TRU-MAX 4G Antenna Range
4. Hills Antenna & TV Systems undertakes that if during the Warranty Period, the
Equipment, or any part of the Equipment, has failed to operate correctly due to
faulty Workmanship or defective Material, it will repair or replace the Equipment or
part (as the case may be) free of charge on the following terms:
(a) The consumer must retain proof of purchase of the Equipment. Hills Antenna
& TV Systems may reject a warranty claim on Equipment where the
consumer is unable to substantiate proof of purchase to the reasonable
satisfaction of Hills Antenna & TV Systems.
(b) The consumer must contact the relevant Hills Antenna & TV Systems Branch
Office (details listed below) or telephone 1800 720 000 upon becoming aware
of a defect to any Equipment.
(c) Following consultation with Hills Antenna & TV Systems, we will determine
whether there is a defect, and if so we agree (at our option) to repair,
replace or supply equivalent goods, or pay the cost of any of those remedies
to the consumer.
(d) The consumer will be responsible for the collection and freight costs of
returning the Equipment to Hills Antenna & TV Systems or to any designated
Hills Antenna & TV Systems Branch Office for repair or replacement (as
determined by us).
(e) Hills Antenna & TV Systems will be responsible for the freight costs to deliver
any new or repaired Equipment to the consumer.
(f) Please note that a service charge will apply if no fault is identified or if any
fault does not fall within the conditions of this warranty. For details of the
applicable service charge, please contact Hills Antenna & TV Systems prior to
making a claim under this warranty.
5. The consumer’s right to this warranty will cease to apply where:
(a) The Equipment has not been used in accordance with the instructions
provided in the installation instructions supplied with the Equipment, or in
accordance with usual use for that type of equipment;
(b) Alterations, modifications or repairs have been carried out on the Equipment
6. This warranty is in addition to any non-excludable legal rights or remedies conferred
on the consumer under any applicable Act and any similar laws. To the extent
permitted by law, Hills Antenna & TV Systems’ liability for any non-excludable
condition or warranty is limited to rectifying any defect at its option, as set out in
paragraph 4(c).
7. Subject to the requirements of any applicable Act or legislation and to the extent
permitted by law, no liability (whether expressed or implied) of any nature
whatsoever, is accepted by Hills Antenna & TV Systems for any consequential loss,
damage or injury arising as a result of any fault in the Equipment.
8. This warranty does not extend to damage to Equipment which occurs during transit
or transportation, or which is caused by any abuse, accident or improper
installation, connection, use, adjustment or repair of goods otherwise than in
accordance with instructions issued by Hills Antenna & TV Systems.
9. The following applies to consumers who purchased the Equipment in Australia:
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and
compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also
entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
TRU-MAX 4G Antenna Range
• FB608601-4G Tru-Max 36
• FB608602-4G Tru-Max 18
The boot has been designed to suit various
sizes of cables. For RG59 cable no trimming is
necessary, but for other cables trimming is
required to allow the boot to fit over the
cable. Refer to Figure 1 for details. When
trimming the boot, ensure there is a neat fit
around the cable to minimise water ingress.
Slide the rubber boot provided over the
coaxial cable and then fit an F-type connector
to the cable. Refer Figure 2.
NOTE: The F-type connector is not included
and should be fitted according to the
manufacturer's instructions.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Screw the F-type connector onto the balun,
ensuring it is not over-tightened.
recommended torque is 3 N-m. Slide the boot
over the connector onto the balun housing,
ensuring that it completely covers the
connector and is seated into the housing to
prevent water ingress. See Figure 3.
Figure 3
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RB31188 ISS-1 28OCT16
1300 445 571
Rotate the mounting boom so that it
is perpendicular to the screen, as per
Figures 4 & 6. Use the bolt and nut Figure 4
from the accessory bag to secure the
mounting boom in the correct
position. See Figure 4.
INSTALLATION TIPS : For best results mount the antenna outdoors, as high on
the mast as possible and clear of any obstructions between the antenna and
the transmitter.
Note: The antenna can be mounted for
either horizontally or vertically polarised
signals. Check the transmitted polarisation
Figure 5
of the local broadcast transmitter to
determine the correct mounting
orientation. See Figures 7 & 8.
Remove the U-bolt, nuts & clamps
from the accessory bag. Place the U-bolt
through the mast clamp, then through the BOOM
tilt bracket and affix the flange nuts. Fit the CLAMP
tilt bracket over the mounting boom. See
Figure 5.
Take the pre-assembled U-bolt assembly
and loosen the flange nuts sufficiently to
allow the mast to fit between the mast
clamp bracket and the U-bolt. Slide the Ubolt over the mast and tighten the nuts
finger tight (see Figure 6).
Figure 7 – Mounting for
vertical polarisation
Figure 8 – Mounting for
horizontal polarisation
WARRANTY TERMS – Australian Consumer Law
Figure 6
Aim the antenna towards the transmitter
and tighten the nuts with a spanner. Secure
the cable to the mast with cable ties, being
careful not to exceed the minimum bending
radius of the cable (see Figure 6).
1. Hills Antenna & TV Systems provides consumers with the following warranty in
relation to this Equipment, in addition to complying with the requirements of any
relevant legislation, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) in
Australia and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 in New Zealand (the Acts),
except where a New Zealand consumer acquires the relevant Equipment for the
purposes of a business.
2. In this warranty, we have used the following definitions:
(a) Hills Antenna & TV Systems, our or we means Hills Antenna & TV
Systems, a division of Hills Limited ABN 35 007 573 417 of Level 7, 130 Pitt
Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.
(b) Equipment means the goods packaged with this warranty document, or to
which this warranty document is affixed.
(c) Material means a material or component used by Hills Antenna & TV
Systems in the manufacture of the Equipment.
(d) Warranty Period means 5 Years from the date of purchase of the
If the Equipment or part (as the case may be) is repaired or replaced, there
will be no extension to the original warranty period.
(e) Workmanship means the handling, assembly and manufacturing processes
performed by or on behalf of Hills Antenna & TV Systems in order to
manufacture the Equipment.
3. Hills Antenna & TV Systems warrants that for the duration of the Warranty Period,
the Equipment will be free of faults arising from defects in Workmanship or
Materials, on the terms and conditions set out in this warranty.
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RB31188 ISS-1 28OCT16
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1300 445 571
RB31188 ISS-1 28OCT16
1300 445 571
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