Conference Room Guide

Conference Room Guide
Conference Room Guide
Technical Support
Should you encounter technical problems please contact Help Desk 250-852-6800
Videoconference classrooms are equipped with two cameras and a ceiling mount LCD projector. Inputs available to
project are;
Class and Lecturer Camera
Computer display from the podium PC, or a connection provided for a laptop computer
DVD video playback. (PC DVD player)
Control the LifeSize Room videoconference system using the remote control or the podium computer using
Projector Control software. The room is equipped with a sound system to amplify sound from the various sources.
The PC is network connected for Internet and LAN access.
The Lifesize remote controls all features of the LifeSize Room video conference system. The primary functions
are; video source, volume level, and call menu access. See attached document for full guide to
The Call button returns to main screen so you can initiate a new call. Also
returns to the Call screen during a call.
These Buttons (4) correspond to the functions on the screen: their functionality
changes depending on how you use the system.
Use the arrow keys to scroll through Menu items and the OK key to select.
Behaves as page up/page down in a multiple page list. Also increases of
decreases a numeric value associated with a selected preference.
Adjusts the level of Incoming Audio
Selects Near or Far Camera Control
Podium PC
Faculty/Staff login in Classrooms or Computer Labs
This is the Windows Active Directory login screen that all computers will eventually have.
When you see this as your login screen type “TRU\username” to login to the computer.
This login also applies to any computers that are still Windows XP as well.
The Videoconference systems equipment functions are controlled from the podium PC using the software
package “Projector Control”. The Projector Control program will start when the PC boots. If the Projector Control
is window is not active, click on the Projector Control desktop icon to activate the program.
Select the mode required: Video Conference, or Presentation.
Video Conference Control
The Xpanel has several pages for conference control. The initial page loaded is the Directory dial page used for
placing a call from the exixting directory
The Manual Dialing Page allows the user to enter an IP address to call. As well as call speed and type.
The Source Page selects camera/video input source
Camera Set-up page allows user to move camera and save camera presets
The classroom has ceiling microphone arrays and one lapel microphone.
Ceiling Microphones
The ceiling microphones cover the room well for voice. With large groups, be aware that room noise (shuffling
papers etc) will be picked up by microphones and may reduce sound quality at remote site.
Lapel Microphone
Use the Lapel microphone for speech reinforcement. The microphone uses two AA batteries.
Presentation Control
The LCD Projector is switched on or off with the icon pictured
to the left. When switching on the projector allow 2 minutes
for the projector to reach full brightness. When the Projector
has been shut off allow 5 minutes for the projector cool down
before re-powering.
The Computer icon routes the podium computer display to the LCD
The Laptop icon routes display information from a laptop PC to the
LCD Projector. A VGA cable is available on the podium desktop to
connect to a laptop.
Set audio levels using the Volume Slider on the Presentation
Control window. Volume is variable for the connected audio
sources. The DVD audio is adjustable within the PC DVD
program as well by right clicking during DVD playback and
adjusting the volume bar. Sound sources are switched when
a Projector input is selected, for example, when the
computer icon is selected, PC sound is routed to the
amplifier. When switching from the VCR Control page back
to the Main page in the Projector Control window VCR audio
is muted.
Use the Converge Tabletop controller to place and answer telephone calls in OL 127. Ceiling speakers are used
for received sound.
Answer: Press to answer an incoming telephone call
Dial: Press to initiate a call.
Pre-dial: Dial the phone number (using the * key to delete the last
digit). Press the Dial key to send the call. 44 character maximum.
End: Press while on a call to disconnect.
Mute/Unmute: Press to mute the microphones. Press again to unmute.
Volume Up/Down: Use these buttons to increase or decrease incoming volume
Redial: Redials the last outbound number dialed from the controller.
Flash: Press to transfer, use call waiting or conference calling
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