maps

Accessing DistrictViewer Maps
Accessing DistrictViewer Maps
This card contains tips to help you work more effectively in DistrictViewer, an
interactive web-based application.
Using DistrictViewer to see district maps and county election precincts
Use DistrictViewer to see current and other district maps
Overlay districts on top of precincts. Zoom in to see street names.
The Plans menu allows you to select a shaded district plan and, if desired, an
overlay district plan to display as an outline on the map. To select a shaded
district plan to display, choose Plans | Shaded.
Plans menu
The Find feature allows you to zoom to a district, precinct, county, city, or
address on the map. When a district, precinct, county, or city is selected, the
map zooms to the selected area. The selected area briefly displays in a darker
color with a red boundary, then fades within five seconds.
Find menu
Download menu
Districts, Precincts, and
Cities radio buttons
The Download menu allows you to select and download a population or election
voter data report, a statewide map, or a Shapefile for the selected shaded plan.
The Districts, Precincts, and Cities radio buttons allow you to choose which
feature is shaded on the map.
Districts: Select to display shaded districts on the map when a
shaded plan is displayed.
Precincts: Select to display shaded precincts on the map.
Cities: Select to display shaded cities on the map at the higher zoom
Compare two plans
A shaded plan displays districts in various colors with district numbers in black.
An outline plan displays district boundaries and numbers in red.
Mapping and Redistricting Support Phone Line: (512) 463-6622
Overlaying Districts on County Election Precincts
1. Choose Plans | Shaded. The Select Shaded Plan dialog box displays.
 Select a plan using one of the options below:
o Select a plan from the list that displays. The default category is Current
Districts. Use the Category drop-down list to change categories and select
other plans.
o Use the Plan Type drop-down list to filter for a specific plan type (e.g.,
House, Senate), then select a plan.
 The selected plan displays on the map. The plan name and description display
in the Map Layers pane on the right.
2. Select the Precincts radio button.
 Hover over the Precincts radio button to see the precincts that are currently in
3. Zoom in to see additional street detail.
4. Toggle the districts layer on and off by selecting the green check mark (check box
Navigating in the Map in DistrictViewer
Zoom in or out by using one of the following methods:
o Move the slider up or down the Slider Scale in the upper left corner.
o Scroll the mouse wheel forward to zoom in.
o Scroll the mouse wheel backwards to zoom out.
o Double-click a location on the map to zoom in.
o Press SHIFT and drag the mouse to zoom in to a specific area.
Pan or move the map by using one of the following methods:
o Click and hold the mouse and drag in any direction.
o Use the arrow keys to move left, right, up, and down.
Press SHIFT and click to re-center the map on a specific area.
Click the small State of Texas button (upper left corner) to zoom to a full view
of the map.
Clearing Plans from the Map in DistrictViewer
After viewing a plan, the plan(s) can be cleared from the map by either:
 Clicking the red X by a plan name in the Map Layers pane.
 Choosing Plans | Clear. All plans are cleared from the map.
Mapping and Redistricting Support Phone Line: (512) 463-6622
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