CareGiver® Fold-Down Padded Seats

CareGiver® Fold-Down Padded Seats
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CareGiver Fold-Down Padded Seats
Read all instructions carefully AND INSPECT PRODUCT FOR DAMAGE before starting your installation.
Left-hand seat — wall mount
390.402 or 390.404 style
Right-hand seat — wall mount
390.401 or 390.403 style
Left-hand seat — with legs
390.405 or 390.406 style
Right-hand seat — with legs
390.407 or 390.408 style
Rectangular seat — wall mount
390.409 or 390.410 style
Rectangular seat — with legs
390.411 or 390.412 style
Included in carton:
One (1) seat assembly with two wall brackets (attached)
One (1) middle support “slide” bracket (not required on seats with legs)
Tools AND MATERIALS for installation:
Drill – electric or cordless
3/16" and 1/4" drill bits
24" level
Tape measure, pencil
Silicone caulk
Model 390.409 Rectangular Seat
(Shown in down/useable position)
Eight (8) 1/4" x 3" stainless steel lag screws
Mounting hardware not supplied due to variations in wall
backing. Use appropriate fasteners as recommended
by a qualified contractor. Fasteners listed are only
suggestions and should be chosen to best fit the needs
of your specific application.
Due to variances in local building codes and requirements, the installation instructions
provided here are only suggestions. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED that you contact a
qualified contractor for application specific advice.
■■ CareGiver® Fold-Down Shower Seats are only as strong as the strength and rigidity of the
material to which they are mounted.
■■ The seat is intended for sitting purposes only. ONE person at a time. DO NOT attempt to
stand, kneel or use the seat for any other purpose other than sitting.
■■ The seat is designed to withstand 400 lbs. – when properly installed. Improper installation
may cause bodily harm.
■■ IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE use of the seat if visual signs of fatigue or wear become
Up/storage position
evident. Regular inspections should be made to confirm that the seat is not pulling
away from the wall. If the wall brackets start to pull away from the wall IMMEDIATELY
discontinue use and call a qualified contractor.
In installing from new construction, a steel backer plate with the seat bolted to the plate (through the shower wall) using
fender washers is the preferred mounting method.
Check local code for proper placement
of Fold-Down Padded Seats to meet
requirement such as ADA or ANSI 117.1
Consumer Safety Requirements.
Before installing the Fold-Down Padded
Seat you will have to prepare the area.
where the Fold-Down Padded Seat
will be mounted and install bracing to
the rough-in framing to support the
seat through the shower wall. Provide
no smaller than a 2" x 6" blocking in
the wall for mounting. Measure from
the sub-floor up 13 1/4". Center the 2"
x 6" horizontally over three wall studs
and with the center of the 2" x 6" at the
13 1/4" mark.
Notch wall studs to accommodate the
header and attached with no less than
Six (6) – 5/16" x 3" stainless steel lag
screws. (as shown in Fig. 1a)
Before finishing the wall, and using the
dimensions of your seat, ensure that the
two upper mounting brackets and the
top two screws of the guide bracket will
line up with the 2"x 6" blocking, while
the third bottom screw of the guide
bracket will line up with the middle and
wall stud. (as shown in Fig. 1b)
If you are installing a seat with legs, no
center support is required.
Finish the stud wall with tile, Mustee
fiberglass shower wall kit or other.
PREPARATION: (continued)
stud behind the existing shower wall to
determine where the Fold-Down Padded
Seat can be safely mounted. Both the
upper mounting bracket and guide bracket
must be in contact with studwall.
Clean that portion of the shower wall
where the Fold-Down Seat will be installed.
Fig. 1a
NOTE: When installing a leg-supported seat, the guide bracket is not required. The two
upper mounting brackets are centered on the 2" x 6" blocking with the four legs sitting
firmly on the floor. All four legs have adjustable feet with lock nuts. Adjust the front two
feet to achieve an approximate 2° – 3° rise at the front. Once adjusted, tighten the lock
nut to prevent future slipping.
Fig. 1b
Locate the desired seat position making sure that the top of the seat is
between 17" – 19" from the finished floor. When measuring, the seat must be in
the down, usable position. With a 24" level check from side-to-side and frontto-back to ensure that the seat is level. A slight 2° – 3° rise on the seat from the
back wall to the front of the seat is recommended.
Use a pencil and mark the three screw holes from both upper mounting brackets.
Then mark the three holes from the guide bracket. Be careful of its position, the
bottom screw of the guide bracket needs to be centered on the middle wall stud
with the two top screws fastened to the 2" x 6". (as shown in Fig. 2)
Remove the seat. In each of your marked locations, drill 1/4" clearance holes through
the tile only. Then drill 3/16" pilot holes through the header board and attach the
seat using 1/4" x 3" stainless steel lag screws and fender washers. Use a generous
amount of silicone caulk to prevent water seepage into the mounting holes.
Fig. 2
Make sure the seat raises and lowers smoothly. If installed correctly, the seat will
remain in the “up” position by itself and will take little effort to lower it.
To clean, wipe seat down
with mild soap and water.
Fold-Down Seat Mounting Location for Mustee DURABASE® Shower Floor
Questions on the installation
or missing parts, call
216-267-3100 or e-mail
for assistance. Hours of
operation are Monday to Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. E.S.T.
Please have the installation
manual available when
calling. DO NOT RETURN
Preferred by the “Pros”
As a company committed to continuous improvement, the specifications
in this installation manual are subject to change without notice.
SI-222 (05-10)
Patented and patents pending. Made and Printed in U.S.A.
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