MimioProjector 320
MimioProjector 320
Touch—it’s the way the real world works. Now it can be the way your interactive
classroom works, too. Touch to draw. Touch to write. Touch to move, scale, and
rotate. With up to 10 users working at the same time. All this, plus the reliability of
lasers, which means no bulbs to change — ever.
provides educators
with an easy-to-use,
all-in-one solution
that effectively
delivers collaborative
classroom instruction
and meets all my
students’ needs.”
Lynn Reedy
Technology Specialist
What could be more natural than touch?
It’s the new standard for smartphones
and tablets. It’s second nature to
today’s students, so touch requires
almost no training.
Software and app enable
collaboration and assessment
either at the front of room or on
almost any student device.
A solution that makes it easy to
gauge and personalize student
Laser projection means no bulbs to
change — ever.
Its laser illumination saves you time and
resources. There’s no lamp to fail, no
lamp to change. And there’s a 20-year
laser life span.
Analog and digital audio/video
connections ensure compatibility
with virtually any PC.
Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
A full-featured hardware and
software solution.
Ethernet LAN connectivity, for
central management and control.
Comes with award-winning
MimioStudio™ classroom software
and the MimioMobile™ app.
The MimioProjector™ 320LT ultra-shortthrow projector brings collaborative,
10-touch interactivity* to your classrooms
with images as large as 115 inches!
To learn more, visit mimio.com/mimioprojector320 or call 877.MY.MIMIO.
* Also available as a stylus only option.
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Up to ten students
can work together
at the front of the
classroom with touch
Key Features
Package Contents
MimioProjector 320LT - Projector, with integrated IR camera, Laser Curtain module with DC power cord-2m, 2 passive styli, MimioStudio
software license, power cord-4m, HDMI VGA cable-5m, mini-USB cable-5m, remote with battery, wall mount.
MimioProjector 320LI - Projector, with integrated IR camera, 2 interactive styli, MimioStudio software license, power cord-4m, HDMI VGA
cable-5m, mini-USB cable-5m, remote with battery, wall mount.
Control Audio/Video Connections
Software Requirements
MimioStudio 11.6 or higher on a
Windows, Mac, or Linux OS
Touch Points
3,300 lumens
Laser Curtain Module
IR Laser 825 nm, 20,000 hrs
Light Source
Laser Diode x 23
Laser Curtain Power
12V/0.3A from projector
Laser Life (typical)
20,000 hours
Native Aspect Ratio
Visible Laser Curtain
Native Resolution
WXGA 1280 x 800
- Visible light 650 nm
- Optical power < 0.39 mW
- Dot size at focus point 10 mm
Image Size (diagonal)
85 in. - 115 in. (2.16 m - 2.92 m)
Keystone Correction
Vertical: ±5°
Contrast Ratio (typical)
Color Reproduction
1.07 billion colors (R/G/B 10 bit)
Color Uniformity
Δu’v’ ≦0.03
Projection Lens
Throw Ratio
Ultra-short throw of 0.25
Focus Type
Projection Technology
Digital Light Processing (DLP),
utilizing a 6-segment color
Closed Captioning
Based on TI DDP4421 spec,
CC1/CC2/CC3/CC4 supported
DLP Link 3D and HDMI 1.4a 3D
Digital A/V Inputs
HDMI x 2
Video Analog Inputs
- VGA x 1
- VGA in/out switched* x 1
- Composite x 1
Video Analog Outputs
VGA in/out switched x 1
Audio Analog Inputs
- Stereo line 3.5 mm x 1
- Stereo line RCA jacks x 1
- Mic level 3.5 mm x 1
Audio Analog Outputs
Line out 3.5 mm x 1
8 Watts x 2 stereo (16 W total)
Standard using RJ-45 connector
LAN Control Protocols
Laser Curtain DC Power
3.5 mm
Front or rear projection, wall,
ceiling, or table mount**
Kensington Lock >36 kg
Power Supply
AC 100 – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption
- Normal Mode: 350 W
- ECO Mode: 290 W
- Standby: < 0.5 W Touch Mode***
Operating Temperature
5 - 40° C (41 - 104° F)
Fan Noise
Full mode: 37±2dB (A), w/o filter
ECO mode: 33±2dB (A), w/o filter
Whiteboard Non-planarity <3 mm
Laser Safety
IEC 60825-1 Class-1
USB Mini (5m x 1 provided)
* One connector switchable between VGA in or out.
** Ceiling and table mount require third-party bracket.
*** LAN/RS232/VGA out are off.
****Laser Curtain specifications only apply to touch model.
Dimensions and Weight
Weight: 8 kg
(17.6 lb)
383 mm (15.08 in.)
103 mm
(4.06 in.)
86 mm
(3.39 in.)
310 mm (12.2 in.)
Laser Curtain Module
49.28 mm
(1.94 in.)
Weight: .35 kg
(.77 lb)
47.75 mm
(1.88 in.)
146.05 mm (5.75 in.)
WiFi Dongle/
USB Disk
Audio In-RAudio In-LAudio Out Audio In-1
Laser Curtain
To learn more, visit mimio.com/mimioprojector320
or call 877.MY.MIMIO.
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