Teldor Part Number: 8008451109

Teldor Part Number: 8008451109
Audio Cables Catalog − Specification Sheet
Audio, Control &Instrumentation Cable 1x2x22 AWG STP
PVC jacket
Teldor P/N 8008451109
The cable's stranded conductors and overall screen render this cable suitable
for rack and patch panel wiring and general indoor Audio and Control
installation. Its small dimensions enable wiring in narrow passages.
The cable contains one Polypropylene insulated twisted pair, overall shielded
with a polyester−aluminum foil and a 22 AWG stranded drain wire.
A paper wrap underneath the FR PVC jacket facilitates the jacket removal.
1. Basic Wires:
1.1. Conductor: Stranded tinned copper, 7x0.25 mm, 22 AWG
1.2. Insulation: PP(Polypropylene) 1.20 mm nom
2. Pairs Construction:
2.1. Total number of pairs: 1
2.2. Color Code: Black x Red
3. Overall Shield:
3.1. Polyester−aluminum foil (aluminum face out), providing 100% coverage,
3.2. Tin−plated, 22 AWG stranded (7x0.25 mm) drain−wire laid in close contact
with the aluminum foil
3.3. Paper tape for easy jacket removal
4. Outer Jacket:
4.1. Material: Soft FR PVC.
4.2. Color: Grey
4.3. Thickness: 0.55 mm nom.
4.4. Overall Diameter: 3.5 mm nom.
4.5. Marking: Per request.
5. Electrical Properties:
5.1. DC Resistance: 54.4 Ω/Km max. @ 20C
5.2. Voltage Rating: 300 V rms.
5.3. Dielectric Strength: 1500 volts/1 minute between conductors.
1000 volts/1 minute between conductor and screen.
5.4. Velocity of Propagation: 66% nom.
5.5. Capacitance between conductors of pair: 110 pF/m nom.
5.6. Impedance: 55 Ω nom.
6. General Properties:
6.1. Total Weight: 19.0 Kg/Km nom.
6.2. Flame Test: IEC 60332−1.
6.3. Temperature Range: −20C to +80C.
Prepared By: Prepared By: Dov Shaham
Revised By: Revised By: Dov Shaham
Revision No: Revision No: 14
Date: Date: 05−September−2005
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