Thank you for buying this product We are confident it will provide

Thank you for buying this product We are confident it will provide
Thank you for buying this product. We are confident it will provide you with a long reliable
service, but just in case you experience a problem, it is supplied with a 1-year return to base
This warranty and the product to which it relates applies to the original purchaser only and is
not transferable (for the avoidance of doubt, this will be taken from the information held by the
appointed national distributor at the point of sale).
The liability of the manufacturer and its appointed service company is limited to the cost of
repair and or replacement of the faulty unit under warranty.
This warranty protects you against the following:
Failure of any components.
Damage when the product is first removed from its packaging if reported within 24
hours of purchase.
If you find you do have a problem with this product, you should contact the AV reseller you
purchased this product from. The original purchaser is responsible for shipment of the product
to the manufacturer's appointed service company for repair.
The manufacturer endeavours to replace the faulty parts of the product rather than replacing
the whole unit
This warranty does not protect this product against faults caused by abuse, misuse, incorrect
installation, unstable or faulty power input, which might be caused by ignoring the guidelines
set out in this guide.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover (or back) there are no
user-serviceable parts inside. Please refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
Power Supply : 230 volt 50 Hz
The product shall be connected to a power supply only of the type described.
To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product to rain or
• Unplug the product from the wall socket when it is not to be used for a long period of
• Adequate care shall be taken so that foreign objects do not fall, or liquids are not
spilled into the enclosure through openings.
• Do not remove the cover or back, as there are no user-serviceable parts inside.
1. 1x Active Speaker
2. 1x Passive Speaker
3. 4x Wall security brackets and screws
4. 1x 10 metre speaker cable to connect the Active to the Passive Speaker
5. 1x Audio input cables with RCA to 3.5 Mini Jack plug
6. 1x Audio input cable with RCA to RCA connectors
7. 1x User Guide
From March 2008, the supplied 2m fixed mains lead will be replaced by a 2m Fig8 mains
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
This wall mounted speaker system is suitable for mounting either side of an Interactive
whiteboard in a classroom environment
Key Features
• 30 Watt Amplifier with two audio inputs
• The system has secure wall fixings and steel mesh grille as added protection in the
• Inputs are included for PC and DVD or VCR
• The system is supplied with all cables and speaker connections
• Full RoHS compliance and CE approval
• The sound output of this system is designed specifically for the Classroom – in
addition the audio quality output is enhanced by the use of modern wooden speaker
• The system is easy to install with key hole fixings for first fix and an individual
screwed wall fixing to secure the system from accidental abuse
• The system is supplied with cables and fixing screws
• The system is fully approved product to CE and RoHS standards and so complies
with local government and education purchasing
Basic features
• The Wall mounted speaker system is supplied with wall fixing brackets, screws and
cables needed to connect the amplifier to a PC or DVD player
• The Power on/off switch is at the rear of the active speaker
• The amplifier volume control is on the wired remote control for ease of use.
Connections – Active Speaker
1. Two RCA female sockets are provided at the rear of the amplifier for PC/DVD audio
input to the amplifier
2. The 3.5mm Mini Jack female output socket on the amplifier rear panel is for
connecting the amplifier to the passive speaker
3. A 2 metre Mains power lead is fitted with a moulded plug to BS 1363.
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
Amplifier Panel
Passive Spear Rear View
Connections – Passive Speaker
1. Bare wire connectors are provided on the passive speaker to enable the passive
speaker to be connected up to 10 metres away from the amplifier by cutting the the
speaker cable to the length required.
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
1. Screw two of the speaker brackets to each of the speakers in the pre-drilled holes
2. Select a suitable position for each of the speaker either side of the Interactive
3. Fix one of the wall mounting screws into a suitable wall plug in the wall in a position
so that the speaker can be hung on this screw using the central “keyhole” wall mount.
Hang the speaker unit on this fixing and mark a hole position on the wall for the
position of the top speaker security bracket.
4. Drill and install a suitable wall plug for the top security bracket.
5. Hang the speakers using the central “Keyhole” wall mount and secure the speaker to
the wall with the screws provided into the top wall plug position.
6. Connect the 10m speaker cable provided into the active speaker using the RCA
connector in the base of the Active speaker. Measure and cut the raw end of the
cable to the length required to join the passive speaker to the amplifier. Strip off 7mm
of insulation from the cut end and insert into the speaker connections on the passive
7. Fix the wired remote control to a suitable position on the wall using the adhesive pad
8. Connect the Audio cables with RCA connectors into the rear of the active speaker
unit and into the audio sources (or cable termination box if used)
9. Check that both the on/off switch and the Volume control on the wired remote control
switched off. Plug the power cable to the mains supply and switch the supply on.
10. Follow the Operating Instructions below
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
Turn the volume control on the remote control to it’s off position.
Switch on the power using the on/off switch on the Active speaker rear panel
Adjust the volume control to increase the output sound level to your preferred level.
WARNING: Always turn the unit on and wait for a moment before turning the volume control
up. High signals levels can damage the system on startup
The system accepts line-level audio signals from sources such as PCs, Notebooks, CD/DVD
players, Minidisc players, iPod, Tuners etc
After use turn off the volume control, which disconnects the amplifier, and turn off the power
switch on the rear plate which turns the internal power supply.
If the system is not operating correctly, please check the table below: If the problem persists
contact your AV reseller immediately and disconnect the system from the power.
Checks to be made
No Sound from either speaker
No sound from Passive speaker
Check that the mains supply is switched
on at the wall socket
Check that the power switch at the
amplifier rear panel of the active speaker
is switched on
Check that the volume control is turned
Check that the audio cables to your audio
source are connected properly
Check that the audio source is active and
Check the Mini jack cable connection at
the active speaker and the connection at
the passive speaker end
Output Power
Drive Units
Frequency response
Signal/noise Ratio
Input Sensitivity (10% THD)
Distortion THD
Dimensions (mm)
Power Supply
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
15 Watts x 2
4" x 2 + 1.5"x2
4 ohms
20Hz – 20 kHz
>35 dB
>60d B
<600 mV
143x252x173 mm
230 Volt/ 50Hz
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
CE Approved product
BS 1363 standard for Electrical Plug alternatively a Europlug to CEE 7/16 plug rated at
Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Regulations 2005 (RoHS)
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive (2002/96/EC).
Sahara Presentation Systems Plc
Williams House, Hailey Road, Erith Kent DA18 4AA
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