HWM Deployment App Support - HWM

HWM Deployment App Support - HWM
HWM Deployment App Support
What is the app used for?
The app is designed to accurately speed up the process of product deployment. Scanning the barcode
of the product will allow instant device recognition, GPS location, and all the other details to be
updated on the servers.
How do I use the app?
Please follow the instructions below:
1. On first start up, you will be prompted for an Install Account Name and server URL. Contact
your system administrator for both of these, as they are issued to your system administrator
by HWM. This is a one-off configuration, and you won’t need to do this every time you open
the app. These can be changed by selecting the “Configure Install Account Name and server
URL” link on the login screen.
2. Log in using your credentials. Your username and password are also provided by your system
3. Once logged in, check that the settings are correct by clicking the “Settings” tab.
4. Once verified, navigate back to the “Site Details” tab, and press the “Scan” button located
near the SMS Number entry.
5. Move the camera until you can see the barcode on the screen. Please note that you may need
to move the camera backwards and forwards to focus clarity of the barcode.
6. On successfully scanning the device, the GPS coordinates and estimated address should
automatically be filled in. You may correct the address, or further refine it, if need be.
7. All fields need to be filled in. The “Notes” field is optional, but additional deployment
information should be provided in here.
8. Photos are required for the site. This is to check that the device installation is acceptable, and
can be seen remotely.
9. Once all the fields are filled in, press the “Save” button at the top-right of the screen. This will
save the site information to your device, and upload the site details to the server. You will get
a confirmation message that the site has indeed been saved/uploaded. You may now move
on to the next device/site.
What permissions are required by the app?
The app needs access to the following:
o The app needs access to the camera so that the barcode can be scanned, and the
photos can be taken. These photos will be saved to your device, and will be saved
onto the server provided.
Files and Storage
o The app needs access to your storage to save the photos taken. Additionally, in the
event that you have photos you have previously taken using the standard phone
camera, you may upload these from your Photo Library.
o The app will need access to an internet connection to upload to the server. This can
be using either mobile data or WiFi.
Halma Water Management
DOC-130-051-A (HWM App support)
o The app needs access to your location so that the accurate location of the deployed
device can be saved and logged. You will not be tracked, but your device deployment
may be.
Why is the barcode not scanning?
Whilst it is unlikely to happen, the app may not be able to recognise the barcode. This can be caused
by several factors, including scratched barcode, partially faded barcode, damaged camera, or the
camera is out of focus. If the barcode does not get scanned automatically, the SMS number should be
manually entered.
Why can I not log in?
It is possible that you have mistyped your Install Account Name, the server URL, your username, your
password, and any combination of these. Please check your spelling for each one. If you are still having
problems, please contact your system administrator.
Why can I not save?
It may be that you have not filled in all the fields required. Please check that all fields are filled in. If
necessary scan the device again.
What do I do if I have no internet connection?
For security reasons, you will need an internet connection to log in. This is mandatory and there cannot
be exceptions. If you are using mobile data, please find an area with good signal, and log in from there.
If you are using WiFi, please connect to a secure WiFi spot.
If you are in a location with poor signal service, and you are deploying a device, whilst the device will
not upload to the server at that moment, the details will be saved. The next time you are connected
to the internet (via mobile data or Wifi) and you deploy a device, any unsent data will be uploaded.
I made a mistake, and uploaded it. How can I correct it?
Just scan the barcode, correct your mistake, and tap “Save”. This will overwrite any previous data.
How long does it take to update on the server?
This should be instant, depending the server load. You will get a confirmation when the data has been
successfully uploaded to the server.
For other questions or problems, please contact your system administrator.
Halma Water Management
DOC-130-051-A (HWM App support)
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