VHD4.18 Technical Data Sheet
VHD4.18 Technical Data Sheet
The VHD4.18 is a quad 18" subwoofer system, comprising of four individual
loudspeaker cabinets. The objective is to make the system easy to transport and
setup. When assembled, the VHD4.18 system becomes a high efficiency neodymium
subwoofer system with immense output. The system was designed with very high
sensitivity in mind; it provides 110 dB at 1W/1m and a tremendous output of 149dB
when running at full power Each cabinet incorporates a large port area that becomes
an optimized horn aperture when all four cabinets are stacked together. The quad 18"
subwoofer system delivers extreme output and controlled low frequency resolution.
●● Professional, Baltic birch construction with highly resistant polymer coating
●● Very High Definition low frequency reproduction
Specifically designed to accompany the
●● 146dB sustained output / 149dB peak (using 4 units of VHD4.18)
VHD2.0 and VHD1.0 as a true full range
●● Large chamber horn reflex acoustic design
●● Single 18" low frequency driver with 4" (100 mm) inside/outside, epoxy baked,
high temperature voice coil assembly and neodymium magnetic structure
high output system for live performance
and music
●● Proprietary side handles (6) for simplified handling and carrying
●● Hire and Production
●● High impact low friction feet, allowing lock-in to other VHD cabinets and easy
●● Concert venues
●● Large Theatres
cabinet movement
●● Front locking aluminium VHD wheel boards with wraparound hardwood bumpers
●● Scalable into multiple large systems
●● Weather proofing option and special paint finishes available on request
●● Fixed installation
System Acoustic Perfomance
Speaker Input
Max SPL Long-term
146dB (4x VHD4.18)
Speaker Input
Max SPL Peak
149dB (4x VHD4.18)
-3dB Response
36Hz to 100Hz
Speaker Output
-10dB Response
31Hz to 100Hz
Crossover Point
Low Frequency Section
Speaker Output
AP4 male
AP4 female
Cabinet Material
Baltic birch
"Orange peeled"
Matt Black or any RAL
Acoustic Design
Horn reflex loaded
Subwoofer Amplifier Requirement
800W /1x VHD4.18
(VHD3200 amp.)
Physical Dimensions
Woofer Size / Voice Coil Diameter /
18" / 4" /
Inside Outside
600 mm (23.62")
700 mm (27.55")
Magnet Type
750 mm (29.52")
Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose
52 kg (114.4lbs)
Diaphragm Material
VHD4.18 Technical Data Sheet
Architectural Specifications
The Loudspeaker shall be a Hybrid- Horn Loaded extreme output design, using SLA Technology - (Super Live Audio), and shall only be driven
and controlled by a dedicated – matched Amplifier Controller.
The Loudspeaker enclosure shall consist of one 18" Neodymium magnet structure Low Frequency-high definition-output driver.
The cabinet enclosure shall be made from re-enforced Baltic Birch Ply, with toughened impact and wear resistant paint finish. The Loudspeaker
woofer component shall be protected by an acoustically full size transparent rigid metal grille supported by absorbent rubber seals.
The enclosure shall incorporate two ergonomically designed recessed handles in each side panel and shall incorporate an additional single
handle on the top and bottom panels. The enclosure shall incorporate two Aeroquip fly track rails on each side panel, and two short fly track
rails centrally on the rear panel to facilitate overhead vertical enclosure suspension and connection to other VHD enclosures, by employment
of a dedicated FLYBAR System. The enclosure shall incorporate four corner recessed wheel troughs on the rear panel to facilitate stacking for
wheeled movement and transportation. The enclosure shall include four high impact, low friction feet on the top and bottom panel to allow
enclosure locking into other VHD cabinets and easy movement.
The enclosure shall incorporate a recessed connection panel with integral cable secure point and will be fitted with a single input Amphenol
AP4 locking connector and a corresponding thru/output for connection to other VHD subwoofers. The enclosure shall include four recessed
Butterfly clip receptacles on each side panel for attachment of a protective Wheel board.
The Loudspeaker shall have a maximum long term pressure level of 146dB, (4 x VHD4.18), with a total peak power handling capacity of 800W,
a measured frequency response of 36Hz to 100Hz (-3dB), 31Hz to 100Hz (-10dB). The Nominal Impedance shall be 8 ohm.
The Enclosure dimensions shall be: 600 mm / 23.62" x 700 mm / 27.55" x 750 mm / 29.52"
The Enclosure shall not exceed a weight of 52 kg / 114lbs.
The Loudspeaker shall be the KV2 Audio VHD4.18. The dedicated Amplifier/Controller shall be the KV2 Audio VHD3200.
The dedicated fly ware shall be the VHD FLYBAR System.
Dimensional Drawings
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