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Professional Grade
Portable CD/MP3 disc player
(Supports ID3 Tags titles on LCD display)
Look what your portable
CD player can do now!
The M610X plays back MP3 files, WMA, CD
audio, CD-R/RW content. You can fit up to 490
songs on one disc and it’ll playback CD-R/RW discs
too. It has a 3-Line positive/negative backlit LCD,
giving you the ability to view track, title, album,
and artist information.
Retail price - $79.99
SALE PRICE - $14.99
• Plays all audio formats - displays title of content using ID3 tags
• Auto Shut-Off - 120 second anti-shock function
• Operates off 2 AA batteries or P/S - Allows for 16 hours of continuous play
(using 2 new NiCad batteries)
• One year warranty
• 120 second anti-shock system
• 6 EQ sound settings
• Automatic power-off
• Comes with headphones and AC power supply
• Plays in program, random, or repeat modes
• HOLD Switch-key lock
• Line out
• Inside hidden battery compartment
Included Accessories
• Headphones
• Power supply
• Owners manual
(not shown)
Product description
The M610X is one of the most adaptable CD
players available. 120 second anti-shock protection, ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) and WMA
(Windows Media Audio) compatibility, ID3 tag
support, and the ability to play standard audio
CDs, MP3-encoded discs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.
The sound is excellent, delivering crisp highs, discernible mids, and thick bass.
Go ahead, dump an entire 100-song play list onto
a single CD-R, and be amazed at how easy the
unit plays back your favorite tunes or lectures. See
what’s being played right on the screen showing
the name of the artist, author and song name or
lecture. Go Ahead Have Freedom and flexibility
with the new M610X MP3 CD player. For people
on the go who want their songs or lectures easy
to move-manage-play.
Want more stuff on this
great CD player?
Want to see the name of the song you are listening to? Using the M610X you can see the
name of the song or lecture display across the
screen, this is not your average CD player! Want
your valuable content to be removable? Scared
of a hard drive crash that will lock-up or freeze
your player? Not with the M610X. Since the
files are stored on the removable CD your important content is protected, and removable!
A very solid well built CD MP3 player built for
rugged use. Operates off two AA batteries or
with the included AC power supply.
Retail price - $79.99
SALE PRICE - $14.99
Technical Details
Digital-to-Analog Converter --- 1 Bit
D/A Conversion --- 1 Bit Quartz Time-Axis Control
Frequency range --- 20-20000Hz, +1/-2dB
Inputs and Outputs:
Output(s) --- Headphone, Line-Out (Stereo mini jack)
Input(s) --- 120VAC 60Hz
Battery life (Approx.) - 16 hours with 2 AA NiCad Batteries
Power requirements --- DC 4.5V 800mA
Operating temperature/humidity range:
Temperature range --- 32F – 120F
Humidity range --- 5% - 90%
Weight: 13 Ounces
Dimensions: 5 X 5-1/2 X 1-3/16” (W,L,H)
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