Using Kaltura to Record a Video From your Webcam

Using Kaltura to Record a Video From your Webcam
Kaltura is a media product built into MyGateway that allows instructors and students to record videos from their webcam
or of their computer screen and easily post them to MyGateway. Below are instructions on how to use this tool.
1. Within a text box in MyGateway (ex. Discussion board posting, Assignment submission, etc.), click the Mashup dropdown menu at the top of the text editor. Click Kaltura Media (highlighted in blue box below)
2. In the top-right corner of the Kaltura Media pane, click Add New.
3. From the drop-down menu, choose Webcam Recording. A pop-up will open to help you record your video.
4. On the next screen, click Allow in the black box (pictured below) to allow the computer to use your webcam for
5. Your webcam will turn on and then you should see a record button (red circle) in the middle of your recording area.
Click the record button to begin your recording.
6. When you’re done recording, hover over the recording area and click the stop button (pictured below).
7. The recording area will now playback the recording you just made. If you are satisfied with the recording, click the
Save button from the bar at the bottom of the recording area (pictured below). If you would like to re-record, push the
record button again and you will be prompted to begin recording again. This new recording will override your past
8. Once you’ve saved a recording, you will see a green bar showing that your recording has successfully uploaded.
9. You will then be prompted to complete the information about video—title, description, tags—as pictured below. When
you’ve added those details, click the blue Save button at the bottom.
10. Once you’ve clicked the Save button, click the “Back to Browse and Embed” link at the bottom of the page. This
will take you back to the video selection page.
11. Now, click the Select button on the right side of the page to select your newly-created video to be added to
12. Your video should now show up in the textbox where you originally clicked the Mashup button (as pictured below).
Important! Depending on where you are submitting the video on MyGateway, you may need to add a title to the
MyGateway item as well.
13. Click the Submit button on the MyGateway page to submit your video for review.
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