Overdrive Guide - Ela Area Public Library

Overdrive Guide - Ela Area Public Library
Need Help Dowloading eBooks,
eAudiobooks, Digital Magazines
or Music?
The Library offers one-on-one assistance by
appointment. We can show you how to
download from our digital collection, recommend
what to read next, show you some great library
apps and more. Just ask us! To schedule a help
session, please contact the Readers’ Services
Desk at (847) 438-3433 x120 or complete the
Digital Downloading by Appointment Form
at www.eapl.org/247-library.
Ela Library’s eBook and
eAudiobook Digital Collection
275 Mohawk Trail
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
(847) 438-3433
OverDrive App
How to Enjoy Library eBooks and eAudiobooks
with the OverDrive App
The OverDrive Media Console app is available for
many popular platforms and devices, including:
Android™, Blackberry®, iPhone®, iPad®/iPod®
touch, Windows® Phone, Kindle® Fire tablets and
NOOK tablets.
To get started:
•Install the OverDrive Media Console app from your device’s app store: (Google Play, Apple App Store, Etc.)
• Authorize (one time)
In OverDrive Media Console App:
▪Go to the app settings. App settings are sometimes located under the app menu or through the Get Books icon (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
▪Enter your Adobe ID and password in the authorization sections.
If you do not have an Adobe ID:
▪ Select the Get a Free Adobe ID link or button.
▪ Follow the instructions to sign up for an Adobe ID.
▪In OverDrive Media Console, go back to the
app settings.
▪Enter the email address & password for your new Adobe account. Tap Authorize.
• Borrow from your library’s digital collection.
Use the app’s Get Books feature to search for Ela Area Public Library by name or zip code. Depending on your device, this feature may appear under
the app menu or as an icon. Once you are on your library’s digital collection website login to see OverDrive titles.
▪Log in
▪Browse or search for a title.
▪Borrow the title using your library card
▪Select EPUB format for eBooks and MP3 format for audio books.
▪Download the title (the book will
automatically open).
• Enjoy on your device
OverDrive Read
How to Use OverDrive Read
OverDrive Read is a browser-based eBook reader. See a
book, read it in your computer or device’s browser! You
can read on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux),
your phone (iOS v5+ or Android v2.3+), and your tablet
(iOS v5+ or Android v2.3+). Your reading progress and
bookmarks will sync and show up on whatever device
you open an OverDrive Read book on.
• Navigation
On larger screens, the menu shows up on the right. On smaller screens, the menu will be hidden. If this is the case, swipe down from (or click on) the top of the page to show the menu.
▪Select a navigation button to jump to a section of
the menu. Use the Menu toggle module to show or hide the menus.
▪ Use the table of contents to navigate quickly through
an eBook.
▪ Select Bookmarks & Highlights to navigate bookmarks, highlights, and notes you’ve placed in an eBook.
▪ You can use search to look up a word or phrase from
within the eBook text.
▪ Change the readability options to control how an
eBook is displayed.
▪ Use the ‘Text scale’ slider to adjust the size of the
text within an eBook.
-Select either day or night mode under ‘Lighting.’
-Tap or click the down arrow to expand the ‘Book Design’ options.
-Tap or click through the various book designs to find the one you like.
▪ Note: If you’re looking for a sepia option, make sure
the Daylight option is off and select Paperback.
If you prefer to create your own book design,
select DIY.
• Reading
When you click or tap Read next to a title on your bookshelf or open an eBook sample, it will open in a new tab in your browser.
▪ Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn pages.
▪ Click or tap and hold a word to access definitions, notes, and highlights.
▪ Click or tap the bookmark icon in the upper-left to save your position.
OverDrive Read Offline
How to read OverDrive Read eBooks Offline
You can download an OverDrive Read eBook on your
computer or device so you can read it later without an
internet connection using your web browser.
▪ Click the box at the bottom of the Overdrive Read menu labeled, “Your book, everywhere.”
▪ Click Download to save a book for offline reading. Note: Not all browsers are compatible with offline reading mode.
▪ Once you select Download, the book you’re reading is saved to your browser’s cache. Please note that if you clear the cache, you’ll also clear any books you’ve downloaded through OverDrive Read.
-There is no download limit on these eBooks, however, so you can download them again
whenever you need to during the lending period. If you need to save some space on your device, click the X next to “Downloaded” to clear a book from your browser cache.
OverDrive recommends Google Chrome as a strong
HTML5 browser (great for OverDrive Read) that works
across multiple platforms. If you’re using Internet
Explorer with OverDrive Read, you may be prompted
with the option to install the free ‘Chrome Frame
plug-in’ or use an alternative browser when opening
an eBook. If you prefer, you can also choose to use
OverDrive Read Basic, a reduced-feature version of
OverDrive Read.
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