Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement

Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator
Power Supply Replacement Instructions
for North American Power Supply
This document describes the power supply specifications and replacement instructions for the
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator (PWR-CVPN5001-110V). For more information on hardware
specifications, refer to the Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Hardware Guide.
This document contains the following sections:
Safety Guidelines, page 1
Power Supply Specifications, page 3
Attaching the Power Cord Retainer, page 3
Obtaining Documentation, page 4
Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 5
Safety Guidelines
To ensure your safety and minimize potential damage to equipment, follow all safety guidelines before
attempting to move or work on the VPN 5001 chassis. The guidelines in this document do not
encompass all potential hazards. Use good judgment and caution when working with this or any other
electrical device.
For translated safety warnings, refer to the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrators.
Corporate Headquarters:
Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA
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Safety Guidelines
This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury.
Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical
circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.
Do not touch the power supply when the power cord is connected. For systems with a
power switch, line voltages are present within the power supply even when the power
switch is off and the power cord is connected. For systems without a power switch, line
voltages are present within the power supply when the power cord is connected.
Disconnect all power cords and interface cables before you attempt to move or work on
the VPN 5001 chassis. Even the interface cables can deliver dangerous doses of
Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning
Before your work on equipment that is connected to power lines, remove jewelry
(including rings, necklaces, and watches). Metal objects heat up when connected to
power and ground and can cause serious burns or weld the metal object to the
Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and
Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install or replace this
A voltage mismatch can cause equipment damage and may pose a fire hazard. If the
voltage indicated on the label is different from the power outlet voltage, do not connect
the chassis to that receptacle.
Before you work on a chassis or working near power supplies, unplug the power cord
on the AC unit.
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement Instructions for North American
Power Supply Specifications
Power Supply Specifications
The Cisco VPN 5001 concentrator (PWR-CVPN5001-110V) is shipped standard with a 110VAC power
supply. Table 1 describes the power supply specifications.
Table 1
Power Supply and Transformer Specifications
Component or Parameter
Power switch
Toggles power on and off.
Power port
Accepts the provided power cable with a 5-pin
DIN connector.
Transformer type
The chassis requires Condor Electronics power
supply model WP5735212G.
Pour utilisé avec Condor Electronics modéle
Maximum power consumption 50 Watts
Power range
90 to 135 VAC
12 VAC
Input current
Plug the power cable into the 5-pin power connector on the chassis back. Use the power cord retainer
to keep it securely in place. See the following section “Attaching the Power Cord Retainer”.
The power supply cord is used as the main disconnect device. Ensure that the socket
outlet is located or installed near the equipment and is easily accessible.
Attaching the Power Cord Retainer
The power cord retainer prevents the power cord from being accidentally pulled out. You need the
following provided parts to attach the power cord retainer:
Retainer bracket
To attach the power cord retainer
Step 1
Attach the retainer bracket to the chassis back with the provided screw.
Step 2
Loop the power cord so that there is enough cord to attach to the bracket (Figure 1).
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement Instructions for North American
Obtaining Documentation
Use the tie-wrap to fasten the power cord to the retainer bracket.
Figure 1
Attaching the Power Cord Retainer
Step 3
Obtaining Documentation
World Wide Web
You can access the most current Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at,, or
Documentation CD-ROM
Cisco documentation and additional literature are available in a CD-ROM package, which ships with
your product. The Documentation CD-ROM is updated monthly. Therefore, it is probably more current
than printed documentation. The CD-ROM package is available as a single unit or as an annual
Ordering Documentation
Registered CCO users can order the Documentation CD-ROM and other Cisco Product documentation
through our online Subscription Services at
Nonregistered CCO users can order documentation through a local account representative by calling
Cisco corporate headquarters (California, USA) at 408 526-4000 or, in North America, call
800 553-NETS (6387).
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement Instructions for North American
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Cisco provides Cisco Connection Online (CCO) as a starting point for all technical assistance. Warranty
or maintenance contract customers can use the Technical Assistance Center. All customers can submit
technical feedback on Cisco documentation using the web, e-mail, a self-addressed stamped response
card included in many printed docs, or by sending mail to Cisco.
Cisco Connection Online
Cisco continues to revolutionize how business is done on the Internet. Cisco Connection Online is the
foundation of a suite of interactive, networked services that provides immediate, open access to Cisco
information and resources at anytime, from anywhere in the world. This highly integrated Internet
application is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for doing business with Cisco.
CCO’s broad range of features and services helps customers and partners to streamline business
processes and improve productivity. Through CCO, you will find information about Cisco and our
networking solutions, services, and programs. In addition, you can resolve technical issues with online
support services, download and test software packages, and order Cisco learning materials and
merchandise. Valuable online skill assessment, training, and certification programs are also available.
Customers and partners can self-register on CCO to obtain additional personalized information and
services. Registered users may order products, check on the status of an order and view benefits specific
to their relationships with Cisco.
You can access CCO in the following ways:
Modem using standard connection rates and the following terminal settings: VT100 emulation;
8 data bits; no parity; and 1 stop bit.
– From North America, call 408 526-8070
– From Europe, call 33 1 64 46 40 82
You can e-mail questions about using CCO to
Technical Assistance Center
The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is available to warranty or maintenance contract
customers who need technical assistance with a Cisco product that is under warranty or covered by a
maintenance contract.
To display the TAC web site that includes links to technical support information and software upgrades
and for requesting TAC support, use
To contact Cisco by e-mail, use one of the following:
E-mail Address
Hanzi (Chinese)
Kanji (Japanese)
Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement Instructions for North American
Obtaining Technical Assistance
E-mail Address
Hangul (Korean)
In North America, TAC can be reached at 800 553-2447 or 408 526-7209. For other telephone numbers
and TAC e-mail addresses worldwide, consult the following web site:
Documentation Feedback
If you are reading Cisco product documentation on the World Wide Web, you can submit technical
comments electronically. Click Feedback in the toolbar and select Documentation. After you complete
the form, click Submit to send it to Cisco.
You can e-mail your comments to
To submit your comments by mail, for your convenience many documents contain a response card
behind the front cover. Otherwise, you can mail your comments to the following address:
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Document Resource Connection
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-9883
We appreciate and value your comments.
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Cisco VPN 5001 Concentrator Power Supply Replacement Instructions for North American
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