8818 - Single Port Clear Channel HSSI PMC WAN Adapter

8818 - Single Port Clear Channel HSSI PMC WAN Adapter
Model 8818 – Single Port Clear Channel HSSI PMC WAN
The 8818 is an industry standard PMC card that, when coupled with a
CMC carrier card, provides a high performance WAN connection using
High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI).
Standard PMC mezzanine card format (IEEE P1386.1)
Plugs into CMC carrier card, well suited for embedded systems
Fully compatible with version 2.1 PCI bus; 32 bits wide, 33 MHz
Hardware performs HDLC functions (flags, bit-stuffing, CRCs)
Uses Scatter/Gather bus master DMA
Transmits and receives variable length frames data bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 52 Mbps
Increases reliability via reduced component count and power
Low latency design passes data to applications more quickly
The 8718 plugs directly onto the carrier card in a parallel (not perpendicular) fashion, conserving
real estate and sharing the bus connection at the full 33 MHz. The 8718 itself provides the fullduplex HSSI transport interface. The HSSI standard, operating at up to 52 Mbps, is widely utilized
for broadband applications exceeding 2 Mbps. ACT WAN adapters support HDLC framing
required for Frame Relay, Cisco HDLC, and PPP connectivity.
Growing data traffic, particularly on the public Internet and corporate intranet is creating demand
for high speed WAN connections at speeds greater than the 1.5 Mbps provided by T1 service.
There are three common ways such WAN service is provided including inverse multiplexing,
fractional T3/E3, and full T3/E3. HSSI supports all three connection methods through external
Digital Service Units (DSU).
Inverse multiplexing of T1/E1 circuits allows users to build a data path by aggregating the capacity
of several T1/E1 circuits into one high-speed circuit. These services are commonly tariffed at 3
Mbps, 6 Mbps, or 12 Mbps, but can be user configured at any multiple of 1.5 Mbps or 2 Mbps that
meets user needs. Combining the data to a single HSSI interface simplifies routing configuration
and operational management.
Fractional T3/E3 is delivered as a single circuit by the network provider. The speed is set in
increments of 3 Mbps according to customer order. The price charged for the service is a function
of the line speed.
Organizations can install the hardware to support non-disruptive growth and only pay for the line
charges associated with the bandwidth required. As WAN activity grows, bandwidth can be
increased without changing the hardware, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership and support
Full T3/E3 is delivered as a single circuit using DS3 signaling by the network provider and
operates at a fixed speed of 45 Mbps. T3 circuits are commonly specified for internet
backbone circuits and are also used by large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and at large web
Switches and Routers Supporting PMC Bus
Advanced switches and routers are now beginning to enjoy the benefits of utilizing standardized
components based on newer PCI standards and form factors, such as PMC. With the 8718,
designers now have an effective means of providing high performance HSSI connectivity on these
systems quickly and easily.
Network Equipment Compatibility
The 8718 has been tested to be compatible with industry leading DSU equipment from ADC
Kentrox, Digital Link, Larscom and others.
Flexible HSSI Interface
• Full T3 to support DS3 NetworkService Unit
• Full E3 for speeds up to 32 Mbps
• Fractional T3 and E3 bandwidth
• Inverse T1 and E1 multiplexers
• DTE to DCE connectivity
PMC Specification References
• Supports Draft 2.0 IEEE P1386.1
• “Physical & Environmental Layers for PCI Mezzanine Cards”
• Complies with Common Mezzanine Card (CMC) Standard P1386
PCI Bus Specifications
• PCI SIG Version 2.1
• 32-bit interface
• 33 MHz bus speed
• 3.3 volt or 5.0 volt signaling
Bus Master
• Scatter/Gather DMA for low overhead transfers
• Supports unlimited PCI burst
Single size CMC
PMC physical dimensions 6.0 X 2.92 inches
Maximum component height 4.7 mm
Reference stacking height 10 mm
HSSI Specification
• TIA/EIA 612-1993
• TIA/EIA 613-1993
HDLC Hardware Functionality
• ISO 3309-1984 compatible
• Generates and recognizes HDLC flags
• Performs bit stuffing
• Generates and uses 16 or 32-bit CRC
• Storage temperature range: 0-50° C
• Operating temperature range: 10-40° C
• Operating range: 10-90%
• (non-condensing)
Electrical Requirements
• 0.5 amps at +5 volts DC
• 0.3 amps at +12 volts DC
Cabling Requirements
• The wanPMC-1HSSI uses DTE pin assignment in onboard connector.
• When connecting to a device with DCE connector pinout, use standard HSSI cable.
• When connecting to a device with DTE connector pinout, use null modem HSSI cable.
Software Features
• Solaris driver option supports DLPI interface for fast transfers
• Open source driver options for Linux, NetBSD, and FreeBSD support cHDLC and
SynchronousPPP link encapsulation
Software Specifications
• Solaris driver supports versions 2.5.x, 2.6 and 8, includes pkgadd and diagnostics
• Open source systems support includes scripts for Linux, NetBSD, and FreeBSD
• Open source drivers include support for cHDLC and Synchronous PPP link encapsulation
• Drivers provide Scatter/Gather packets to and from kernel data structures
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