2012 Sustainable Mobility Questionnaire

2012 Sustainable Mobility Questionnaire
Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel Questionnaire
Our mandate is to “assist staff and Council in implementing a vision for a
holistic approach to a multi-model transportation system where citizens can
walk, cycle and/or use public transit efficiently and safely to get to their
The Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel is seeking input from other City of Greater
Sudbury Advisory Panels on Sustainable Mobility. Your input will not only help us met
our mandate, but will also help highlight concerns or issues that affect your specific
panel. Please take a few moments and fill out this questionnaire. We ask that one
questionnaire be filled per panel.
1. In what ways do you think the City of Greater Sudbury could be made more
pedestrian friendly for your panel focus? Are sidewalks and street crossing
safe/adequate for young children and older adults? Are destinations of interests
(e.g. libraries, community centers, senior centers, grocery stores, etc.)
adequately serviced?
2. In what ways do you think the City of Greater Sudbury could be made more
bicycle friendly for your panel focus? Do you have concerns with bicycles
sharing sidewalks with pedestrians? Is there adequate secure bicycle parking at
destinations of concern to you.
3. Are they any specific concerns or issues that your panel focus has with regards
for using transit in the City of Greater Sudbury. Do you have concerns related to
routes, bus stops or shelters, accessibility, scheduling and ease of use?
4. What ways would your panel focus be encouraged to bike, walk or use transit
more to get to destinations. Are their areas within the City that could be better
served, or destinations of concern to your group?
5. Does your panel know about the Transportation Survey (found here:
https://www.research.net/CGSTMP ) that the City of Greater Sudbury is asking
citizens to fill and complete?
6. Does your panel know about the transportation study that is currently being
conducted by the City of Greater Sudbury
11662)? Would your panel like to know about future Public Information Centres
to learn more about the study and the outcomes from the consultants?
7. Currently, when using the bus in Sudbury, caregivers must remove their baby
from the stroller and fold the stroller (i.e. “open strollers” are not allowed by
Sudbury Transit). This policy is inconsistent with other transit systems in Ontario.
We have contacted 38 transit systems in Ontario and have found that only 9 do
not allow open strollers on the bus. All the northern cities, other than Sudbury,
allow open strollers on the bus. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation, in their
Transit Supportive Guidelines, encourages transit systems to view policies from
the perspective of a caregiver with a stroller to help increase ridership.
Our panel has chosen to support and encourage the use of Sudbury Transit by
parents of young children. We have developed the following draft policy related
to strollers on buses, using other transit systems as a guide. Please provide
comment on the draft policy below:
Open strollers of an approved size be permitted to use the priority seating area with
priority given as follows:
1. People using wheelchairs or scooter
2. Persons with disabilities
3. Children in strollers
• The caregiver should lift up the priority seats and place open stroller in space made
available to allow other passengers to safely navigate the aisle.
• The stroller should face the rear of the bus
• The baby/child must be buckled-up in the stroller
• The brake/wheel lock of the stroller must be applied;
• The caregiver must hold the stroller securely while the bus is in motion.
Passengers travelling with a stroller should be able to board and disembark without assistance
from the bus operator.
Should anyone noted in priority groups (1) or (2) require the priority seating area, the caregiver
will be asked to move to the regular seating on the bus and fold the stroller.
It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that their stroller does not interfere with the
safety or comfort of other passengers. They must also ensure they are in care and control of their
stroller at all times. If a stroller is too large to fit safely out of the aisle way, or if a passenger has
too many items hanging from the stroller, they will not be permitted to keep their stroller open.
Stroller restrictions
Single strollers and double length strollers are allowed to remain open in the priority seating area
on the bus. Strollers must be able to fit through the front doors and down the aisle in order
to board the bus.
Oversized strollers, which include jogging strollers and double width strollers, will only be
allowed on the buses if folded.
8. The current Transit policy on scooters states: “Passengers using scooters must
transfer to a seat to avoid the risk of injury to themselves and others.” Does your
panel have any particular observations or concerns about this policy?
9. Is there anything else you would like to comment on that concerns your panel
and sustainable transportation?
10. Would your panel be interested in a presentation from SMAP on our efforts to
promote walking, cycling and public transit in Sudbury? We would be happy to
provide an update on things we are working on, and would be interested in
hearing your comments.
For more information on our panel, or to view our calendar of public meetings, please
visit: http://communities.mysudbury.ca/Sites/BAP/default.aspx
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