Activating Compatibility View in Internet Explorer version 10

Activating Compatibility View in Internet Explorer version 10
Activating Compatibility View in Internet Explorer version 10
The MySoutheast Portal as well as Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA) have issues with
Internet Explorer 10, which is the current browser for Windows 7, and default browser for Windows 8.
In the Portal typical manifestations of this issue include:
In email, clicking on Send button has no effect
Unable to attach files to email message
Account summary will not load and displays error message stating the user should “…contact
the system administrator.”
In Exchange OWA:
The landing page is incorrectly displayed, and the message “Loading…” appears where messages should
be listed and never load.
In Windows 8
Windows 8 has two interface modes
Desktop – which looks like the normal Windows
a desktop user is more accustomed to.
Metro – This is a more simplified “tiled” view
that tablet users are more familiar with.
In order to change Internet Explorer 10 to view webpages in Compatibility Mode, Internet Explorer
needs to be opened through Desktop mode. After changed there, the change will also be effective in
Metro mode.
If already in Desktop mode, proceed to the next step below. If in Metro mode, click on Desktop tile.
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Open Tools menu (if you do not see the menu bar – File Edit View Favorites Tools Help – just
below the address bar – tap the ALT key (either side of space bar))
3. Select Compatibility View Settings
4. Check the box that says “Display all websites in Compatibility View”
5. Click on Close
6. You may receive a new screen saying “This page can’t be displayed”. This is normal.
7. Exit Internet Explorer and restart IE.
8. Return to the Portal website ( and login to your account.
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