User`s Manual - bei Rotho Babydesign

User`s Manual - bei Rotho Babydesign
User’s Manual
Baby Spa Whirlpool
Before putting the whirlpool tub into operation please read the Instructions for Use very
carefully and keep it safely, including the Warranty Card, receipt and, if possible, also the
box and internal packing.
Technical changes and misprints reserved
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
1 z 11
Congratulations on your purchase of the Baby Spa Whirlpool tub!
The whirlpool bath in this tub offers your baby completely new possibilities for relaxation. The
whirlpool tub provides rest and entertainment at the same time. The pleasing play of colours
during bathing creates a special atmosphere. Gentle massage by flowing air helps your baby
gain calmness and strength. Depending on the way of use, the bath is also stimulating or
ensures calm sleep.
Your Baby Spa Whirlpool tub is equipped with a special option of operation without
connecting to the mains; for all needed information and additional useful tips and important
safety instructions see this User’s Manual.
We wish you a lot of joy with your Baby Spa Whirlpool tub!
Safety and Operating Instructions
1 Use
The equipment is designed for bathing of children at the age from 0 to 12 months –
maximum weight 12 kg (the total load of the equipment including water is max. 25 kg).
For children from 0 to 6 months it is recommended to use the lying bed and to lay the baby
by means of the safe midwives’ grip (see TIP: Safe putting into the bath). As soon as your
baby can sit on their own, please use the opposite sitting surface and stay within reach of the
This equipment is not designed for use or operating by people (including children) with
limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or with a lack of experience and/or knowledge,
unless under the supervision of a person responsible for their safety.
Use the equipment solely in compliance with the intended purpose.
This product is not a toy.
The whirlpool tub is not suitable for the bathing of pets!
Do not use the equipment outdoors. Keep it at a sufficient distance from heat sources, direct
sunlight and sharp edges.
Your baby must not be transported in the tub!
Only one baby may be bathed at a time!
Do not lay the baby in prone position in the tub! Read the tips for bathing in Chapter 6.
Do not lean on the edge of the tub.
Bath additives should not be used, to prevent clogging of the jet apertures.
2 Provision of Operability
Before every use check the equipment, power pack and cable for damage. Do not put the
equipment into operation if damaged.
To prevent danger, do not repair the equipment and cable on your own; refer to the service
addresses listed on the last page.
Use only original accessories.
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
2 z 11
Do not use any accessory not recommended by the manufacturer.
3 Disinfection before the First Use
Before the first use and after several uses you should perform disinfection and cleaning as
described on page 8.
4 Safe Installation
Choose a safe place and stand the equipment on a flat, horizontal and stable surface. Never
put the whirlpool tub on a slanted surface.
Never put the tub on a raised place, only on a suitable tub
stand designed by Rotho Babydesign.
Never use any tub stand other than the one specially designed
for the whirlpool tub by Rotho Babydesign (see picture).
Do not stand the tub near an electric switchboard and keep a
minimum distance of 60 cm from mains sockets!
Do not stand the tub near heat sources!
Place the whirlpool tub so that your baby cannot reach the
water tap – danger of scalding!
Rotho č. výr. 20097 0022
To prevent children, for example little brothers or sisters, from danger connected with electric
equipment, make sure that the cable is not hanging down and the children cannot reach it.
5 Handling Electric Equipment
Please respect the following precautions and safety instructions.
Never immerse the plug, cable and outer side of the whirlpool tub in any liquid (the whirlpool
tub is not designed for use in water).
5.1 Electrical Connection
Your Baby Spa Whirlpool tub is equipped with a power pack enabling its operation in all of
Europe (except the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta).
When using this power pack, your Baby Spa Whirlpool tub is supplied with a safe voltage of
12 VDC.
Never touch the electrical connectors with wet hands.
Before operation or charging, connect the connector of the equipment in the respective hole
under the tub.
Connect the mains plug only in a mains socket properly installed in compliance with the
5.1.1 Battery Charging
For charging, simply connect the plug into a socket. The status indicator changes from the
green continuous light to red blinking. The battery is now charging. After the end of the
charging process, the status indicator switches to red continuous light (see Chapter 9.1.2).
After the end of the charging process, unplug the power pack from the socket (pull by the
plug, not by the cable).
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
3 z 11
When pulling the cable from the equipment please pull by the cable, because it is a special
connector protected against splashing water.
After use, always switch off the equipment.
6 Preparation of Bath
Check that both the outer and inner bottoms of the tub are clean and not slippery.
Before the bath remove the remnants of bath additives with soap and water.
Ensure an agreeable temperature in the room and prepare all needed items so that you have
them within your reach.
Ensure a relaxed and calm atmosphere (e.g. switch off your mobile phone,
phone and door bell).
Fill the tub with warm water up to the “MAX” level marked on the side of the
Please make sure that the water is not too hot. It should not be more than
37 °C.
TIP: Bathing on video
On the Internet we have prepared a film for you, containing important instructions for proper
bathing of your baby:
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
4 z 11
7 Selection of the Tub Area
Side for newborns and little babies
• 0-6 months: The lying area shall be used for newborns up to
the age of approx. 6 months, i.e. until the baby learns to sit
on his/her own.
Put the baby into the tub lying on his/her back. Hold the
baby during bathing. Follow the safety instructions below.
• 6-12 months: The sitting area should only be used when
the baby is able to sit on his/her own with sufficient
sureness. Stay close and follow the safety instructions
8 Important Safety Instructions
Never leave the baby unattended: danger of drowning!
Your baby must not bathe alone. A baby may quickly drown
at a water level as low as 2 cm. During bathing, the baby
must be under the supervision of an adult. Little babies,
who cannot sit on their own yet, should always be held by a
hand. Never leave your baby, not even when the phone or
doorbell rings. Several seconds of absence are enough to endanger the life of your baby.
The ergonomic shape of the inner side and the anti-slip mat provide the baby with better
support, but they do not protect them against the risk of injury or drowning.
TIP: Safe putting into the bath
The whirlpool tub is particularly suitable for the use of the safe grip
used by midwives: Put your right hand under the head of the baby
and grip him/her in the armpit of the right arm, so that your thumb
lies on the baby’s shoulder. Then the head is resting on your
forearm, which you can lean comfortably on the edge of the tub.
The other hand holds the baby’s legs and helps him/her slide into
the tub gently. If you prefer to hold the baby with your left hand, grip
the baby the other way round.
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
5 z 11
9 Control Panel
9.1 Status Indication and Activation Button
9.1.1 Operation with Charged Battery
If the equipment is out of operation and no indication is shining, it can be switched on by a
short press of the activation button. The status indicator lights up by a continuous green light.
Now you can select the required functions.
9.1.2 Operation with the Use of the Power Pack
The power pack serves both for the operation and for the charging of the battery. At the
plugging in of the mains plug, the status indicator lights up by continuous green
light  Ready for operation. Now you can select the required functions.
If you do not select any function, the status indicator will start blinking
red  The battery is being charged. After the end of the charging process, the status
indicator switches to a continuous red light.
The charging process can be interrupted any time by pressing a function button (see Chapter
9.1.3 Status Indication
• Continuous green light
ready for operation and during operation
• Red blinking
• Continuous red light
charging complete/the battery is completely charged
• No indication
out of operation
9.2 Function buttons
9.2.1 Air Massage in the Lying Area
To switch on/off the air massage. The fine jets on the left side of the whirlpool tub will
start/stop operating.
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
6 z 11
9.2.2 Air Massage in the Sitting Area
To switch on/off the air massage. The fine jets on the right side of the whirlpool tub will
start/stop operating.
9.3 Selection of Colours
Switch on:
short press = start of the cycle of 7 alternating colours
Colour selection: by a long press of the colour selection button it is possible to select one
colour which will then be shining continuously
Switch off:
short press of the button
10 Important Supplementary Functions
10.1 Limitation of the Operating Time
The operating time limitation function will automatically switch off the air and colour light after
20 minutes. The functions of the whirlpool tub can be reactivated immediately after the
automatic stop.
10.2 Disinfection Mode
Caution: Never put the baby into the disinfecting bath!
Keep the whirlpool tub out of the reach of children during disinfecting!
Press both air buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. This mode is signalled by red blinking
of the colour light. The air massage will be run alternately for 30 minutes. After the end of the
disinfecting, the colour light switches over to blue continuous light. Press the colour light
button to confirm the end of the disinfecting and to switch off the colour light.
The disinfection mode cannot be interrupted. For more information about disinfection see
Chapter 12.
11 After the Bath
Switch off the equipment after the bath. Empty it using the supplied discharge hose. Then
clean the tub.
After the bath it is necessary to recharge the Baby Spa Whirlpool tub fully (see Point 5
Battery Charging).
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
7 z 11
12 Cleaning, Care and Maintenance
12.1 Cleaning and Care
• Before the cleaning and care of the tub please unplug the mains plug from the socket.
• Use a sponge or soft cloth. Clean the tub with tepid water and a cleaning agent with
neutral pH. Do not use any solvents or caustic and abrasive cleaning agents,
otherwise the surface of the tub and jets could get damaged.
• Then connect the power pack, fill the tub with little water and rinse it. Drain the water
and put the air system into operation for several minutes to dry the tub – finished!
(see Chapter 9.2).
If in case of very hard water the whirlpool gets clogged with scale, fill the tub up to the
“MAX” indication, add the prescribed dose of a common descaling agent and start the
disinfecting program (see below). Then empty the tub and clean it in the normal way.
12.2 Disinfection
Never put the baby into the disinfecting bath!
Keep the whirlpool tub out of the reach of children during disinfecting!
To ensure hygienic safety of the children’s bathtub it is necessary to perform chemical
disinfection using the supplied disinfectant (for later orders see the service addresses)
according to the following schedule:
Please perform the disinfection before every 3 bath. If the bath has been
out of operation for more than 3 weeks, it also needs disinfecting before the
next use.
For the disinfection, fill the children’s bathtub with water to 5 cm above the
“MAX” indication. Then add approximately 18 ml (millilitres) or 4 caps of
disinfectant and activate the disinfection mode (see Chapter 9.2).
After the end of the disinfection mode it is possible to empty the tub into the bathroom outlet
and to clean it (see Chapter 12.1).
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
8 z 11
13 Technical Specifications
• Type / Model: Baby Spa Whirlpool tub 12 V, optionally with battery
• Switching mains supply: 230 V AC / 12 V DC; 24 W
• Dimensions: 85 x 53 x 30 cm³ (l*w*h)
• Empty weight: 6.3 kg
• Maximum load 25 kg
• Optional battery: 30 minutes of independent operation
• Time of charging 6 hours
• Storage temperature: 0 to +50 °C
• Operating temperature: +10 to +40 °C
14 Storage
Store the equipment in horizontal position and at a temperature between 0 °C and +50 °C.
15 Disposal of Old Equipment
This equipment contains electronic components and batteries. Please do not dispose of it
into municipal waste, but transport it for disposal to the respective collecting place of old
electrical equipment. If in doubt, refer to the competent authorities and municipalities in your
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
9 z 11
16 CE Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Testing
the copy of
the CE Declaration!
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
10 z 11
17 Warranty and Liability
The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase (please keep the receipt). Within the
warranty period, any faults on the equipment and accessories 1, caused by defects of the
material and manufacture, will be remedied free of charge in the form of repair or
replacement, at the discretion of the manufacturer.
Any faults on the consumable accessories or wearable parts (e.g. the battery), as well as the
cleaning, maintenance or replacement of the wearable parts, are not covered by the warranty
and are charged.
The services provided on the basis of the warranty do not lead to the extension of the
warranty period or to the right to a new warranty.
The warranty shall be proved by the purchase document. Without this document it is not
possible to claim free services under the warranty.
In case of a warranty repair or replacement please present the complete equipment to your
distributor, preferably in the original packaging, together with the receipt.
Any foreign intervention invalidates the warranty!
After the warranty period elapses, the manufacturer may perform repairs for payment.
18 Service Addresses
In case of repairs or additional orders of the disinfectant please refer to one of the following
two addresses:
Rotho Babydesign GmbH
Im Schachen 212
D-66687 Wadern-Nunkirchen
Phone: +49 (0)6874 18693-0
Fax: +49 (0)6874 18693-29
Rudolf KOLLER GmbH
Rudolf-Koller-Straße 1
3902 Vitis
Phone: +43 (0)2841 8207-0
Damages on the components of accessories do not automatically imply free replacement of
the entire whirlpool tub.
HB: Baby Spa Whirlpool
1202 Rev 0
11 z 11
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