Subwoofer with App-Control
Subwoofer with App-Control
High Performance Subwoofers
SUB 2050 & SUB 2070
Just how smart can a subwoofer be?
Surprisingly smart: An intuitive but comprehensive app-based control
interface. Simply pair your iPhone®, iPad® or an Android® device with the
new ELAC subwoofers and adjust the sound to your preferences. The
ELAC app required can be downloaded free of charge.
with BLE control
Just how smart can a subwoofer be?
Surprisingly smart as it turns out from the two new models we are about to
launch. What do they share in common? An intuitive but comprehensive appbased control interface. Simply pair your iPhone®, iPad® or an Android® device
with the new ELAC subwoofers and adjust the sound to your preferences. The
ELAC app required can be downloaded free of charge. Now what is really clever
about the system is that there are no complicated network connections necessary as subwoofer and mobile device communicate directly via BLE (Bluetooth®
Low Energy).
For users, this means no more fiddly adjustments at the rear of the subwoofer
– for instance, if you want more bass for a movie evening, or if you want to avoid
disturbing the neighbors at the dead of night. Four preset modes can be selected
at the touch of a finger: Normal, Music, Cinema, and Night. Those who want to
explore the possibilities of the app control system further will discover genuine
pro-audio options such as a parametric equalizer, a low-pass filter, and individual
settings for power-saving auto-on function. However, perhaps the most exciting
option is the calibration function, which uses the microphone on your smartphone to listen to the volume, frequency response and sound reflections in the
room before automatically optimizing the sound of your ELAC subwoofer.
The new ELAC subwoofers can be connected directly using loudspeaker cables
(left, center, right) or stereo RCA cables. And if you prefer to dispense with wires
altogether, the new high-performance subwoofers are equipped with an ELAC
Wireless Interface for wireless music transmisson.
Push-Push / Pull-Pull
Sight inward SUB 2070.
ELAC Wireless Set Stereo
The Audio signal is transmitted losslessly (CD quality)
from the transmitter to the receiver. Plug & Play
through the accessory kit
Sample screenshots from app “SUB Control”
SUB 2050
The smallest model is the SUB 2050 – an extremely compact subwoofer, but equipped with a large 300 mm chassis and a class-D
amplifier with a rated power of 500 watts.
SUB 2070
Scarcely any bigger but using a push-push/pull-pull arrangement with opposing 250 mm membranes connected to one
another by a solid shaft. The SUB 2070 is equipped with a class-D
amplifier which offers 600 watts.
Your ELAC subwoofer incorporates an advanced, digital control system. Analog
rotary potentio­meters and switches have been replaced by a digital signal
processor (DSP), which allows you to adjust your subwoofer conveniently and
accurately. All parameters, such as volume, cutoff frequency, phase etc., as well
as the automatic calibration function, can be conveniently adjusted with the
help of the free APP.
The digital control system also eliminates the possibility of unwanted changes
to controls and settings.
Note: The APP used to control the subwoofer does not require any complicated
connections to your home broadband (WLAN) network. The control system
operates using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).
Please go to the relevant source and download the “SUB CONTROL” APP required
to control the subwoofer. For Apple® iPhone® and iPod® users, this is the Apple®
App Store®. Android® users should visit the Google® Play Store®.
Enter “ELAC” or “SUB CONTROL” as a search term and look for the icon shown
Please note that your mobile device must support Bluetooth® Standard 4.0.
This is the case for the majority of devices sold as of mid-2013. If necessary,
check the accompanying documentation for your mobile device or contact the
manufacturer’s support hotline.
SUB 2050
SUB 2050 SUB 2070
Height x Width x Depth
440 x 380 x 380 mm
475 x 360 x 385 mm
22 kg
32 kg
1-Way active, in closed box
1-Way active, 2 woofers in
closed box
1 x 300 mm, AS cone
2 x 250 mm, AS cone
Upper cutoff frequency
40 to 150 Hz
40 to 150 Hz
Frequency range (IEC 268-5)
19 to 180 Hz
18 to 180 Hz
Maximum amplifier power
500 W
600 W
Black and White High Gloss
Black and White High Gloss
Accessories included in delivery
Free App BLE-Control for
iOS®7 and Android®4
Free App BLE-Control for
iOS®7 and Android®4
Optional accessories
SUB 2070
Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and design features subject to change without notice.
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Google®, PlayStore®, Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc., USA.
Bluetooth™ is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Special Interest Group, USA.
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