Tablet Policies for Teachers

Tablet Policies for Teachers
Tablet Policies for Teachers
Accessing the Tablets
All teachers who plan on using a tablet cart must attend a training session on the proper use of the tablets. This session will be led by the SHS Media Specialist and District Director of Technology. Participants will earn 1 credit toward their 6 mandatory tech points.
2. The mobile lab will be checked out to a classroom teacher as a unit. The entire lab must be checked out at once. The lab cannot be broken up and used in different locations at one time. The teacher will have the responsibility for pick up and safe return of the mobile lab to the SHS Media Center by the end of the last period checked out. All tablets must be returned by 3:30 pm.
3. Teachers are responsible for the tablet cart: moving the cart, locking and unlocking the cart, recharging, and making sure all tablets are returned to the SHS Media Center and are locked safely in the cart at the end of the usage. 4. Mass consumption of the tablet carts that inhibits use by others is prohibited.
5. Freshman Academy and High School 101 courses will be given priority, within reason, when scheduling carts.
6. Prepare backup lesson plans to use if the computer network is down. 7. Do not schedule a lesson using the tablets with a substitute teacher. If you have a sub on a day that you have a tablet cart checked out, the cart will be made available to another teacher for that day. Please e­mail the SHS Media Specialist so the cart can be made available to another teacher.
8. If you experience problems with a particular tablet, tag it with a sticky note and email the SHS Media Specialist. Be sure to be specific with regard to the problem.
9. Keys to lock the cart will be held by the SHS Media Specialist. The API will hold the back­up set. 10. Tablets may not be taken home overnight. 11. Sign up is done in the Google Calendar.
Monitoring Student Use of the Tablets
All students will view an informational video about tablet use prior to any checkout. This will be done schoolwide.
All teachers must present the Tablet Policies for Students to their students prior to using the tablets for the first time.
The teacher will observe that all student policies are followed and report infractions to SHS Administration and the SHS Media Specialist. Each classroom will follow this protocol for distribution and collection of the tablets: a. Students will be assigned a specific numbered tablet. Record those numbers (i.e. create a sign­out sheet). If you plan to use the tablets frequently, consider assigning student numbers that they will always use. This is important. If a tablet comes up missing or broken, you will be required to produce this list.
b. The power cords are not to be taken out of the cart.
c. When tablet session is done, carefully replace tablets in their properly numbered place on the shelf in the cart.
d. Please make a point of stopping your lesson with enough time to get the cart in working order for the next user. Do a visual check of each tablet before and after use and make note of any problems with the tablets. e. Keep cart power source plugged in while cart is in your room.
f. Before moving cart to another location, unplug power cord and carefully wrap around brackets on cart.
Tablet Policies for Students
The teacher will observe that all student policies are followed and report infractions to SHS Administration and the SHS Media Specialist. The tablet is a tool for learning and must be handled with care. Student use of tablet is a privilege, not a right. The privilege can be revoked. Students are expected to follow these tablet policies:
1. Students will observe the Acceptable Use Policy at all times.
2. Students will view an informational video about tablet use prior to any use.
3. Students will follow normal school rules around any tablet.
4. Students will make sure his or her hands are clean and will not have food or drinks near the tablet.
5. Students will carry the tablet with two hands.
6. Students will set tablets flat on the desk (not on papers, backpacks, laps, or other materials).
7. Students will not use pencils, pens, or other objects to touch the screen.
8. Students will type gently on the screen.
9. Students will save to his or her H: drive or flash drive, not on the tablet’s hard drive.
10. Students will log out and turn off the tablet properly before returning the tablet.
Students may lose tablet privileges if they do any of the following (this list is not exhaustive):
1. Students will not touch the tablet screen with anything other than their hands. 2. Students will not reach over and “drive” a tablet when it is not their turn.
3. Students will not hit tablet screens unnecessarily hard.
4. Students will not pick a tablet up and move it around unnecessarily.
5. Students will not walk while using the tablet. 6. Students will not attempt to remove/damage any part of a tablet. 7. Students will not change any settings or download anything without teacher approval.
8. Students will not have food/drink/other hazardous material on desk while using a tablet.
9. Students will not turn off tablet without properly shutting down.
10. Students will not scratch or attempt to scratch the screen.
11. Students will not move the cart to or from the classroom. Only SHS staff will move the tablet carts.
12. Students will not connect or disconnect the cart from the power source.
Any general misuse of tablet not mentioned above will lead to loss of tablet privileges. 
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