radio antenna atop the Fairview Elementary school located on Coo

radio antenna atop the Fairview Elementary school located on Coo
The Township of Middletown proposes to place an 18” – 20” radio antenna atop the Fairview Elementary
school located on Cooper Road as a RF (Radio Frequency) Receive only site.
The RF portion will contain (1) Omni-directional antenna (RECEIVE ONLY, FIGURE 3). The antenna will act as a
receive antenna for the radio system, thus no RF signal will be radiated. This allows officers in poor coverage
areas to achieve clear transmissions. It operates much like an AM/FM radio antenna on a vehicle.
Coverage maps will be presented at the community meeting showing the Middletown Emergncy radio system
coverage area with and without the Receive Site at the school.
The approximately 18 -20 inch tall antenna will be mounted on the brick wall of the second floor roof using a wall
mount bracket (FIGURE 4). The antenna will be secured to a (8’) 2 7/8” OD galvanized pipe which will extend just
above the 2ND story roof line so that the antenna itself is not blocked by the roof. The purpose for this antenna is
as follows:
1. To create a receive only site that will rectify the severe communication signal limitations in areas between
Cooper Rd and Navesink River Road and areas north of route 35 , that currently experience limited to no
transmission capability back to Town Hall Police HQ. This has been determined to be the most ideal
location by our radio system engineers and surveyors, due to its elevation and position.
2. The Antenna will serve to receive a signal from a Police Officer, Fire/EMS radio. The signal will then be sent
out through a standard telephone line (t1) from the school back to Middletown Police.
3. This system will not emit any RF Signal emission since it is only a receive site.
4. This installation will be comparable to a car radio antenna.
Transmission from Radio station -> example 95.5 MHZ -> Car Antenna receives Signal->Radio inside Car
broadcast signal.
Portable Police radio on officer -> Middletown Police 1 Band Signal-> hits Antenna at School->through
Phone line-> Received at police HQ.
Current Cell phones - From .6 watts to 3 watts of power are used on cell phones of emission of RF waves.
CB radios and two way radios - Between 1.5 -3 watts.
Overall this antenna will help our Police/Fire/EMS better communicate during emergency situations in order to
better serve the public. We have seen situations where communication limitations have impacted our first
responders on an emergency scene. We know this solution will resolve this matter and greatly improve public
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