Loewe bild 5 — OLED
Loewe bild 5 — OLED
High-tech with soul. A sensual blend of state-ofthe-art OLED technology and aesthetics inspired by the
retro designs of the Sixties. To create a striking contrast with
the the futuristic ultra-slim screen, Bodo Sperlein, Loewe’s
Creative Director, has integrated one of the most traditional
and warm design materials: wood. Ingeniously modular;
mix and match different components and stand options or
even add the wireless klang 5 speakers and subwoofer to
create your own individual configuration.
Loewe bild 5 — OLED
Loewe os – operating system
The warm, delicate design is inspired by the
lightness and optimism of the ‘Swinging
Sixties’, reflecting the wave of euphoria for
space travel, the Beatles, mini-skirts and love
and peace. Thinner than most smartphones,
the slim 4.9 mm display makes the bild 5
appear almost weightless. Its modular design
paves the way for impressive individuality
and flexibility. Choose different modules to
configure your dream television. Whether in
Silver Oak or Piano Black complemented by
an optional soundbar or Loewe speakers,
on a floor stand in Silver Oak or Black Oak
or as a wall-mounted display, the bild 5 is
surprisingly adaptable.
The modular design allows you to mix and
match individual audio components such
as the optional bild 5 klang soundbar. The
powerful 80 watt stereo sound system
with a closed bass reflex box ensures warm
low frequencies and generates rich and
precise sound. For an incredible concert
hall experience in your own living room,
connect the bild 5 TV to klang 5 speakers
and the klang 5 subwoofer. Intelligent
wireless technology allows the bild 5 TV to
transmit lossless high resolution audio to the
speakers and subwoofer, all without cables.
And the integrated 5.1 audio multi-channel
decoder avoids the need for an additional AV
receiver for a simple and clutter-free set-up.
Integrated Bluetooth makes it easy to stream
music from your smartphone directly to the
television and connected audio system for the
ultimate in simplicity and convenience.
The redesigned home screen makes it even easier
to access your favourite channels, connected devices
and recordings.
Image quality
OLED technology uses self-lighting organic
pixels to generate spectacular picture quality.
In contrast to LCD, they do not require
back lighting. When the pixels are switched
off, the result is an intense and complete
blackness. With a response time of less than
a microsecond. From dazzling light to darkest
shadows. Rapid movements come alive with
a whole new depth of vibrancy.
Loewe DR+
The bild 5 has an integrated hard disk (DR+)
with 1,000 GB of storage space. Watch
a football match while recording a crime
drama and movie, all at the same time. Pause
live TV programmes and continue watching
later where you left off. If it is getting late, you
can use your Loewe TV as a streaming client
to simply take the programme with you from
the lounge to your bedroom – where you can
continue watching on a second Loewe TV. Or
watch a recording from your DR+ archive. All
with the greatest of ease.
New, simple, intuitive and beautifully designed.
Clearly structured and a joy to use. Store
favourite TV channels, recordings, apps or
external sources on the customisable home
screen. There are also useful features to
help you manage live TV, including a timeline
showing the precise viewing point in the
programme. Tidal opens up access to over
40 million music tracks. You can find films
and series in online video libraries such as
Amazon Video or BBC iPlayer using apps
preinstalled on your set. The most popular
internet videos can be found on YouTube.
And to make life easier than ever, with
the new Loewe App you can view a 7-day
program guide, select the program of your
choice, call up background information and
even start a recording using your smartphone
or tablet.
The beautifully simplified EPG design allows you
to see what’s on TV and to set recordings with ease.
You won’t miss a thing: With just one tap on the screen you
can record documentaries or blockbusters while you are en
route using your mobile phone. Live programming can be
transmitted within the same WiFi network and be viewed in
the next room.
For a spectacular cinema experience:
bild 5.65 with 164 cm screen diagonal.
The high-quality aluminium stand can
be rotated manually by +/– 20 degrees
and is beautifully colour-coordinated
with the display.
klang 5 speakers are powerful and
resonant. With 270 watts of power, each
active speaker creates an extremely
nuanced and natural sound experience.
Perfectly complemented by the klang 5
subwoofer for very warm and intensive low
Elegant display: the design of the bild 5 display features an
exquisitely finished Silver Oak or Piano Black décor strip,
a subtle and yet striking design detail. Optional extra: the
bild 5 klang soundbar with an additional 80 watts of music
power – also available in Piano Black or warm Silver Oak.
Modular design: individual components (display + soundbar + set-up solutions +
Loewe operating system (os) – the new intuitive user interface
sound system) allow customised configurations
Bluetooth function: to easily stream music or use Bluetooth headphones
Latest OLED technology for unparalleled picture quality
Integrated 5.1 audio multi-channel decoder
High Dynamic Range including Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG
Optional soundbar with 80 watts of music power
Integrated hard disk recorder with 1,000 GB
Loewe app for easy operation and remote programming of recordings
Technical Information
bild 5.55
bild 5.65
Screen resolution (in pixels)
Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Display technology
HDR (Dolby Vision / HDR 10 / HLG)
Screen diagonal (in cm/inch)
139 / 55
164 / 65
DVB-T2 /-C /-S2 / multi-standard (analogue) / Dual Channel
Output in watts (sine/music)
2 x 20 / 2 x 40
2 x 20 / 2 x 40
Optional: acoustic speaker concept
bild 5 klang, closed soundbar with passive membrane
bild 5 klang, closed soundbar with passive membrane
DR+ / storage capacity in GB
•/ 1,000
•/ 1,000
HDMI with HDCP 2.2
4 (1 x 2.0a/1 x ARC)
4 (1 x 2.0a/1 x ARC)
Integrated WLAN / LAN
EU energy efficiency class
Annual energy consumption (kWh)
Weight in kg
Silver Oak, Piano Black
Silver Oak, Piano Black
TV dimensions (width/height/depth in cm)
W 123.0 / H 74.2 / D 5.6
W 145.3 / H 86.5 / D 5.6
TV dimensions including soundbar (width/height/depth in cm)
W 123.0 / H 76.2 / D 5.6
W 145.3 / H 88.5 / D 5.6
Wall mount, flat mounting
Table stand
Floor stand solution
WM Slim / VESA size 300, Chrome Silver
Table Stand Plate 5.55 / 5.65, Dark Grey
FS 5.55 / 5.65, Silver Oak, Black Oak
Depth (cm) including wall mount: 7.6
manually rotatable (+ /– 20°), available in a set with
Concealed cable routing,
the optional bild 5 klang soundbar
only in conjunction with bild 5 klang soundbar (optional)
Wall mount, easy installation
Height / depth (cm) including table stand
Height / depth (cm) including floor stand solution
WM 67, Black
55": H 79.3 / D 30.0
55": H 111.3 / D 50.8
Depth (cm) including wall mount: 9.3
65": H 91.6 / D 30.0
65": H 123.6 / D 50.8
Modular concept for maximum individuality
The monitor version of the bild 5
is enhanced with a decorative strip
in Silver Oak or Piano Black
Optional extra: the bild 5 klang
soundbar with 80 watts of music
power in Silver Oak or Piano Black
The perfect solution for each interior:
wall mount, table stand – with or
without soundbar – or the impressive
floor stand
For that concert hall feeling: the wireless
sound system with klang 5 speakers and
Find more set-up options and detailed
technical information at www.loewe.tv
Loewe Technologies GmbH
Industriestraße 11, 96317 Kronach
Loewe UK Ltd
PO Box 220, Eastbourne, BN24 9GQ
United Kingdom
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