Oreillette Bluetooth Auricolare Bluetooth Bluetooth Headset

Oreillette Bluetooth Auricolare Bluetooth Bluetooth Headset
August International Ltd
United Kingdom
Bluetooth Headset
Oreillette Bluetooth
Bluetooth Headset
Auricolare Bluetooth
Auricular Bluetooth
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 250 0586
User Manual
1. Safety Instructions
Storage and Use
Keep this
device away
Keep the
device away
from wet or
Never expose
the device
to moisture,
dust, oil or
dropping or
exposing to
When carrying
this device as
part of your
luggage please
ensure it is
securely stored
to avoid
impact damage.
Never strike
or scratch this
device with
any sharp
To ensure the safety of you and others, please read
the Safety Instructions before using this device.
Please do not disassemble the EP620, it can be
unsafe and will invalidate the manufacturer's
Please ensure the product and accessories are
disposed of in compliance with the WEEE (Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive
and any other regulations applicable to your
Always check with the environment agency and
any other relevant authorities for current disposal
Customer Service
Please unplug all leads before cleaning this device.
Wipe the
device and
buttons with
a soft cloth.
You can contact us by phone on: +44 (0)845 250
0586 or by email at: service@augustint.com
should you require further technical support or
customer service.
Never wipe this
device with an
abrasive cloth
or apply
alcohol or
chemical based
Thank you for purchasing the August EP620
Bluetooth Wireless Headset. This user manual is
designed to familiarize you with all the features
of this device. Please take the time to read this
user manual carefully, even if you are already
familiar with a similar product.
2. Main Features
5. Operation
3. Accessories
5.1 Switch On / Off
To switch the device on, press and hold the Enter
button until the device says “power on”. Whilst
on and unpaired, the status LED flashes blue.
To switch the device off, press and hold the Enter
button for 3 seconds, until the device says “power
off”. The status LED will flash red then turn off.
5.2 Bluetooth Connections
1) USB charging cable
2) User manual
4. Part Names and Functions
1) Status LED
2) Enter
3) Volume Up
4) Volume Down
5) Power Socket
6) Microphone
To pair to a device, turn the EP620 off, then press
and hold the Enter button for 6 seconds to enter
pairing mode. Whilst in pairing mode, the status
LED flashes red and blue.
For mobile phones
1) Scan for available Bluetooth devices on
your mobile phone (see your mobile phone
user manual for instructions if needed).
2) Select “EP620” from the available devices and
confirm connection.
3) The status LED double flashes once per second
whilst paired.
Accessing Bluetooth settings on mobile phones
varies for each phone, to find the information for
your phone, please refer to its user manual.
For computers
1) Enable the Bluetooth function on your
2) Select “Devices and Printers” from the Control
Panel and click “Add a Device”.
Wireless Headset for Bluetooth Devices
Hands-Free Calls with Integrated Microphone
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Micro USB Charging Port
Range: up to 10m (Class II)
Bluetooth Version: 3.0+EDR
3) Select “EP620” from the available devices, the
system will install the driver automatically.
For Windows 98, XP and Vista, a third-party
Bluetooth driver is needed (not included).
5.3 Voice Control
Press the Enter button to activate your mobile
phone’s voice control.
5.4 Hands-free Calling
Whilst connected to your mobile phone, the
EP620 will act as a hands-free system for calls.
5.4.1 Answering / Ending a call
Press the Enter button to answer the incoming call
or end the current call.
5.4.2 Rejecting an incoming call
Press and hold the Enter button for 3 seconds to
reject the incoming call.
5.4.3 Handset Transfer
During a call, press and hold the Volume up
6. Charging
When the battery is low, the EP620 beeps every
20 seconds and the status LED flashes red to
indicate low power. To recharge the battery, use
the supplied micro USB cable to connect the
EP620 to a powered USB port.
The status LED constantly lights red whilst
charging and turns blue once the battery is fully
1) Only use certified USB chargers from branded
2) Fully charge the headset before first use.
3) If unused for a long period of time, fully charge
the battery before use.
4) The status LED double flashes once per second
whilst paired.
5) If the EP620 is not automatically set as your
output device, select ”Sound” from the control
panel then highlight the EP620 and select “Set
When switched on, the EP620 will
automatically reconnect to the last paired
Bluetooth device if it is in range.
button for 3 seconds to transfer the In-Call audio
source between the phone and the headset.
5.4.4 Call waiting
If you receive a call whilst a call is in progress,
press the Enter button to end the current call and
answer the incoming call. Press and hold the
Enter button to answer the incoming call and
place the current call on hold.
5.4.5 Mute
During a call, press and hold the Volume down
button for 2 seconds to mute or un-mute the
headset. There is a reminder tone every 10
seconds while the headset is muted.
5.4.6 Re-dialing the last number
Double press the Enter button to redial the last
called number on your phone.
7. Specifications
The computer cannot install the driver for
the EP620.
3.0 + EDR
Bluetooth Profile
Operating Range
Up to 10m
Frequency Response
60Hz – 20KHz
Speaker Output
Li-ion Polymer battery
Working Time
Up to 6 hours
Charging Time
About 1.5 hours
Charging Port
Micro USB
5.9 x 1.3 x 0.75cm
8. Troubleshooting
1) For Windows 98, XP and Vista computers, a
third-party Bluetooth driver is needed (not
2) For Windows 7 and 8 computers, please update
the driver of the Bluetooth module on your
computer. For detailed information of your
Bluetooth module, please contact the
computer supplier.
The sound quality is intermittent in
Bluetooth mode.
1) Please ensure the headset is within 10 metres
of your source device.
2) Please disable the Wi-Fi on your source device.
There is no sound from the headset.
1) Check the volume on both the source device
and the EP620.
2) If the headset is connected to a computer,
please check that the headset is set as the
current audio out device.
The mobile phone asks for a PIN code.
The EP620 will not turn on.
The PIN code for the EP620 is 0000.
1) Recharge the EP620.repairable.
2) Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
The computer or mobile phone cannot find
the EP620.
Confirm the EP620 is in pairing status and within
10 meters of the device.
Bluetooth Version
9. Warranty
This warranty is subject to the following
Any faulty product must be kept and returned
in the original packaging with all the
accessories and the original copy of the
purchase receipt.
The warranty is in addition to, and does not
diminish, your statutory or legal rights.
Customer Service:
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 250 0586
Email: service@augustint.com
The warranty is only valid within the country
where the product is purchased.
The product must be correctly installed and
operated in accordance to the instructions given
in this user manual.
The product must be used solely for domestic
The warranty only covers the main unit, and
does not cover the accessories.
The warranty does not cover the damage caused
by misuse, negligence, accident and natural
The warranty will be rendered invalid if the
product is resold or has been damaged by
inexpert repairs. The manufactures disclaim any
liability for incidental or consequential damages.
Please consult our customer adviser before
returning any product; we are not responsible for
any unexpected product returns.
This product is guaranteed for twelve months from
the date of the original purchase. In the unlikely
event of any defect arising due to faulty materials
or workmanship, the unit will be either replaced or
repaired free of charge (where possible) during this
period. An alternative product will be offered in
case the product is no longer available or
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