Headset Registration

Headset Registration
Headset Registration
Registering Headsets to Your ionIQ or EOS|HD Base Station
As part of the Drive-Thru Evolved renovation your store
has received a new HME Base Station for your headset
communication system. We did our best to locate all of
the stores headsets so they could be registered to the new
base station. If there are still headsets in your store that
require registration to the base, please follow the simple
steps below.
4. On the TO REGISTER HEADSETS display:
Note: Headsets must be within 6 feet (1.83 meters) of
the base station while being registered.
Be certain all headsets to be registered are turned off and
the base station is plugged in and its power is on. Other
headsets can be on or off.
1. On the LANE STATUS display (yours may
show “STATUS”), press the Menu button.
2. On the MAIN MENU display, press the
Register headsets button.
press the Register Headsets button.
For each headset to be registered:
 Turn OFF the headset.
 If you are registering only one headset, press the
Register Single button on the base station TO
 If you are registering more than one headset,
press the Register Multi button on the TO
REGISTER HEADSETS display, and continue
registering the remaining ones.
 Press/hold the B button on the headset while
pressing its Power button.
 Release both buttons.
5. When each registration is successfully
The ID number assigned to this headset will be shown.
ID numbers are assigned sequentially as 0 thru 9, A, B, C, D
and E.
The power light on the headset will remain on steady green.
When you have finished registering headsets, press the
Back button to exit the registration mode. You can repeat
pressing the Back button until you return to the MAIN
MENU or STATUS display.
NOTE: Registration display menus may differ
slightly, depending on your version.
If you have any problems registering the headsets
call HME Technical Support at 1-800-848-4468.
14110 Stowe Drive, Poway, CA 92064 USA
Phone: 1-800-848-4468 ● Fax: 858-552-0172 ● Website: www.hme.com ● Email: support@hme.com
HME# 400G712
Rev C 8/11/15
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