DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Receiver For Mobile RTT 8028D Double

DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Receiver For Mobile RTT 8028D Double
DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Receiver for Mobile (Double Tuner)
This Dual Anti-Doppler Diversity Mobile DVB-T Receiver is specifically designed with high
mobility performance in mind that provides the best mobile digital TV reception capability for
vehicles on road at high speed. RTT8028D is in its own class and the ultimate mobile digital
TV receiver for cars.
Product Specifications:
Software Function
Intelligent, dual LNB, Receivable technology for classification
Fully DVB-T & MPEG II compliant
6MHz, 7MHz & 8MHz automatic software settings
Dual Language EPG (Electronic Program Guide) (Chinese & English) display and
overview the program form for the next 64days.
OSD multi-language menu
PAL/NTSC automatic conversion
OSD Teletext (page cache for 3000 pages)
Channel list editor (copy, move and delete operations available)
Scan channel automatically
Switch channel quickly
Strongly resist interrupt transmitted in many ways
Software update automatically by networks
Hardware Equipment
Main Chipset: Sti5518, main frequency: 81MHz
Flash ROM: 4Mbytes
SDRAM: 8Mbytes, 16Mbytes (optional)
Decoding Signals
Input frequency: 174-862MHz UHF & VHF
Input Voltage: -72 ~ 20dBuV
QAM Mode: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
RF Input: IEC 169-2(F) 75
Standard Apply: ISO/IEC 13818-2, MPEG-2, MP @ ML
Tele Text: DVB-TXTESI/EN300472
Video Types: NTSC/PAL/AUTO
Video Format: 4:3 or 16:9
Output Standard: 720 x 576 (Max)
Video Output: CVBS
Audio Standard: ISO/IEC 13818-3 MPEG-1 Layer I and II
Audio Decode Mode: MPEG-II Layer I & II
Audio Output: Left, Right, RCA input
Sampling Rate: 32/44.1 / 48KHz
Output: 600
Input Power
Input Voltage: 8 ~ 28VDC
Voltage Consumption: 15W (max)
Dimension Data
Dimension (mm): 267 x 170 x 50
Operating Temperature: -0°C ~ 40°C
Technical Data
Standard Mode:
Demodulate Mode:
Symbol rate:
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Decode Standard:
ISO / IEC 13818-1
Audio Standard:
ISO / IEC 13818-3
Sound Track:
Left / Right / Stereo
Video Decode Mode:
ISO / IEC13818-2, MPEG-2, MP @ ML
Video Output Mode:
Video Formats:
4:3, 16:9
Main input voltage:
Normal Power Consumption:
15W max
Insulation Resistance:
_ 100M
Electric Strength:
3000V ~ / 10mA / 1min
Operating Temperature:
-0°C ~ 40°C
TEL:65-6281 2711 6281 2611 FAX:65-6382 2833
(DC 500V)
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