Selecting the right Dock Bubbler

Selecting the right Dock Bubbler
Selecting the Dock Bubbler™ System that’s best for your dock
Dock Bubbler™Systems are designed to operate as a “closed-loop” system. The weighted bubbler hose
does not terminate at one end. It must connect back to its point of origin. The bubbler loop should follow the
perimeter or your dock.
There are three major parts to the system:
1. Pump (to be placed on the dock or flat surface close to the shoreline)
2. Self-weighted Air Supply Line (carries air from the pump to the Bubbler Loop)
3. Bubbler Loop (weighted bubbler tubing that goes around your dock)
The various Dock Bubbler™ models are based on the total length of hose required and the pump size needed
to generate sufficient bubbles to prevent the ice from forming.
First step: Determine the total length of Bubbler Loop needed.
Start by calculating the total perimeter of your dock by adding the lengths of all sides. See example below.
A (5’) + B (7’) + C (12’) + D (5’) + E (17’) + F (12’) = Perimeter (58’)
Next step: Add 10 feet for allowing the loop to drape loosely around the dock’s edges.
Perimeter (58’) + 10’ additional feet = Bubbler Loop length (68’). Round off to 70’
For this dock, a 70’ Bubbler Loop would correspond to our model DB40-30, as this model number comes with
a 70’ Bubbler Loop. For sea walls or bulkheads, just double the linear length to be protected.
Feel free to contact us at 973-663-9421 to review your requirements or to confirm you have selected the correct
Dock Bubbler™ System, prior to ordering. For more information, visit us on the web at
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